Wax Bars- Ready To Ship- Choose Your Blend

Wax Bars- Ready To Ship- Choose Your Blend

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Each melt comes in a breakable wax bar form in 2.4-2.8 oz.  Break off a chunk or two to melt in your wax warmer.  You can use a bulb, electric, or tealight warmer.  Optimal wattage for our wax is 20- 25 watts.  

Scent List:

Coconut Milk-Creamy coconut blended with sweet vanilla, light bakery notes.  

Sea Salt and Driftwood- Warm amber, citrus, hint of island fruit, refreshing spa notes

Buttermint- Classic, creamy after dinner mint

White Clouds- Clean, fresh and airy laundry oil that blends perfectly as a ‘refreshing element’. Notes of geranium, violet, and woods.

Succulents- Blue agave, aloe, watery notes, sugar cane, desert sand.

Rain Drops- Clean water notes, citrus, white florals, sandalwood, musk

Red Lipstick- Cotton candy, musk, sweet french creme, tonka bean

Raspberry Cake- Sweet pungent raspberry sauce, vanilla cream, white cake, hint of coconut

Saturday Morning Cereal- Fruit loops, fruity pebbles, and marshmallows

Laundromat- A blend of fabric softener and fabric detergent in one. Begins with fresh citrus, mountain air, and cotton blossoms

Sugar Boo- Capt Crunch Berries and danish butter cookies

How To Use: Simply break or cut off 1/2 oz to 1 oz of wax an place into your electric warmer or tea light warmer.  Once warmed it will release a fragrance into your home for 4 to 8 hours.  

Would you like more information about how to use our wax? Click here: https://www.empirealchemywax.com/pages/scented-wax-information