June 28 Ready-To-Ship Restock

Wednesday June 28 at 6:00 pm we will have a ready-to-ship restock! Extras from the previous pre-order will be available as well as odd weight wax (whoa wax).
The Cozy Up Sampler is enveloped in textural beautiful vanilla tones with vibrant fruits and comforting sensual woods. Ten thoughtfully crafted blends will come with two hearts. 10 qty blends 1.33 oz each - 13.3 oz total $19.90
  1. First Crush- Fresh raspberry, vanilla and picked strawberries with a background of delicate white florals and bergamot.
  2. Cherubs+Arrows- A refreshing blend of nectarine, passionflower, salt water, water lilly and prosecco.
  3. My Darling- Deep, sensuous clove, bourbon, ripe figs and strawberry with a hint of dried apple
  4. Fluffy Cuddle- Cherry blossoms, vanilla musk, white clouds laundry, and soft white tea
  5. Loved+Worn- Resinous rosewood, vetiver, dark amber, woods, and crushed rose petals
  6. Woven Hearts- Sophisticated pink orchid, mandarins, amber, vetiver, and watermelon
  7. Wild Beauty- Palo santo, wild madagascar vanilla, lavender, heliotrope.
  8. Heart of Heart- Clean sheets, sparkling raspberry, lemon rind, mandarins, and apple blossoms
  9. Kindled Ember- Rosewood, dried black cherry, vanilla woods, dark chocolate
  10. Beloved- Black currant, blackberries, vanilla cake, vanilla woods, hint of green tea.
Empire Bags:
All The Vanillas- A blend of vanilla wafers, cotton candy bits, vanilla bean noel, buttered popcorn
Another Day of Sun- Sweet pear, lemon sugar, butter cake, vanilla crumb donut
Autumn Cat- Southern California Winter, crushed sage, hint smoke, lavender, charred oak barrel cider
Big Bad Wolf- Hazelnut coffee, campfire marshmallow, donuts, spiced caramel strudel
Blue Ribbon Bread- Everything from the local county fair plus Grandma’s prize winning bread, funnel cake, donuts, cotton candy, caramel popcorn, waffle cone, fresh baked bread
Bomb Pop- Blue raspberry, lime, and cherry
Boys of Summer- Cool clear water cologne, icy peppermint, laundromat
Camp Anawana- Toasted pinecone, tonka bean, cedarwood, marshmallows, woods
Catalina- Salt water, watery florals, nectarine, birds of paradise, and passionfruit
Coco Palm Mojito- Muddled mint leaves, cane sugar, fresh lime
Deep Sea Slumber- Empire lavender, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel
Desert Festival- Patchouli, sandalwood, amber, violets, Barbershop 1920’s
Drop of Morning Sun (Morning Sunshine)- Sweet lavender, lemon sugar, fresh clean laundry
Father Christmas- Christmas tree, red delicious apple, palo santo
Forest Tea- Tangerines, black tea, lemon, tree sap, white florals.
Gatsby- Dark water, ozone, coriander, patchouli, warm beach sand, clean pressed linen
Gentle Decay- Petrichor, roasted pinecones, crushed tonka beans
Girly Girl (custom)- Pink sugar, bubblegum, sugar cookie dough
Good Cheer- Sugared peppermint, spun sugar, salty sea air, laughter
Haddonfield- Dry leaves, tree bark, fire roasted marshmallows
Herbal Lavender and Chamomile Tea- Cozy and soothing lavender sprigs and chamomile tea
Ice Blue Shave- Blue sugar shave and twisted peppermint
Jade- Water kissed fern, citrus, rock sugar, green florals, rosewood
Jungle Bungalow- Crisp snap of green mango, ocpean air, mint, palm trees
Lost Missives- Red merlot, bourbon, caramel popcorn, cedarwood, vanilla
Macadamia Nut Latte- Smooth nutty macadamia, vanilla nut latte, soft vanilla cookies
Merry Measure- Clean lavender, cedarwood, evergreen, morning dew
Midsummer’s Nightmare- Blue sugar, midsummer’s night type, marshmallow fireside
Mineral Spring- Eucalyptus, black currant, lemongrass, sugarcane, spearmint
Monstera- Carnivorous vines, fresh mango, stone washed laundry
Mrs. Pott’s Spot O Tea- “The grey stuff”, earl grey tea, sugar cubes, a warm smile
Neon Lights- Iced lemonade, sweet plum candy, immaculate laundry
Nom Nom- Angel food cake, vanilla crumb donut, soft pretzel
Orange Dream- Juicy orange, rich vanilla cream, just like a half/half bar and orange push pop
Pacifico- Salt rimmed key lime mojito, fresh mint leaves with a base of vanilla bean ice cream
Pacifico Black Cherry- Salt rimmed key lime mojito, fresh mint leaves with a base of vanilla bean ice cream with cherry
Peaches and Clean- Fresh air, peaches, palm trees
Quiet Time- Japanese pear, ginseng, earl grey tea, vanilla
Rain Drops- Clean water notes, citrus, white florals, sandalwood, musk
Red Queen’s Breakfast- Baked sweet cherry, waffle cone, angel food cake, captain crunch berries cereal
Rock-A-Bye Lullabye (custom)- Sugared violets, baby powder, sweetened condensed milk, marshmallow fluff
Saguaro- Green cactus, sea salt, denim laundry, lime, neroli
Sequoia- Fragrant redwood, pine needle, dried apple, pinecone woods
Sleepy Time Tea- Chamomile, lemongrass, hints of green, soothing peppermint
Southern California Winter- heavy rain, leaves, redwoods, fresh cold air
Sway With Me- Rum soaked pineapple upside down cake, brown sugar, angel food cake, fresh mangoes, dulce de leche
The Huntsman- Cider in charred barrels, vanilla bean noel, dried berries, smoked wood fire, embers
Twilight Flower Tea- Butterfly pea tea, meyer lemonade, bergamot
Wake The Dead Coffee- Cafe Vienna, lavender sprigs, buttermints, danish cookies
Whoa Wax
Twilight Flower Tea 3.6 oz
Headless Horseman 3.4 oz
Blue Ribbon Bread 4.9 oz
Yuletide Carols 2.7 oz
Camp Anawana 3.4 oz
Dead Man 3.3 oz
Sequoia 3.1 oz
Pacifico Black Cherry 3.0 oz
Old Fig 3.2 oz
Catalina 2.8 oz
Mrs. Pott’s Spot O Tea 4.3 oz
Monstera 3.4 oz
Big Bad Wolf 4.9 oz
Beloved 3.9 oz
Lost Missives 4.6 oz
Nom Nom 4.5 oz
Main Street Parade 4.8 oz
Midsummer’s Nightmare 4.6 oz
Golden Hour 6.4 oz
Moon and Stars 5.2 oz
Pistachio Lush 7.3 oz
Marshmallow Donut Woods 6.9 oz
Golden Hour 6.9 oz
Paper Planes 4.5 oz

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