You can create your own order for blends you've been dying to get by placing a "Customs" order.  You must be a part of our Facebook group in order to place this kind of order because there is a queue to get on the list.  You can find the Facebook group HERE .

*Customs is different from a pre-order because you can request the blends you want instead of choosing a blend from a limited list. You also won't have to stress about grabbing it at restocks.

*In customs you can request almost any blend. Please understand if I am unable to make something. It gives me joy to make what you like so I will do my best. If you want something created, please limit to 3 oils (for example: strawberry+lemon sugar+wedding cake). You can also request an Empire Alchemy blend plus 2 oils.

*Turnaround time is 4 weeks from purchase date.

*The list is separated by 'waves' (1st wave, 2nd wave, 3rd wave). 

*If you are on the list, you'll be waiting to get your list approved and get your listing so you can purchase your list.

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