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October 2022 Pre-Order

 Turnaround time will be 20 business days from the close of pre-order. Pre-order will be open from 9/30-10/5. We will be offering empire bags and double donuts. Apres Ski- Icy eucalyptus, spearmint, sweet peppermint, marshmallow Barista’s Breakfast- Affogato, cinnamon strudel, vanilla crumb donut, whipped cream Beneath The Milky Twilight- Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel Boyfriend Bait- Juicy blueberries, pound cake, vanilla cream, lemon curd, carmelized sugar glaze Brazilian Coffee+Redwoods- Notes in name Cardamom Tea Cookies- Buttery crispy vanilla cookies with cardamom spice Cat Nap- Airy, pressed white linen, sea salt, twilight type lavender, tonka bean. The sea salt makes the herbal notes smell sweeter with this blend while crispy white linen makes you want to...

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May 2022 Pre-Order Event May 1- 6

May Pre-Order- 20 business day tat - ships June 3-8. We will open pre-order tomorrow May 1st and it will stay open until May 6th. List is complete. Empire Bags 8 oz $11.60 Orange Dream- Juicy orange and rich velvety vanilla cream, house blended. Seems simple enough, but absolutely amazing warmed. Just Breathe- Melon, temple smoke, rainforest sugar cane, fresh peaches Good Day Sunshine- Lemon rind, vanilla cookies, baked raspberry bars, vanilla crumb donut Earl Grey Tea Pistachio Donuts- Bergamot rich earl grey tea, and pistachio encrusted vanilla crumb donut Wake The Dead Coffee- Café Vienna, lavender sprigs, buttermints, Danish cookies Pineapple Frost Kitty- Iced pineapple, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, hint of buttermint A Million Little Moments- Fresh linen,...

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Cozy Winter Restock

Find the scents of the season with these new blends.  SCENT LIST: Nov. 23, 2021. Wax Bars 2.6 oz $3.77 Good King Winceslaus- Cinnamon sugared buttercream cupcakes, palo santo, wood shavings, bonfire Woodcutter’s Cottage- Shave cream, bayberry, black forest Christmas Truce- Dark chocolate, orange sticks, blue spruce Harvest Joy- Vanilla crumb donut, brandy soaked walnut, pecan, sweet pear, cinnamon fig jam, vanilla ice cream Snowball Fights- Fresh winter air, wild madagascar vanilla, rosemary mint Julian- The Fog, fresh cut christmas tree, vanilla crumb donut The Night He Came Home- Dark roasted coffee, vanilla crumb donut, vanilla rum cream, birthday cake Temperance- Coast soap, mimosas, mangoes, green tea Pumpkin Candy Corn Cheesecake- Pumpkin pie, cheesecake, vanilla fudge, candy corn Tea &...

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The Tropi-Cali Collection Ready-To-Ship Restock March 30, 2021 @ 6 pm pst You are invited to a seaside brunch with a buffet bursting with macadamia pancakes, sorbets, parfaits, and creamy punches served on banana leaves and orchid flowers.  Browse our menu of colorful cocktails that are sure to freshen your space and whet your appetite for a late spring, early summer adventures.  You’ll find some familiar favorites and unique blends that you won’t get anywhere else but here. Waffle Pairs 3.8-4 oz for $5.40 Balmy Beach- Cotton sheets, fresh fallen dew, raindrops, palm leaves, asphalt Bananarama- Frozen banana daiquiri, cake pops, creamy key lime ice cream, waffle cone Blush Sunset- Pineapple, coconut, downy april fresh laundry, sweet musk, island florals....

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