Blends of 2022 Master Scent List


6 Underground- Clean sweet dirt, fresh garden mint

7th and Fig- Strawberry shortcake, fig jam, rhubarb, citrus bakery



A Million Little Moments- Fresh linen, cherry lemonade, lychee popsicles

Adorable- Pink lemonade, maraschino cherry, laundromat. If you liked A Change Of Heart, you’ll like this take on sweet laundry. I don’t typically like cherry scents alone but it does wonders in this blend.

Adorable(new)- Pink lemonade, maraschino cherry, laundromat

All Smiles- Orange cream, raspberry, strawberry, lemon sugar, peach schnapps, black currant

All The Vanillas- A blend of vanilla wafers, cotton candy bits, vanilla bean noel and buttered popcorn

Almond Cream Espresso- Creamy vanilla espresso, vanilla bean noel, toasted almond, hint of dark chocolate

Almond Milk Tea- Amaretto, black tea, cream, sugar

Amber Waves of Grain- Barley grass, fresh air, and warm golden amber

Ambrette- Warm gorgous amber blended with vanilla for a perfect boudoir scent

Amish Cinnamon Bread- Scrumptious baked notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar

Among The Reeds- Sea salt, basil, watercress, orange peel, agave nectar, mint, lime peel. This smells beautiful spa and clean, notes that lean to something like rock laden river and citrus.

Angel Baby- Fragrant patchouli, woody florals, balsam and vanilla

Another Day of Sun- Sweet pear, lemon sugar, butte cake, vanilla crumb donut

Arctic Mermaid- Twisted peppermint, rainbow sherbet, fruity loops, vanilla ice cream

As It Is- Honeydew, green leaves, red figs, oak moss. It was a delightful discovery to find that the honeydew brings out the green notes of the red fig. I love how elegant this blend is, almost voluspa in its own way.

Autumn At Dusk- Like pumpkin incense without leaning too smoky, more the fragrant element of incense. Toasted pumpkin seeds, oud, patchouli, buttercream, amber

Autumn Cat- Southern California Winter, crushed sage, hint smoke, lavender, charred oak barrel cider

Autumn Nocturne- A handsome blend of oak branches, dark roast coffee, acorn, and vanilla. If autumn bakery is not your style, this blend is perfect without being cologne or ‘masculine’.

Autumn People- Wet leaves, autumn squash, oak, sage, greenery

Autumn Rose- Oak barrel cider, crushed rose, ginger, saffron, crisp pear, cranberry



Barista’s Breakfast- Affogato, cinnamon strudel, vanilla crumb donut, whipped cream

Barista’s Coffin- Snickers coffee, buttercream cupcakes, birthday cake, toasted marshmallows. The nuttiness of the coffee adds a welcome depth to the blend as the layers of vanilla create a complex profile.

Be Our Guest- Blueberry compote, vanilla pudding, carmelized custard, smoked marshmallow, hint of pie crust

Beauty- Red berries, pink rose petals, bergamot, violet pastilles, wild madagascar vanilla. I'd want this as a perfume, it smells rich. No cologne notes here.

Bed of Violets- Green florals, violets, fresh clean t-shirts, vanilla

Beneath The Milky Twilight- Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Bewitched- Guiacwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred wood smoked berries, marshmallow

Big Bad Wolf – Hazelnut coffee, campfire marshmallow, donuts, spiced caramel strudel

Big Bear Mountain- Buttermints, vanilla bean, noel, vanilla birch type

Big Stick Popsicle- Juicy pineapple, cherry summer popsicle

Bikinis+Bliss- Smells like drinks on towels and sand. Fresh peeled banana, vanilla citrus, coconut cream, fresh beach towels

Birthday @Tiffany’s- Birthday cake, cupcakes at Tiffany’s, fruity rings, hint of sea salt

Black Pearl- Pink sugar, salty sea air, sweet patchouli

Blanket Fluff- Forest florals, fern, tonka bean, amber woods, immaculate laundry

Blossom Tea- White tea with floral notes, orange blossom water

Blue Frosted Donuts- Blue sugar, bourbon frosting, vanilla crumb donut

Blue Monday- The smell of comfort, downy blue towels, blue sugar

Blue Ribbon Bread- Everything from the local county fair plus Grandma’s prize winning bread. Funnel cake, donuts, cotton candy, caramel popcorn, waffle cone, and warm fresh baked bread

Blueberry Main Street- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn with blueberry

Blur- Tonka bean, herbal lavender, Egyptian musk

Boba Milk Tea- Vanilla cream, brown sugar boba, vanilla fudge, black tea

Bomb Pop- flavors of blue raspberry, lime, and cherry

Boyfriend Bait- Juicy blueberries, pound cake, vanilla cream, lemon curd, carmelized sugar glaze

Boys of Summer- Cool clear water cologne, icy peppermint, laundromat

Boysenberry Pancakes- Boysenberry jam, whipped cream, buttered pancakes

Brew-tiful Boo- Pumpkin spice vanilla cold foam, espresso, butterscotch toffee, birthday cake. I’ll admit, I don’t really like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but I LOVE pumpkin spice cold foam. This combination creates the spicy, tasty feeling of this new Starbucks fave. It’s a creamier vanilla pumpkin with bold espresso note.

Brilliant- Bartlett pear, green apple candy, vanilla lollipops, fizzy soda

Broomsticks- white birch, maple leaves, white winter linen

Burning Man- Patchouli, spiced woods, ylang ylang, vetiver, smoke

But First, Coffee- Amber, teakwood, black coffee, charred marshmallow, whisky

Buttermint Sugar Cookies- Minty pillow mints, buttercream frosted cookies

Butterscotch Banana Muffin- Warm kitchen spices, gooey caramel, ripe banana, very true baked banana scent



Cabin Fever- Roasted pinecones, frankincense, marshmallow fireside

Cabin Vibes- charred pumpkin, palo santo, rosewood, ambergris, cedarwood

Calico Cat- A playful, spicy treat of gingerbread brulee, carmelized sugar, black tea, vanilla ice cream. This is a blend of our Tiger Milk Tea, crème brulee, and gingerbread notes.

California Poppy (reformulated)- Warm amber, sun hot sand, fresh floral greenery, sun lotion

California Sun- Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo

Camp Anawana- Toasted pinecone, tonka bean, cedarwood, marshmallows, woods

Campfire Ghosts- Vetiver, rosewood, amber, lord of misrule, charred marshmallow, vanilla woods

Camping At The Beach- ocean breezes, smoldering marshmallow, warm caramel woods, tobacco, vanilla crumb donut

Can't Rain All The Time- Fresh rain, asphalt, salty tears, sweet finish

Capistrano Beach- Cocoa butter cashmere, sun tan lotion, vetiver, sea salt

Cardamom Tea Cookies- Buttery crispy vanilla cookies with cardamom spice

Casa Del Mar- Fresh mango slices, guava juice, golden amber, black coconut

Cashmere and Sand- Cocoa butter cashmere, driftwood, salt, ocean breeze

Catalina- Salt water, watery florals, nectarine, birds of paradise, and passionfruit

Cereal 3.14- Fruit loops, buttermilk, pie filling, pie crust

Cherry Lemonade- Juicy maraschino cherries in tart, refreshing lemonade

Citrine- Sweet clementine, bergamot, Italian lemon, hint herbal French lavender

Clean Queen- Downy Blue type, earl grey tea, olive branch type

Clementine Rose Mimosa-Clementine mimosas, fragrant rosewater, and vanilla bean

Clever Fox- Cedar, moss, amber, red figs, and vanilla bean noel. A fragrant bouquet of woods and vanilla sweetened with red figs.

Coastline Trail- Cedar patchouli, eucalyptus, Cliffside air, fresh woods

Cobra Kai- Drakkar Noir, caramel tobacco, meaty coconut, no mercy

Coco Palm Mojito- My favorite blended mojito drink. Muddled mint leaves, cane sugar, fresh lime

Cocoa Butter and Peppermint (new)- creamy vanilla, cocoa butter, and sweet peppermint

Coconut Milk- My favorite house concoction of rich coconut cream. A perfect blender for practically any of the blends in this collection.

Coffee Bar- Roasted peanuts, milk chocolate, creamy caramel, espresso, buttercream cupcake, birthday cake

Coffin Dance- Dried blueberries, rosewood, cedar, Cuban tobacco

Conch Shell Bread- Lemon curd, sugar cookies, coconut milk, black cherry

Cookie Butter- Spreadable cookies, crunchy vanilla notes, dulce de leche

Cool Cat Shave- House shave cream, empire lavender, vanilla, salty sea air

Cosmic Love (new formulation)- Fresh air, petrichor, vetiver, spearmint, fresh sweetgrass braids

Cosmic Moontini- Sugar crystals, juicy tangy lemonade, cotton candy, lavender sprigs

County Fair Pumpkin- Vanilla cupcakes, buttercream, pumpkin funnel cakes, cotton candy, toffee apple

Crunch Berry Bars- Captain crunch berries, fresh milk, lemon rind, lemon frosted sugar cookies

Cuddle Time- Sweet cream, toasted almond, cocoa butter, hint

Cuddle Time- Sweet cream, toasted almond, cocoa butter, hint of chocolate chip cookies



Daisy Dukes Bikinis On Top- Fresh peach juice, vanilla bean, orange cream popsicles, hot sand

Dark Harbor- Oceanic amber, ripe figs, vanilla marshmallow, rich woods

Dead Men Tell No Tales (reformulated)- Canonball smoke, rum, coconut, salty sea water, tobacco

Dead of Night- Smoked fire logs, charred berries, smoked woods, blue spruce, marshmallow fireside

Death Before Decaf- Café Vienna, peppermint, vanilla, pink sugar cookies

Deep Boo Sea- Blue sugar, salty sea air, toasted marshmallow

Deep Sea Slumber- Empire lavender, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel

Desert Bloom- Blue agave, cilantro, lime, vodka

Desert Festival- Patchouli, sandalwood, amber, violets, Barbershop 1920’s

Dream Weave - Rosemary, bergamot, pink pepper, dew drops, crushed mint

Dreaming In Pink- Pink sugar, lavender, shave cream, immaculate laundry



Earl Grey Cookies- Floral tea notes, creamy biscuit cookies

Earl Grey Tea Pistachio Donuts- Bergamot rich earl grey tea, and pistachio encrusted vanilla crumb donut

Elm St.- Sage leaves, white woods, pumpkin pie, oak charred cider and cloves. This smells woodsy and ancient with comforting spices. That bit of cider adds a sweet dimension to the pumpkin pie.

Empire Coffee- Blue sugar, charred marshmallow, vanilla crumb donut, fresh coffee

Empress- Fresh squeezed pineapple, ocean salt, myrrh

Enchantmint- Sweet grapefruit, twisted peppermint, peppermint, vanilla. This is great for transitioning winter into the freshness of spring. This is my favorite grapefruit oil tied with delicious minty freshness. This smells like it belongs in a swanky hotel.

Eternal Rest- Patchouli, balsam, Egyptian amber

Exploding Pumpkins- Blueberry cobbler, cranberry muffins, vanilla chai, toasted pumpkin crunch



Fall Apple Dumplings- Hazelnut donuts, fresh coffee, crisp leaves, dried apple

Fall Festival- Gooey rice krispies, kettle corn, toasted almond, flaky croissant, orange marmalade

Father Christmas- Christmas tree, red delicious apple, palo santo

Fig+ Cardamom- Buttery cardamom cookies, fig jam, green figs, pine needles, birch

Fine Fresh Fierce (reformulated)- That toes in the sand, drink in your hand scent of mangoes, coconut, green banana, with hints of white florals

Fireside Stories- Crackling fire, frankincense, smoked woods, cedarwood

Flightpath To Venus- Cotton candy bubbles, grape creamsicle, raspberry punch

Float On- Mangoes, peach, wildberry cream soda

Flower Shop (new)- Fresh rose, jasmine, clean and comfy laundry, avocado and sea salt. This smells like a gorgeously stocked flower shop.

Fluff and Fold (new)- Tahitian vanilla, laundromat, bergamot, hint orange blossom

Forest Guardian- Fresh oak moss, fresh earth, rain, hint of mint

Forest Tea- Tangerines, black tea, lemon, tree sap, white florals. If you like Aromatic Tea, this is similar without the saffron notes. There’s a resinous tang in this blend that makes it perfectly named as a tea you’d sip on a cabin porch tucked in the woods.

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree- Blue spruce, balsam, tree sap, sweet vanilla

Friday Milk Tea- Lavender, peppermint, marshmallow, green milk tea

Friday Milk Tea- Lavender, peppermint, marshmallow, green milk tea



Gardenia- A rich, elegant floral note, very strong.

Gentle Light - White currants, bergamot, lemon leaf, meyer lemon

Gentleman Autumn- Kentucky bourbon, toasted walnut, vanilla bean, barbershop 1920’s. If you loved our ‘Evil Within’ blend from restocks past, this one’s a gorgeous variation with a boozy accompaniment. This smells like a gentleman in a smartly tailored jacket enjoying a bourbon while the leaves fall outside.

Ghost Pumpkins- Roasted pumpkin, balsam, charred woods, gooey marshmallow, black amber, and patchouli. The pumpkin note lends itself to the front stage smoky woods note in this blend, a fantastic moody pumpkin with earthy patchouli background. If you liked Headless Horseman with no santal this is fantastic.

Ghost Ship- Oceanic amber, charred marshmallow, smoked berries, woody vanilla

Ghouls Nite In- Vanilla bean noel, ylang ylang, tonka bean, twilight lavender, and raspberry blow pops. The unexpected sweetness from the raspberry makes the twilight lavender more pronounced in this blend. This would be perfect for a ghoulish slumber party.

Gimme Some Sugar- Blue sugar, cedar, spices, marshmallow fireside, vanilla

Glow Up- Smells like a tall glass of summer refreshment. Refreshing melonade blend of cantaloupe, rock sugar, watermelon chunks, hint of strawberry citrus

Golden Barber- Rich warm golden sands, dollops of classic shave cream

Golden Crown- Warm golden amber, dried mandarin, clean cotton, tonka bean, driftwood

Golden Hour- Tropic sun tan lotion, mango slices, pineapple chunks

Golden State- A golden state of mind. Sunny beaches, salted air, with sweet musk, cocktails, and sugarcane

Good Day Sunshine- Lemon rind, vanilla cookies, baked raspberry bars, vanilla crumb donut

Good King Winceslaus- Cinnamon sugared buttercream cupcakes, palo santo, wood shavings, bonfire

Good Morning Pumpkin- Pumpkin caramel latte, California coffee, toffee, vanilla crumb donut

Grand Old Flag- My best house recipe of irresistable apple pie, blending 3 apple oils of red delicious, macintosh, and a bit of granny smith in my favorite pie crust with vanilla crumb donut, hint of spice

Granite- Black pepper, vanilla ice cream, sea salt, pink sugar

Graveyard Dance- Palo santo, birthday cake, vanilla crumb donut, and candy corn cookies. It’s the perfect pairing of smoky pale palo santo and cookie which is soo good with the gooey notes of candy corn.

Gravitas- Temple smoke, lord of misrule, woodsy oak, amber

Green Tea and Apple (new)- Green tea, dried apple, dry leaves, tangerine peel

Grey Days- White woods, palo santo, leather, vetiver, marshmallows, amber

Grey Mist- Oceanic amber, palo santo, vanilla bean, driftwood

Griffith- Charred oak, rosewood, wood smoke, marshmallow woods

Guava Sherbet- Refreshing tart guava blended with lime, pineapple, raspberry and vanilla cream



Haddonfield- Dry leaves, tree bark, fire roasted marshmallows, sweet pumpkin pastries

Hallowine Sangria- Cinnamon spiced apple, fresh woods, mountain dew soda, sangria. This is one for those needing a boozy blend with a delightful tickle at the end. This was inspired by namesake Halloween cocktail.

Haunted Sea- Oceanic amber, rich redwood, red merlot, dark woods, vanilla marshmallow

Haunted Woods- Frankincense, spruce tree, apple peel, oakmoss, cashmere woods and tonka bean. This smells velvety smooth and gorgeously festive for the fall even into early winter. I love the light presence of smoke to elevate this blend.

Headless Horseman- Charred pumpkin flesh, burnt marshmallows, dry sweeping leaves, amber, santal

Headless Horseman+Wise Old Owl- (custom by Jay Alford) A blend of two EA scents; charred pumpkin flesh, burnt marshmallows, leaves, bourbon, and oud wood.

Heart Box- Red velvet creme, golden pear, strawberry patch, gain laundry. I love mixing a fresh fruit with laundry. The velvet sugar and sweet strawberry blends wonderfully with bright green Gain laundry. This is a perfect blend for freshening a space with a bit of sweet.

Heart Eyes- Maraschino cherry, kumquats, peaches and cranberries on a bed of vanilla cream

Heartbeat- Hawaiian punch, suncrest peaches, sugared oranges

Heartbreaker- Rosewood, jungle vines, charred marshmallow woods. Intriguing blend of woods and greenery.

Hearthside Coffee- Gingerbread cake, caramel, vanilla latte, vanilla crumb donut, hint hot cocoa

Hello Autumn- Pumpkin chai latte, bake orange bread pudding, vanilla whiskey frosting

Herbal Lavender and Chamomile Tea (new)- Cozy and soothing lavender sprigs and chamomile tea

Here Lies..- 6 underground, vapor elixir, stone washed laundry

Hermosa- Shave cream, charred woods, toasted pistachio, campfire marshmallow, salty sea air

Hinoki - cool cypress white woods, ozone, smoke, amber

Hinoki Winter- Hinoki wood, buttermint, garden greens, icy peppermint

Home For Christmas- Cinnamon bread, hot buttered vanilla, celebration cake

Homer- Yellow donuts, pink buttercream frosting, hint cinnamon sugar

Honeydew Melonade- My favorite honeydew melon blended with fresh sweet lemon sugar with a hint of mint

Horror Host- Tobacco Vanille, oud wood, palo santo, and vanilla ice cream. A spell of different woodsy notes that sing together into a gorgeous blend. Palo santo is a cleansing high note followed by creamy tobacco and then a deep oriental, earthy oud on a bed of vanilla.

Hug In A Mug- Cafe latte, vanilla caramel cream, sticky pecan buns, birthday cake

Ice Blue Shave- Blue sugar shave and twisted peppermint


Ichabod- Pumpkin pie, roasted pecan waffles, pancakes, mac apple, whipped cream

In The Buff- Brown sugar, green fig, hint passionfruit, vanilla orchid and muguet

Inhale+Exhale- Melon, temple smoe, dried pipe tobacco, pear, pomegranate

I-Scream Cake- Baked orange danish, pumpkin spice cookies, funnel cake, toffee, vanilla ice cream. I really enjoyed pouring this one, it’s as if the orange and pumpkin dance well here. The pumpkin is less squash-flavored and more like spice cake, it’s a scream.

Island Tide (new)- Casaba melon, pineapple, coconut (Caribbean Escape) blended with fresh Tide type.

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear- Ozonic night air, black cypress, frosted geranium, citrus



Jade- Water kissed fern, citrus, rock sugar, green florals, rosewood

Jasmine Milk Tea- Jasmine green tea, salted cream, vanilla

Jasmine- My favorite, super strong jasmine. Smells like boughs of jasmine blooms. If you liked Magic Carpet Rides, you’ll love this jasmine.

Jon- Rosemary, mint, eucalyptus, bay rum, vanilla woods

Julian- The Fog, fresh cut Christmas tree, vanilla crumb donut

Jump Scare- movie theater butter, caramel, gooey marshmallow, rich woods, hint of whiskey

Jungle Bungalow- This scent combines the yearning for something sweet without going full candy. Smells like the crisp snap of green mango. Fragrant green mango, ocean air, mint, palm trees

Just Breathe- Melon, temple smoke, rainforest sugar cane, fresh peaches



Kitchen Lemon- A fresh, cleansing lemon perfect for blending with your favorite laundry blend

Kitchen Sink Cookies- Gooey caramel, hint chocolate, vanilla cookies, pretzels, and sea salt

Kitchen Sink Pumpkin Cookies- Sea salt, pretzels, pumpkin, caramel, vanilla cookies, hint of chocolate. Rich spiced pumpkin blends festively with our ever popular kitchen sink cookie blend.



Lavender Smoke- Lavender, clary sage, wood smoke, clove, patchouli

Lemon Leaves- Lemon verbena, coconut water, lemon leaves, sugar cane

Lemon Main Street- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn, lemon curd, crunchy cookies

Lemon Smash- Sweet meyer lemon, mint leaves, rock sugar, mojito drink

Liberty- Olibanum, lavender, hazelnut, and woody vanilla

Lil’ Leo- Tangerine ice cream, fizzy soda, 7 up pound cake, maraschino cherry

Lilac- Bright, green floral lilac. Smells like a quaint English garden

Living Dead Girl- Lime caramels, lavender, salty sea air

Locals Only- Dried mandarin slices, tarragon, patchouli, caramel chews, tobacco, hint coffee

Lost In The Woods- Candied cinnamon pecans, pine needles, vanilla ice cream, apple peel, freshly chopped wood

Lost Missives (new)- Red merlot, bourbon, caramel popcorn, cedarwood, vanilla

Lovebirds- Fresh strawberries, champagne toast, crushed rose petals

Lovely Loaf (new)- Vanilla, candied ginger, golden raisin, dried fig, apple, hint of cedarwood, swirling leaves.

Ludicrous Speed- Fresh green laundry, rain, oak moss, sandalwood, vetiver

Luna Sea- Toasted marshmallow, salty sea air, frankincense, rich woods, rosewood. A salty sea blend complete with creeping fog and mellow vanilla. If you liked our blend, “The Fog” but without apple, you may love this blend.



Macadamia Nut Latte- Smooth nutty macadamia, vanilla nut latte, soft vanilla cookies

Magic Carpet Ride- Night blooming jasmine, satiny carpet, warm breezes over sand

Magnolia Blossom- A creamy sweet floral with fresh green top notes

Main Squeeze- White currant, orange blossoms, juicy orange, sea salt, ozone

Main Street Apple- Main street parade, brown sugar, cinnamon, sweet red delicious apple

Main Street Blueberry- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn, baked blueberries, fig

Main Street Boysenberry- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn, boysenberry, cream

Main Street Cherry Almond- baked cherries, crunchy almond, pistachio, waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn.

Main Street Cran Apple- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn, almond, cranberry, orange

Main Street Cupcake- Main Street parade, cupcakes at tiffany’s

Main Street Cupcake- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn with Cupcakes At Tiffany’s

Main Street Lemon- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn, lemon curd, crunchy cookies

Main Street Pecan- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn, hazelnut, bourbon, roasted pecans

Main Street Pineapple- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn, upside down pineapple cake, brown sugar

Main Street Pumpkin- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn, clove, ginger, pumpkin

Main Street Strawberry- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn, sweet strawberries

Malevolent Mermaid- Coconut milk, peppermint, vanilla, rosemary

Malibu- Pina coladas, casaba melon, creamy coconut, hint of rum

Mango Guava Bubbles- Fruity mango, tangy guava, effervescent soda

Mangonada- Mangoes, sweet peach, orange, lemon and hint of chili pepper

Marshmallow Donut Woods- Fresh woods, campfire marshmallows, vanilla crumb donut

Matcha Bergamot- matcha green tea, green herbs, bergamot, vanilla finish. This is a gorgeous, sophisticated green tea that would settle nicely in high end spas. Something about this just makes me relax. The vanilla and bergamot create this almost floral honey note that is perfect with the green tea.

Matcha Love- Green tea, vanilla ice cream, coconut milk, shortbread cookies. Creamy, vanilla goodness with pleasant green freshness added by the green tea.

Mermaid Tears- Rosemary mint, twisted peppermint, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel

Mermaid Waves- Beach grass, ocean air, tropical fruit juice, sea botanicals

Merry Measure- Clean lavender, cedarwood, evergreen, morning dew

Midsummer’s Nightmare- Blue sugar, midsummer’s night type, marshmallow fireside

Mineral Spring- Eucalyptus, Black currant, lemongrass, sugarcane, and spearmint

Mint Trio- Vapor elixir, spearmint, rosemary mint

Mintea- Spearmint, peppermint, candy canes, green tea

Monstera- Carnivorous vines, fresh mango, stone washed laundry

Moon+Stars- toasted pistachio, blueberry cobbler, peeps, ice cream scoop bread

Moonlight On Linen- Line dried linen, white tea, lemon blossom, amber, geranium, woods, patchouli

Morning Sunshine (aka Drop of Morning Sun)- Sweet lavender, lemon sugar, fresh clean laundry

Mountain Lion- Pine, patchouli, ylang ylang, earthy musk, hint spice, rosemary, fern, oud.

Mountain Trail- Fresh pine, apple peel, cedarwood, fresh mud, cypress woods

Mrs. Pott’s Spot o Tea- “The grey stuff”, earl grey tea, sugar cubes, a warm smile

My Obsession- Warm musk, cedar, vetiver, line dried blankets, dry fall leaves, chilling wind



Navajo Fry Bread- Deep fried dough, buttery vanilla, sugar dusted almond, cinnamon sugar

Night of Mischief- Sweet figs, sweet patchouli, black pepper, vanilla

Nighty Night- Lavender white woods, bbw flannel type, lavender sprigs, dove soap

Nighty Night- Lavender white woods, flannel type, lavender sprigs, dove soap

Nipa Hut- Smells like a deep inhale of swaying trees, the sea, fresh cut pineapple, and the peppery straw of a tropical hut. Juicy pineapple, sea salt, black pepper, vetiver, amber, green leaves

Nom Nom- Angel food cake, vanilla crumb donut, soft pretzels



Oasis- Crisp water, hint green apple, violet, morning air, honeydew

Oberon- Thunderous rainstorm, midsummer night’s type, patchouli, peppermint, moss

October Twilight- Roasted pinecones, pumpkin cake, buttercream frosting, toasted pine needle

Old Church- Incense, frankincense, dark woods, amber, cotton tree

Orange Dream- Juicy orange and rich vanilla cream, just like a half/half bar and orange push pop



Pacifico- Salt rimmed key lime mojito, fresh mint leaves with a base of vanilla bean ice cream

Palm Springs- Crisp ozone, kaffir lime, watery tones, amber, desert succulent, white sand

Palm Tree Sway- Crushed fresh lychee, tamarind, green young palm, fresh squeezed citrus fruits

Palo Santo+Marshmallow Fireside- Custom blend of smoky clean palo santo with fresh woods and gooey marshmallow

Pam- Black tea, heavy cream, ‘pam’cakes, wedding cake

Pan De Sal- A Filipino favorite of soft sweet bread smeared with carmelized butter

Paper Planes- Wind swept icicles, rosemary, eucalyptus mint, vintage tee laundry

Peach Blossom- Delicate orange blossom water, ruby grapefruit, and fragrant peach

Peach Green Tea Lemonade+Sweet Cream Foam- Sweet peach, tangy green tea and lemonade topped with cream

Peaches +Clean- Fresh air, peaches, and palm trees

Pecan Main Street- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn with hazelnut, bourbon, roasted pecan

Peppermint Sherbet- Sweet peppermint, rainbow sherbet

Petrichor- Rainforest sugarcane, fresh dirt, grass, rosemary mint

Pineapple Frost Kitty- Iced pineapple, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, hint of buttermint

Pineapple Margarita+Sparkling Limoncello- Sugared limes, tequila, rum, pineapple chunks with bright, citrusy limoncello

Pink Drink (revised)- Acai berry, strawberry in coconut milk and passionfruit tea

Pink Lemonade- Icy blended grapefruit lemonade with a dollop of pink sugar

Pinkalicious Cake- Fresh strawberry, watermelon, hint of pink lemonade, birthday cake, sprinkles

Pistachio Lush Crème Brulee- Pistachio dessert with creamy custard, caramel, and birthday

Pistachio Lush- Pistachio pudding cake, toasted marshmallow, birthday cake, buttercream

Pomona 1888- Floral orange blossoms, jasmine, petitgrain, sandalwood

Poolside Goddess- Black coconut, mangoes, key lime curd, vanilla ice cream

Pumpkin Boba- Pumpkin pie spices, brown sugar and boba tea. The tea gives a robust note to the fragrant clove, cinnamon and all the yummy pumpkin notes with vanilla enveloping it all up.

Pumpkin King- Vanilla patchouli, pumpkin spice, black pepper, sea salt

Pumpkin Snap- The scent of a bakery during Autumn with notes of gingerbread donuts, cinnamon, and pumpkin buttercream hanging in the air.

Pumpkin Spice Frosted Oatmeal Cookies- Our house blend frosted oatmeal cookies with yummy pumpkin spice.

Pure Heart- Wild madagascar vanilla, pink sugar, cedarwood, vanilla cream. If you enjoyed Secret Love Letters, you'll like this except it doesn't have lavender.



Quiet Time- Japanese pear, ginseng, earl grey tea, vanilla



Rain Drops- Clean water notes, citrus, white florals, sandalwood, musk

Raisin Bread- Creamy and rich bread with kitchen spices and soaked raisins. If you liked our cider raisin bread, this is very similar.

Raven’s Brew- hot coffee, cream, leaves type, pumpkin cream cheese roll

Ray of Sunshine- Rainbow sherbet, honeydew, peaches and black cherry

Red Hood- Fresh strawberry, fig jam, corn bread, campfire marshmallows

Red Queen’s Breakfast- Baked sweet cherry, waffle cone, angel food cake, captain crunch berries cereal

Red Sky Sailor’s Delight- Petitgrain, rosewood, sweet cardamom, soft just-out-of-the-dryer blanket

Red+White+Blueberry- Strawberry compote, vanilla frosted soft cookies and baked blueberries with a hint of charred marshmallow

Reverie- Olive Branch type, fresh lemon, Winter Linen. Clarifying bergamot makes wonderful company with the crisp linen notes of Winter Linen.

Ring Leader- Egyptian musk, fern, bergamot, rosemary, coffee

Rust+Scarlet- A blend to illustrate the soft blended colors of changing leaves. Cashmere woods, marshmallow fireside, dried floral herbs of marjoram, sage, thyme, and lavender.

Rustled Leaves- Dried apple peel, woods, rich bourbon, whipped cream, sandalwood, crunchy sweeping leaves. Smells like a basket of autumn treasures with hints of spice and woods.



Saguaro- green cactus, sea salt, denim laundry, lime, neroli

Santa’s Workshop- Wood shavings, frasir fir, sugar cookies, amber, smoked woods, palo santo

Satur-yay!- Raspberry jam, fruit loops cereal, vanilla crumb donut

Scary Stories- Dark chocolate, smoked marshmallows, charred crackling woods, hint smoke, tonka bean, masculine woods

Sea To Shining Sea- Sea salt and driftwood, ocean salt, cotton candy, vanilla

Sea Witch- Black sea, salty sea air, pink sugar

Sequoia- Fragrant redwood, pine needle, dried apple, pinecone woods

Skeleton Cookies- Snickerdoodle cookie, toasted almond, buttercream, cookie dough. The perfect creamy delectable monster cookies to add to the Empire collection. My favorite toasted almond adds another layer of flavor to the vanilla cookie notes and cinnamon sugar.

Skittles Frapp- Colorful mélange of fruity flavors like strawberry and raspberry topped with whipped cream

Sleep Tonic- Vapor Elixir, sweet peppermint, vanilla ice cream, twilight type

Sleepytime Tea- Chamomile, lemongrass, hints of green, soothing peppermint (new formula, cut back on lemongrass note)

Slice of Heaven- Birthday cake, sprinkles, orange vanilla fudge, cookie crumbles

Snow Drift- Peppermint sticks, rosemary, blue cypress, teakwood, white florals, vanilla

Snowball Fights- Fresh winter air, wild Madagascar vanilla, rosemary mint

So Cal Winter+The Huntsman-(custom by Jay Alford) A blend of two EA scents; heavy rain, wet leaves, redwoods, charred barrel cider, dried berries, smoked woods

So. Cal Winter- Heavy rain, leaves, redwoods, fresh cold air

Sons of Liberty- Lord of Misrule type, velvet sugar, lavender, incense, sandalwood

Southern California Winter- Heavy rain, leaves, redwoods, fresh cold air

Spaced Out- Apple blossom, fresh air, vanilla, pineapple, and lilies. This smells faintly like sweet floral laundry with a whiff of fresh air.

Spectre- Candy corn, ginger ale, and fizzy pops

Spider Silk (reformulated)- Oak moss, dark woods, black tea, charred marshmallow

Spirited Away- Cherry blossoms, apple, orange, white tea, fluffy towels. Bring on the sweet laundry! First notes to hit is a sort of jammy sweet followed by a gorgeous floral. Fluffy towels was a perfect supporting note for this blend as it creates a comforting, sunny note.

Sprinkles Cupcake-A gorgeous house blend of buttercream cupcake, vanilla bean, and hint salted caramel

Stars and Stripes- Maraschino cherry, blue raspberry, aloe water, and gingerale

Stay Gold- Fresh lemon sugar, crisp guava fruit and vanilla lace. Smells like a fragrance to wear out on a warm summer night

Stone House- Stonehouse reserve (dark oak, rich bourbon), merlot, vanilla ice cream, hint kitchen spices

Storm In A Teacup- Blackberry sage, black tea, pipe tobacco, caramel, hint salty sea air

Strawberry Lemonade- House blended fresh strawberry, bright lemonade, sugar cane

Strawberry Milk Tea- Ripe strawberry, cold milk, brown sugar, black tea

Streusel- A creamy, buttery bakery monster of cookies, cinnamon streusel, vanilla frosting, and vanilla cream Danish

Summer Rain- Fresh towels drenched in crisp ozone, watery tones with a hint of dewy grass. Smells like towels in a summer storm.

Summer Session- Cotton candy frosting, madarin mimosa, lemon sugar, twinkies

Summer Storm- Bergamot, geranium, line dried towels, fresh rain, earthy moss, patchouli

Sun Kiss (new)- Fresh mango, pineapple chunks, fresh air, palm trees

Sun Kissed- Beautiful sweet satsumas, bergamot and osmanthus tea

Sunny Hunny- Tropical fruits, and papaya blended with comforting Tahitian vanilla

Sunset -Coconut milk, vanilla sugar cookies, honeydew, cotton candy frosting

Sunstone- Coconut shortbread cookies, orange chiffon cake, orange sherbet

Sway With Me- Rum soaked pineapple upside down cake, brown sugar, angel food cake, fresh mangoes, dulce de leche

Sweater Hugs- Smells like big bear sweater hugs with warm amber-y tones and tonka bean, no laundry notes. Cedarwood, coriander, honeycomb, oud, tonka bean

Sweet Sips- Passionfruit, pineapple, orange citrus and wild Madagascar vanilla. This smells like stepping into a bar where they served fresh fruit cocktails. The vanilla adds a gorgeous refined note.

Sweetheart- Fresh strawberry slices, champagne, fizzy pop, nectarine, white currant

Sympathy For The Angel- Vanilla ice cream, tonka bean, vanilla waffle cone



Tan Lines- Sun tan lotion, warm citrus and cocoa butter cashmere. Smells like a bikini drenched in sun lotion

Taro- Tonka bean, brown sugar boba, caramel flan, coconut macapuno

The Eerie Deep- Oceanic amber, basil, citrus musk, sea kelp greens

The Fog- Marshmallow fireside, salty sea air, red delicious apple, toasted marshmallow

The Forest Floor- Cedarwood, patchouli, clove, cardamom pods. Like a day of foraging, chopping wood, and toasting spices. The welcome note of cardamom adds a sort of milky vanilla to the blend.

The Ghost Ship -Oceanic amber, charred marshmallow, smoked berries, and woody vanilla

The Great Pumpkin- Peanut butter cookies, maple sugar, pumpkin cake, vanilla ice cream. I’m excited to introduce this new nutty blend aptly named after Peanuts… The notes sort of envelope the pumpkin in this, I love how this blend turned out, a definite must try.

The Haunted Sea- Oceanic amber, rich redwoods, red merlot, dark woods, vanilla marshmallow

The Headless Horseman- charred pumpkin flesh, burnt marshmallows, dry sweeping leaves, amber, santal

The Huntress- Pear, pomegranate, blood orange, pine, woods, marshmallow fireside, lord of misrule type

The Huntress- Pear, pomegranate, blood orange, pine, woods, marshmallow fireside, Lord of Misrule type

The Huntsman- Cider in charred barrels, vanilla bean noel, dried berries, smoked wood fire, embers

The Laundry Club- Ylang ylang, pink orchid, bergamot, flannel sheets

The Night He Came Home- Dark roasted coffee, vanilla crumb donut, vanilla rum cream, birthday cake

The Romantic- Blue sugar, charred marshmallow, bourbon, dark chocolate curls.

The Trickster- Lord of Misrule, charred berries, wood smoke, blackberries, and cedarwood. This is a playful, sweet woods with earthy tones from the Misrule. I really like to bring out its vanilla and black pepper notes by adding tangy sweet blackberries.

The Vengeful Captain -Oceanic amber, aromatic vanilla, tonka bean, rich woods, hint of dark chocolate

This, is my BOOM stick!- Marshmallow fireside, lord of misrule, marshmallows

Tidings of Comfort- Vanilla spice, pine branches, smoky oak leaves, apple cider, hint whiskey, dried apple slices

Tiger Coffee- brown sugar, birthday cake, vanilla nut latte

Toil and Trouble- Ginger ale, lime sherbet, margarita salt, Halloween candy

Tree Sap-Balsam wood, bourbon, oak barrel cider, cedarwood

Trick or Treacle- Sea salt caramel popcorn, caramel apple, eucalyptus, pine brance, fern

True Blue- Raspberry juice, fresh squeezed orange, strawberry sangria

Twilight Flower Tea- Butterfly pea tea, meyer lemonade, bergamot

Twisted Winter- Twisted peppermint, patchouli, black pepper, toasted marshmallow, smoldered woods



Ube Cake- A popular Filipino birthday cake tradition. Rich purple taro root with flavors of tonka bean, vanilla, and coconut with buttercream frosting.



Vanilla Crumb Donut- House blend donut, hint cinnamon sugar

Velvet Cake- Caramel crunch, red velvet cake, vanilla icing, baked strawberries. Yummy caramel cake tinged with milk chocolate notes with strawberry adding a bit of sweetness.

Velvet Coffin- Cocoa butter cashmere, wood fire, frankincense, rosewood, amber, and white birch. This smells cozy, woodsy, and almost masculine. Sometimes I find cocoa butter cashmere too sweet but it is beautifully tempered here with layers of wood notes and hint of smoke.

Vengeful Captain- Oceanic amber, aromatic vanilla, tonka bean, rich woods, dark chocolate

Vintage Tee Laundry- Strong sunny fresh laundry blend

Violet Clouds- Raspberry jam, kiwi, strawberries, cotton candy



Wake The Dead Coffee- Café Vienna, lavender sprigs, buttermints, Danish cookies

Watermelon Cake- Watermelon, rainbow sherbet, white cake

Whisky Tango Foxtrot- Bourbon whiskey, pipe tobacco, blue sugar, vanilla ice cream, iced coffee

White Flamingo- orange blossoms, vanilla bubbles, vanilla ice cream, mimosas

White Mocha Strawberry Sweet Cream- creamy white mocha, espresso, Danish butter cookies, strawberry sweet cream

White Shells- Snuggable towels, coconut milk, vanilla bean. Smells like warm sun on beach towels nestled in seashell ridden sand.

Wild Is The Wind- Red maple, dried mandarin, patchouli, caramel, laurel and balsam. Sweet earthy notes dance in this. This smells like a welcome gust of wind.

Wild Pumpkin- Santal, tobacco leaves, ambrette, fir, thyme, pumpkin spices, and wild Madagascar vanilla. Perfect for melting while hoisting colorful eaves onto your mantel in preparation for fall. Got the inspiration for this while deep sniffing candles at TJMaxx and wishing I could buy out their fall décor. The thyme, fir, and pumpkin spices add a bit of zing to warm, enveloping santal. The wild Madagascar vanilla elevates the sophistication in this.

Wild Side- Wild Madagascar vanilla, coconut water, sea salt, green bamboo

Winter Wedding- Cozy woods, white birch, vanilla, smoldering woods

Wise Old Owl- bourbon woods, oud, charred oak barrel cider, and vanilla. A rich, amazing blend where the cider add a gorgeous dimension to withered oud. This was a unique find.

Wise Old Owl+Headless Horseman- (custom by Jay Alford) A blend of two EA scents; charred pumpkin flesh, burnt marshmallows, leaves, bourbon, and oud wood.

Witch’s House- Gingerbread, soft vanilla cookies, caramel pumpkin, figs, pecan

Witch’s Kitchen- Frosted oatmeal cookies, cinnamon, guiacwood, cider donuts. We took our popular oatmeal recipe and added a tinge of darkness, smoke from the guiacwood, and a little more sweetness from the cider donuts in this. It just adds so much more dimension.

Witching Hour- Dragon’s blood, coffee grounds, toasted chocolate, tobacco



Yellow Polka Dot Bikini- Beachy coconut, sweet pear, fresh tide laundry

Yosemite- Charred orange peel, pink peppercorn, wood fire



Zephyr By The Sea- fresh clean air, sea salt, lilac bouquet

Zephyr- Fresh ozonic air, baby’s breath