Ready-To-Ship Restock 3/22/2024

Ready-To-Ship 3/22/2024

Empire Bags (waffle shapes) 8 Oz+ $12

Beneath The Milky Twilight- Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Be Our Guest- Blueberry compote, vanilla pudding, carmelized custard, smoked marshmallow, hint of pie crust

Bewitched- Guiacwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred wood smoked berries, marshmallow

Big Bear Mountain- Buttermints, vanilla bean, noel, vanilla birch type

Blue Monday- The smell of comfort, downy blue towels, blue sugar

Boba Milk Tea- Vanilla cream, brown sugar boba, vanilla fudge, black tea

California Poppy- Warm amber, sun hot sand, fresh floral greenery, sun lotion

California Sun- Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo

City of Stars- Palo santo,  white woods, sea salt, sandalwood, sweet marshmallow, oakmoss

Death Before Decaf- Café Vienna, peppermint, vanilla, pink sugar cookies

Earl Grey Tea+Biscuits-  Floral tea notes, creamy biscuit cookies

Everest- Rosemary, twisted peppermint, shave cream, lemon vanilla

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree- Blue spruce, balsam, tree sap, sweet vanilla

Frosted Oatmeal Cookies- House blended warm oatmeal cookies, vanilla icing and hint of spice

Good King Winceslaus- Cinnamon sugared buttercream cupcakes, palo santo, wood shavings, bonfire wood.

Huntington Beach- Lush Dirty type, vanilla, rich oceanic notes, amber, tonka beans

I Knew I Loved You- Immaculate Laundry + Pink Sugar Whipped Cream

Just Breathe- Melon, temple smoke, rainforest sugar cane, fresh peaches

King Tide- coconut milk, oceanic notes, sea salt, amber, mimosas

Magic Carpet Ride- Night blooming jasmine, satiny carpet, warm breezes over sand

Matcha Love- Green tea, vanilla ice cream, coconut milk, shortbread cookies. 

Mountain Trail- Fresh pine, apple peel, cedarwood, fresh mud, cypress woods

Old Church- Incense, frankincense, dark woods, amber, cotton tree

Over The River- Wet leaves, icy wind, cold rain

Peppermint Sherbet- Sweet peppermint, rainbow sherbet

Santa’s Workshop- Wood shavings, frasir fir, sugar cookies, amber, smoked woods, palo santo

Sienna- Palo santo, vanilla fig, dates, butterscotch cupcakes

Strange and Unusual- Dying roses, citrus, salted marshmallow

Sway With Me- Rum soaked pineapple upside down cake, brown sugar, angel food cake, fresh mangoes, dulce de leche

Tea+A Good Book- Earl grey tea, bergamot, blackberry jame scones, danish butter cookies, hint of tree bark

Terracotta- Palo santo, pumpkin pie, charred marshmallow, firewood embers

The Eerie Deep- Oceanic amber, basil, citrus musk, sea kelp greens

Yosemite- Charred orange peel, pink peppercorn, wood fire

Empire Bags (Shapes) 8 oz $12

Ice Blue Shave- Blue sugar shave and twisted peppermint

Main Street Parade- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, beignets, kettle corn

Merry Measure- Clean lavender, cedarwood, evergreen, morning dew

Monstera- Carnivorous vines, fresh mango, stone washed laundry

Twilight Flower Tea- Butterfly pea tea, meyer lemonade, bergamot

White Mocha Strawberry Sweet Cream- creamy white mocha, espresso, Danish butter cookies, strawberry sweet cream

Double Donuts 4.3-4.6 $6.23

Cozy In The Snow- Toasted pine cone, tonka bean, cedarwood, marshmallows, candy canes, and spruce woods

Date At The Orchard- Birthday cake, red delicious apple, falling leaves, plump dates, spice cake

Death By Chocolate Mint- Creamy cookie dough, dark chocolate, vanilla, peppermint

Desert Bloom- Blue agave, cilantro, lime and vodka

Forest Path- Pear, eucalyptus, cedarwood, caramel woods

Gift Basket Pears- The juiciest, creamiest stone fruit pear on vanilla blended with iced raspberry cranberry champagne.

Lost In The Woods- Candied cinnamon pecans, pine needles, vanilla ice cream, apple peel, freshly chopped woods

Old Cabin- Patchouli, myrrh, jasmine and pear

Pretzel Day- Soft pretzels, marshmallow fluff, vanilla crumb donut, toffee nuts, peanut butter drizzle, cotton candy bits, white chocolate, and powdered sugar.

Sakura Sweater- White linen type, fresh rain, white tea, ylang ylang, pink orchid

Snow Country- Cinnamon bark, brown sugar, nutmeg, marshmallows, and fresh woods.

Snow Globe- A strong minty blend of Vapor Elixir (sinus relief), stress relief, and water mint on a bed of vanilla

Sunlit Woods- Clove, patchouli, lavender and hard woods

Veranda Linens- Downy April fresh, pineapple slices, rain kissed fern

Winter Mantel- A Fiery, warm woodsy blend with a hint of potpourri spices. Fireplace embers, amber, woods, dried orange slice, marshmallows, vanilla bean.

Young Woods- Green woods, oakmoss, bergamot, and orange peel

Wax Bars 2.4-2.8 oz $3.75

Sunkissed- Beautiful sweet satsumas, bergamot and osmanthus tea

Trampled Linen- Clothesline laundry, fresh dirt, torn grass, ozone

Neverland- Like soaring over the blue skies in groves of citrus, palm trees, and lagoons.  Blended gorgeously with rainbow sherbet.

Golden State- Fresh orange blossoms, meyer lemon, sweet tangerines and vanilla.

Orange Flower- As close to a real grove of orange flowers, different from our Pomona 1888 formulation.  Fresh orange blossoms, orange peel, and fragrant juicy orange

Lemon Mint Leaf- Sparkling lemon peel, juicy orange, and fresh mint leaves

Pacifico- Salt rimmed key lime mojito, fresh mint leaves with a base of vanilla bean ice cream

Strawberry Lemonade- Sugary sweet meyer lemon, fresh strawberry slices, rock sugar

Zephyr- Fresh ozonic air, baby’s breath

Vitamin Sea- Sea kelp, oceanic air, green waves, and fresh coconut

Waffle Pairs 4 oz for $6

Gentle Decay- White currants, bergamot, lemon leaf, meyer lemon

Vengeful Captain- Oceanic amber, aromatic vanilla, tonka bean, rich woods, hint of dark chocolate

Grey Mist- Oceanic amber, palo santo, vanilla bean, and driftwood

Element- A blend of patchouli, amber, oak, tonka bean, olibanum

The Eerie Deep- Oceanic amber, basil, citrus, musk, leafy greens

Belmont- black cherry fizzy drink

Float On- Mangoes, peach, wildberry cream soda

Black Heart- Blackberry, empire lavender, fizzy soda, ginger ale

Star Sprinkles- creamy candy sweets scrub that smells like Starbursts candies

Night of Mischief- Sweet figs, sweet patchouli, black pepper, vanilla

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