Scented Wax Information

Empire Alchemy's wax is a hand poured blend of coconut and paraffin wax made fresh every day in our studio.  This blend produces a strong yet pleasing "hot throw" for our hand picked, quality fragrance oils.  You can use either an electric warmer or tea light warmer to heat the wax and release the scent.  We prefer a 25 watt hot plate electric warmer though our wax can also be used in lower wattage electric warmers. Please use your wax any time after purchase for up to one year for best results.  Many of our waxes do get better with time.  Try melting a piece to see how you like the throw.  If you have any questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is 'hot throw' and 'cold throw'?

The smell that wax produces is referred to as 'throw'.  When you open the bag and smell a piece of wax, the scent you are getting is the 'cold throw'.  When you heat the wax, the scent intensifies.  This is referred to as 'hot throw'.  

How do I remove the wax from my warmer when it is done throwing?

You can do three things:

1. Turn on the warmer and wait for a minute for the wax to heat enough to loosen the disc of wax. Use a butter knife or flat object to pop the wax out of the warmer.

2. Remove the hot plate from your warmer and put it in the freezer. After about 5 minutes, the wax will shrink.  Use a butter knife to pop the wax out of the plate. 

3. While the warmer is on, carefully lift the hot plate from the warmer and dump the hot wax into a disposable cup.  Use a cotton ball to wipe up the excess.  You may also just place the cotton balls in the hot plate to soak up the wax before removing the hot plate.  Please be careful as this technique is hot and could result in burned fingers.

What is cure time? How long should I cure your wax?

Cure refers to storing the wax for a period of time so the fragrance has a chance to further bind with the wax which will ensure a stronger hot and cold throw.  We recommend curing for 14 days for the maximum effect.  Our wax usually does not require a cure time. If it smells strong on cold to you, go ahead and melt.  We definitely recommend you melt ANY time you like. 

I liked what I bought and would like more.  How do I ask for the blend again?

We offer our wax seasonally and try to keep it available for at least 2 months but supply and demand can always change that.  If you still see your favorite waxes on the site, please purchase when you can.  There is no guarantee they will return since we like to keep offering new and fresh ideas to the wax world.  If you like, you can send us an e-mail at or join our Facebook group