DOUBLE DONUTS 2024- Ready-To-Ship- Choose Your Blend

DOUBLE DONUTS 2024- Ready-To-Ship- Choose Your Blend

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Double Donuts 4.2-4.6 oz $6.23  You will receive two donut halves which can be cut to use .6 oz or 1 oz of wax in your wax warmer to release fragrance. These items are ready to ship.

Double Donuts:

    1. Lost In The Woods- Candied cinnamon pecans, pine needles, vanilla ice cream, apple peel, freshly chopped woods
    2. Forest Path- Pear, eucalyptus, cedarwood, caramel woods
    3. Veranda Linens- Downy April fresh, pineapple slices, rain kissed fern
    4. Desert Bloom- Blue agave, cilantro, lime and vodka
    5. Sakura Sweater- White linen type, fresh rain, white tea, ylang ylang, pink orchid
    6. Old Cabin- Patchouli, myrrh, jasmine and pear
    7. Young Woods- Green woods, oakmoss, bergamot, and orange peel
    8. Sunlit Woods- Clove, patchouli, lavender and hard woods
    9. Snow Globe- A strong minty blend of Vapor Elixir (sinus relief), stress relief, and water mint on a bed of vanilla
    10. Snow Country- Cinnamon bark, brown sugar, nutmeg, marshmallows, and fresh woods.
    11. Pretzel Day- Soft pretzels, marshmallow fluff, vanilla crumb donut, toffee nuts, peanut butter drizzle, cotton candy bits, white chocolate, and powdered sugar.
    12. Gift Basket Pears- The juiciest, creamiest stone fruit pear on vanilla blended with iced raspberry cranberry champagne.
    13. Cozy In The Snow- Toasted pine cone, tonka bean, cedarwood, marshmallows, candy canes, and spruce woods
    14. Winter Mantel- A Fiery, warm woodsy blend with a hint of potpourri spices. Fireplace embers, amber, woods, dried orange slice, marshmallows, vanilla bean.
    15. Date At The Orchard- Birthday cake, red delicious apple, falling leaves, plump dates, spice cake
    16. Death By Chocolate Mint- Creamy cookie dough, dark chocolate, vanilla, peppermint