CHRISTMAS 2021 Wax Bars- Ready To Ship- Choose Your Blend

CHRISTMAS 2021 Wax Bars- Ready To Ship- Choose Your Blend

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Each melt comes in a breakable wax bar form in 2.4-2.8 oz.  Break off a chunk or two to melt in your wax warmer.  You can use a bulb, electric, or tealight warmer.  Optimal wattage for our wax is 20- 25 watts.  

Scent List:

  1. Good King Winceslaus- Cinnamon sugared buttercream cupcakes, palo santo, wood shavings, bonfire
  2. Woodcutter’s Cottage- Shave cream, bayberry, black forest
  3. Christmas Truce- Dark chocolate, orange sticks, blue spruce
  4. Harvest Joy- Vanilla crumb donut, brandy soaked walnut, pecan, sweet pear, cinnamon fig jam, vanilla ice cream
  5. Snowball Fights- Fresh winter air, wild madagascar vanilla, rosemary mint
  6. Julian- The Fog, fresh cut christmas tree, vanilla crumb donut
  7. The Night He Came Home- Dark roasted coffee, vanilla crumb donut, vanilla rum cream, birthday cake
  8. Temperance- Coast soap, mimosas, mangoes, green tea
  9. Pumpkin Candy Corn Cheesecake- Pumpkin pie, cheesecake, vanilla fudge, candy corn
  10. Tea & A Good Book- Earl grey tea, bergamot, blackberry jam scones, danish butter cookies
  11. Hello Autumn- Pumpkin chai latte, baked orange bread pudding, vanilla whisky frosting
  12. Falling For You- Fresh apple strudel, gooey marshmallows, caramel custard, crunchy pistachio
  13. Sugar N Spiced Cider- Bourbon spiked cider, rich caramel, pomegranates, whipped cream
  14. Soft Focus- Cardamom, spiced peaches, merlot, wild madagascar vanilla
  15. Fall Vibes- Dried figs, whipped cream, raspberry black tea, cinnamon, guiacwood, vanilla ice cream

How To Use: Simply break or cut off 1/2 oz to 1 oz of wax an place into your electric warmer or tea light warmer.  Once warmed it will release a fragrance into your home for 4 to 8 hours.  

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