Master Scent List

Master Scent List updated 9/15/2022


#GirlBoss: Watermelon juice, frozen cherry slush, spun sugar, caramelized vanilla

(This is my) BOOM Stick- Marshmallow Fireside, Lord of Misrule, marshmallows

6 Underground- clean sweet dirt, fresh garden mint

7th and Fig- Strawberry shortcake, fig jam, rhubarb, citrus bakery


A Change Of Heart: Maraschino cherries, clean linen, ivy, tonka bean, amber. This is a playful laundry blend with that first hit of cherry backed with a clean green laundry note and grounded with a beautiful amber and nutty vanilla note of tonka bean

Abra-cadaver!: A spritely blend of cherry Dr. Pepper

Affogato- rich smooth coffee liquor blended with vanilla ice cream

Alabaster Stone: White tea+clean cotton laundry. Simple but incredibly complex enough to stand alone

Amethyst- sugared violets, violet leaf, bergamot, creamy vanilla, birch bark. This has an amazing soft green-ness. It sits between fresh and sweet without being too floral.

Another Day of Sun:  sweet pear, lemon sugar, butter cake and Vanilla Crumb Donut

Antique Vanilla: A beautiful aroma to use as a blender for winter. Woody oak, warm vanilla, and sage

Apple Cart- red delicious apple, ice cream scoop bread, toasted marshmallow, pizzelle, hint of pink sugar

Apple Of My Eye: Golden Barber (classic shave cream and golden sands), red delicious apple, sea salt, hint of citrus.  The salt hangs in the background, I get mostly sweet soft notes of shaving cream with that apple. 

Apres Ski- Icy eucalyptus, spearmint, sweet peppermint, marshmallow

Aquamarine: Breezy coconut, fresh laundry, mangoes. A mix of sweet and summery with laundry

Arctic Mermaid:Twisted peppermint, rainbow sherbet, fruity rings, vanilla ice cream

Aromatic Tea: Aromatic Persian tea with floral notes, rock sugar, dehydrated orange slices and saffron

Ash & Linen: Frankincense, shave cream, cotton tree laundry, teakwood, cedar. This is a fresh smoke kind of blend that has its roots in our Old Church blend but the amber and soft notes of the shaving cream completely transforms this blend into something else.

Autumn Cat: Southern California Winter (wet leaves, crisp air and rain) blended with crushed sage, hint of smoke, lavender and cider in charred oak barrels.

Avocado and Sea Salt- bright citrus, white rose, oud wood, ocean salt, lemon


 (Beneath The ) Milky Twilight- salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Bagh (which means "garden" in Farsi): Jasmine, rosewater, orange blossom, rock sugar, and hyacinths

Barista’s Breakfast- Affogato, cinnamon strudel, vanilla crumb donut, whipped cream 

Be Our Guest: Pie and pudding en flambe! Blueberry compote, vanilla pudding, carmelized custard, smoked marshmallow, hint of pie crust.

Beaches and Cream: Fresh peaches, peach gummies, pineapples, sweet musk, fresh greens, hint of coconut and strawberry. 

Belmont- black cherry, fizzy cola

Beneath The Milky Twilight- salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Better Off Un-Dead: Savory woods,black pepper, coriander, musk, dryer fresh towels, green iris, verbena, ambergris

Beverly Hills Hotel: Paramour (juicy pear milkshake), orange blossom, palm tree greenery, Tahitian vanilla, toasted marshmallows

Bewitched Pumpkin: Our Bewitched blend (guiacwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred wood, smoked berries) paired with clove studded pumpkin. Perfectly spooky squash.

Bewitched: Guiacwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred wood, smoked berries, marshmallow

Big Bad Wolf: Hazelnut coffee, campfire marshmallow, donut, spiced caramel strudel

Big Bear Mountain- Buttermints, vanilla bean noel, vanilla birch type

Bikini Bottom- pina colada, tropic suntan, papaya, lemon sugar drop

Birthday @Tiffany’s- Birthday cake, cupcakes @ Tiffany’s, hint fruity rings, hint of sea salt

Birthday Loop:  house blend churros, birthday cake, cotton candy, sugar cookie dough

Birthday Mermaid: Birthday cake, pineapples, mangoes, mexican fried ice cream

Black Heart: Blackberry jam, lavender, and fizzy pop 

Black Pearl: Pink Sugar, Salty Sea Air, Sweet Patchouli

Black Sea Vanilla Apple- oceanic masculine with tonka bean, vanilla ice cream, red delicious apple

Blossom Tea- Fragrant, white tea with gentle floral notes with orange blossom water

Blue Agave Gain- Fresh green notes to celebrate alongside Gain laundry blend

Blue Eyes Wight Dragon- bay rum, candy cane, spearmint, toasted marshmallow

Blue Ice Shave: Blue Sugar Shave, twisted peppermint

Blue Monday- The Smell of Comfort, Downy Blue Towels, Blue Sugar

Blue Sugar Shave- House shave cream, blue sugar, salty sea air, vanilla ice cream

Bo Peep:  cotton sheets, lavender fields, lavender chamomile

Boyfriend Bait: Juicy blueberries, pound cake, vanilla cream, lemon curd, carmelized sugar glaze

Boys of Summer- Cool Clear Water Cologne, icy peppermint, Laundromat.

Bradbury- Barbershop 1920’s, crushed sage, hint smoke, lavender

But First, Coffee- Amber, teakwood, black coffee, charred marshmallow, hint of whisky


Calamansi Juice- A sweet and tart citrus from the Philippines! A great mixer with various fruits

California Poppy- Golden opium, barley grass, balsamic amyris, and geranium. The California state flower, with an aroma that reminds me of standing in a field during a super bloom.

California Sun- Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo blend

Camp Anawanna- “We hold you in our hearts!” Toasted pinecones, tonka beans, cedarwood, marshmallows, woods

Can’t Rain All The Time- fresh rain, asphalt, salty tears, sweet finish

Can’t Snow All The Time:  Salty tears, rain, asphalt, rosemary mint, eucalyptus, spearmint and Vanilla Bean Noel

Capistrano Beach:  Cocoa Butter Cashmere, sun tan lotion, vetiver, sea salt

Cara Mia Apple- sweet caramel apple with cream cheese frosting and pizzelle

Caramel Lavender Latte- Sweet lavender, fresh coffee, amber notes, vanilla cream

Cardamon Tea Cookies: Buttery crispy cookies with an inviting hint of cardamon 

Cashmere and Sand- Enveloping rich cocoa butter cashmere with notes of driftwood, salt, and ocean breeze 

Cat Nap: Airy, pressed white linen, sea salt, twilight type lavender, tonka bean. The sea salt makes the herbal notes smell sweeter with this blend while crispy white linen makes you want to climb into a freshly laundered bed and enjoy the aroma.

Cereal #3.14: Fruit loops, buttermilk pie filling, pie crust. The custardy flaky pie seems neutralize the citrus notes of fruit loops, leaving you with this silky delicious pie blend. This is our first pairing with a new house blended flaky pie crust "3.14"

Cherie: Effervescent cherry slush, watermelon punch, sparkling lemon. Sometimes you just want something fun with a sweet youthful blend like this.

Cherry Chip Waffle Cone:  fresh baked cherry chip cake swirled ice cream with white fudge in a waffle cone

Cherry Margarita Popsicles- Black cherry with lime juice, vodka, and a tinge of salt

Citrine- Sweet clementine, bergamot, Italian lemon, hint herbal french lavender

City of Stars- Amber Incense (palo santo), white woods, sea salt, sandalwood, sweet marshmallow, oakmoss

Clean Queen: Downy Blue type, earl grey tea, Olive Branch type

Cloudburst- Raindrops, green grass, patchouli, moss and petitgrain. This smells like a heavy rain with green fresh accord

Clouds In My Coffee: Coffee, whipped cream, Rice Krispie Treats, butterbrickle pie

Clouds In Tiffany’s Coffee- Clouds In My Coffee (creamy rich vanilla coffee), Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, soft salted pretzels.

Coco Palm Mojito- smells like the mojito we had on our wedding day. You can smell the muddled mint leaves and sugar

Cocoa Butter Cashmere+White Birch- notes in name

Comfort and Joy: Woodsy notes, smoke, black coffee, creamy marshmallows

Conch Shell Bread- Lemon curd, sugar cookies, coconut milk, black cherry. Delicious EA classic. If I could make this a dessert..

Cookie Butter: Spreadable cookies with crunchy vanilla notes and dulce de leche for smoothness. 

Cool Cat Shave- house shave cream, empire lavender, vanilla, salty sea air

Coronado- Santal, oakmoss, cotton tree laundry, warm amber

Cosmic Moontini- House blend lavender lemonade. Sugar crystals, juicy lemon, balanced blend of tangy lemonade and cotton candy covered with lavender sprigs.

Country Apple Bread: Smooth Caramel, Sweet Cider, Buttered Bread

Cruel Summer: Pineapple sherbet, orange pushpop, coconut milk, mango sorbet, Milkita Strawberry


Daisy Dukes Bikinis On Top: Copper coconut, cotton candy, Hawaiian tropic, juicy pineapples

Daisy: Day lilies, violet, delicate fresh daisies, vanilla lace

Darcy: Lemon, ginger, amber, vanilla musk, freshly inked bank notes

Dead Men Tell No Tales: Cannonball smoke, rum, fresh cracked coconuts, salty sea water (not salty sea air!), tobacco

Deadly Donuts: Roasted coffee beans, donuts, butterscotch brittle, icecream

Death By Chocolate Mint- creamy cookie doughy chocolate and peppermint blend

Deep Boo Sea: A gorgeous manly blend of blue sugar, salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, amber and oceanic notes

Deep Sea Slumber- (crowd favorite!) empire lavender, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel

Deep Sea Slumber+Cotton Candy Frosting- Empire lavender, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel cotton candy frosting

Desert Bloom- blue agave, cilantro, lime, and vodka

Donuts With Tiffany- toffee cupcake blend, vanilla crumb donut and graham crackers

Dragon Marsh- dragon’s blood, sweet fruity musky perfume, campfire marshmallows

Dragon’s Lair:  aromatic cedarwood, dragon’s blood and woodsy vanilla

Dreamstate- buttermints, lavender, vanilla, hint of lemonade

Drop of Morning Sun: fresh sweet lemon, laundromat, hint herbal lavender. This isn't really a lavender blend. It accidentally smells like that lemon lavender yankee candle blend but more lemon and fresh detergent where the lavender is boosting the laundry notes.


Earl Grey Cookies- Steamy cup of floral tea notes with creamy biscuits 

Elizabeth: Mown hay, mud soaked skirt hems, country meadow grass, steamy earl grey tea

Empress- I thought of a pineapple farm in Hawaii. A unique blend of fresh squeezed pineapple, brisk salty sweet ocean air, and myrrh. The salt and myrrh REALLY bring out the gorgeousness of the pineapple.

Enchantress: Sweet lavender, marshmallow fluff

Everest: An icy, beautiful blend of rosemary, twisted peppermint, shave cream, and lemon vanilla

Evil Within: House shave cream, woody vanilla, roasted pecans, sage, mahogany, cedar, cologne, cane sugar. Smells like a rich shave cream scent with added sweetness and woody, intriguing nuttiness from roasted pecans. 


Fall Festival: Gooey rice krispies treats, kettle corn, toasted almonds, flaky croissant smeared with orange marmalade. Amazing warm, citrusy bakery. The rice krispies gets me thinking of those pumpkin shaped rice krispies balls at a school fall festival with the aroma of popcorn. The fall

Fawn- Baby Grace Philosophy Type, Twilight type, lily of the valley. I'm uncertain if this is a true baby grace type. The notes are white woods, poppies, mimosa and musk. It blends beautifully with twilight with a bit of lily of the valley to bring up the pretty spring time notes this makes.

Feldspar- White currants, mimosa, ozone, Swedish Dream Salt. I like the interplay between bitter salty notes of Swedish Dream Salt with the sweet green notes of mimosa and white currant here.

Fig & Cardamom: Cardamom Tea Cookies (buttery crispy cookies with cardamom) carefully blended with Figs For Figaro (Fig jam+green figs+pine needles birch)

Figgy bread: Fig, rhubarb, cornbread, french baguette

Fine Fresh Fierce: Copper coconut, casaba melon, guava, vanilla, sugary figs

Fireside Stories: Crackling fire, frankincense, smoked woods, cedarwood

Flightpath To Venus- Cotton candy bubbles, grape creamsicle, raspberry punch

Float On:  mango, peach, wild berry, cream soda

Fools Who Dream:  Twilight type, white birch, tonka bean, Vanilla Bean Noel, clary sage

Forest Wanderer: Smells like stepping through a moss laden forest. Clean redwoods, cypress, and oakwood sandalwood

Friday Milk Tea:  lavender, peppermint, marshmallow and green milk tea


Galaxy Lollipops- Sugary grapefruit candy, lime, sparkling raspberry, grape lollipops, strawberry candy, and blue raspberry candy

Gatsby: Dark water, ozone, coriander, patchouli, warm beach sand, clean pressed linen

Gentle Decay: Petrichor (earthy minty bed of dirt), roasted pinecones, crushed tonka beans.  Tonka beans are this nutty deep vanilla scent that pairs perfectly with pinecone. If you're not into pine, the resinous tones of roasted pinecones might be a nice change. Add deep cool earth and this is named perfectly.

Gimme Some Sugar Baby- Blue sugar, cedar, spice, marshmallow fireside, vanilla

Gold Country: Red maple leaves, Drakkar Noir type, firewood, fireplace embers

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh: Golden amber, black amber, frankincense, hint myrrh. The frankincense will be increased in this blend so that it is more balanced.

Golden Barber- Rich, warm Golden Sands (citrus, sandalwood, crushed tonka beans) with classic dollops of shave cream. 

Golden Hour- If you could just smell the skin of a bronzed California girl basking in the sun. Tropical fruits and citrus, pink peppercorns, mandarins, and sea salt. Truly unique EA blend.

Goldilocks: Lemon and berry fluffy pancakes in syrup

Gomez- Cuban tobacco, woods, rosewood, petitgrain

Good Cheer: Sugared Peppermint, Spun Sugar, Salty Sea Air, Laughter

Good Morning, Pumpkin: Pumpkin caramel latte, california coffee, toffee, and vanilla crumb donut

Goose Down- Mangoes, lemon, white tea, light rain notes, cherry blossoms, vanilla lace

Goose Feathers- Sweet honey toffee, orange blossom, petitgrain

Grace: Clean floral and muguet (similar to Philosophy Grace), amber, cotton tree laundry. oakmoss. Gorgeous combination of soft, sweet, clean, with earthy grounding.

Granite: An interesting balance of spice (without the heat), salt, and sweet. Sea salt, black pepper, vanilla ice cream, pink sugar. (note: some scent lists from restocks have mistakenly omitted ‘pink sugar’ but the blend has always maintained pink sugar in the blend. Sorry for the confusion there, guys!)

Granite and Oak: A blend of Granite (house blend black pepper, vanilla, sea salt, hint of pink sugar), oakmoss, and woody oak

Graveyard Shift: Vanilla crumb donut+ice cream scoop bread+vanilla ice cream+smoked cedar+brown sugar+hint of coffee

Gravitas- Temple smoke, Lord of Misrule type, woodsy oak, amber. All these notes play with the patchouli note in Misrule. A must try if you like woodsy earthy notes.

Grey Days: White woods, palo santo, vetiver, marshmallows, amber. Vetiver is at the forefront of this blend with a complex balance of dryness from palo santo, sweetness from the leather, backed by vanilla notes and woods

Griffith- Oxford Scentsy type, charred oak, rosewood

Grimm's Bakery: Hot french baguette, vanilla crumb donut, red delicious apple

Grinning Ghosts: Treats that come out for Halloween, let’s start early! White fudge covered rice krispies marshmallow, pumpkin spiced caramel.


Haddonfield: Dry leaves, tree bark, fire roasted marshmallows, sweet pumpkin pastries. Hansel and Gretel: Ginger souffles, icecream scoop bread, birthday cake. Smells like gingerbread cake

Halley's Comet - Cantaloupe, strawberries, guava, rosemary sprigs, mint, rock sugar.

Harvest Joy: A perfect pear and fig strudel. I wanted to create fruit cake without being overdone. I needed this to be the right amount of gorgeous and rich. Vanilla crumb donut blended with brandy soaked walnut and pecan, sweet pear and cinnamon fig jam topped with vanilla icecream.

Hawaii Vacay- mango, papaya, pineapple frost kitties, vanilla icecream

Hawaiian Print- lady kaiulani (hibiscus island flowers and fruit), April downy fresh

Hazelnut Spice Strudel Lattes

Headless Horseman: Charred pumpin flesh, burnt marshmallows, dry sweeping leaves, amber, santal. Yeah, this reminds me of that opening scene of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow with that creeping mist. Also the iconic scene when the Hessian throws his flaming pumpkin head.

Healing Potion: Bergamot, green herbs, Vapor Elixir (eucalyptus, camphor, mint, like Vick’s VapoRub).

Heart Locket: Peach gummies, grapefruit, fizzy soda, fruity cereal. I love how this blend comes together. The cereal notes give the peach a nice dimension.

Heartbeat- Hawaiian punch, suncrest peaches, sugared orange

Hearthside Coffee: Gingerbread cake, caramel vanilla latte, vanilla crumb donut hint of hot cocoa. This one is unique in that the light chocolate notes kind of bring everything together.

Hello Sunshine- lemon pound cake, carmelized sugar, creamy custard

Hinoki Winter: Hinoki (Cool cypress, white woods, ozone, hint of smoke, amber. Our formulation of beautiful japanese woods.), buttermints, garden greens, icy peppermint. A more fresh version of Hinoki. Imagine snow laden Japanese woods and sunlight, water dripping onto grass emerging from ice.

Hinoki: Cool cypress, white woods, ozone, hint of smoke, amber.  Our formulation of beautiful japanese woods.

Home For Christmas: Cinnamon Bread, Hot Buttered Vanilla, Celebration Cake

Homer- Yellow donuts, cinnamon sugar, pink buttercream frosting. Cinnamon sugar is not a pronounced note in this blend.

Honeydew Green Tea: The sweet green notes in honeydew play so nicely with matcha. We added some coco palm mojito to make it even more refreshing

Hot Lifeguard: Coppertone suntan lotion, So. Cal Hollister type (fragrant beachy woods and sand), Wild Madagascar Vanilla. Yeah, this is inspired by beach lifeguards and perhaps an ode to Billy from Stranger Things (poor Billy!)

Houndstooth- Winter linen, fresh cut bamboo, and tangerine. Astonishing fresh combination. The tangerine adds an extra dimension to the laundry notes.

Huntington Beach- Lush dirty type, vanilla, rich oceanic notes of amber, tonka bean


I Do, Cherish You- rosewater, pistachio pudding cake, wedding cake

I Knew I Loved You- pink sugar, immaculate laundry, whipped cream

I Love Lucy- A combination of Lucy and Ricky

Ice Blue Sugar Shave: Blue Sugar Shave (blue sugar, house shave cream, vanilla, salty sea air) with sweet twisted peppermint. Very cool.

Ice Cream Parlor: Star Sprinkles (fruity blend), lemon sorbet, vanilla icecream, freshly pressed waffle cone

Ichabod Crane: Pumpkin pie, roasted pecan waffle, pancakes, mac apple, whipped cream

Immaculate Laundry- shimmering greens, fresh green laundry scent

Indian Summer: Ice brewed black tea, sweet lemon, lemon zest, orange blossoms, petitgrain, hint of tangy woods. Something cleansing with the floral notes of the black tea accented by orange blossoms and sweetened with lemon.

Inhale Exhale: This one is another variation of Just Breathe with the end of autumn in mind. Notes of melon and temple smoke meld with dried pipe tobacco and pear with a hint of pomegranate. The result is a sweet airy blend with a nice light smoked finish.

Into The Woods: Aged teakwood, white tea, vanilla, woodland berries

Island In The Sun- Island fruits, hibiscus, island florals, swedish dream salt

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear: Ozonic night air, black cypress, frosted geranium, citrus


Jade: Water kissed ferns, citrus, rock sugar, green florals, rosewood. This aroma reminds me of fresh salad greens minus the woods. A truly uplifting crispy spring blend.

 Jane: White sandalwood, floral vanilla, lavender, olibanum, chamomile, hint sugar.

Jasmine Linen (formerly Jasmine Clouds): Jasmine scented exotic linen, black tea, amber, hint of black currant

Jim- Black coffee, white woods

Jon- Rosemary, mint, eucalyptus, bay rum, vanilla woods. An icy, masculine, white woodsy blend

Julian: Named for a San Diego County city laden with apple trees and beautiful views. The Fog (marshmallow fireside, salty sea air, red delicious apple, toasted marshmallow) blended with fresh cut christmas tree, and vanilla crumb donut

 Juliet: Fresh rose petals, orange blossom, mandarins, blonde woods, tonka bean, amber

Jump Scare: Movie theater butter popcorn+caramel+gooey marshmallow+rich woods+hint of whiskey

Jupiter Linen: Jupiter Street (Orange blossom, bergamot, shave cream, whipped cream) Olive Branch type, vanilla cotton laundry

Jupiter Street- orange blossom, bergamot, house shave cream, whipped cream

‎Just Breathe- Breath of God type, rainforest sugar cane, fresh peaches. I'm experimenting with the notes of Breath of God (melon and temple smoke) and pulling it into a sweeter 'for summer' direction. 


Katrina Van Tassel: Rice krispies, cider lane, waffle cone

King Tide: Coconut milk, manly oceanic notes with sea salt, amber, mimosas 

Kingston- Barbershop 1920’s, sea salt, clover, Green Irish Tweed, ozone, moss, and vetiver. Take a deep sniff of this one. There’s a transition of creamy shave cream notes, to a woody richness to a sharp ozonic salt at the end of this. Very masculine nature, gorgeous to melt in a luxurious space.

Kiss Her! Kiss Her!- rosemary mint, peppermint, vanilla icecream, lollipops

Kiss The Girl: Coconut, mango, watery mint, sea kelp, greenery, sweet musk, a romantic setting for a kiss

Kitten Puffs:  lemon curd, cream puffs, nilla wafers, a hint of jasmine

Knaus Apple Farm: Apple Cart (red delicious apple, ice cream scoop bread, toasted marshmallow, pizzelle, pink sugar) blended with fresh hay, clove, and white woods.


L.A. Roller Girls: Black coconut, goji berries, coconut milk, bubblegum, citrus

La Chocolaterie Maya:  rosewood, green notes, rose and dark chocolate

Lady Kaiulani- hibiscus flowers, jasmine, tropical florals, mango sorbet

Laundry On The Zephyr- Zephyr (fresh air, baby’s breath), Vintage Tee Laundry

Laurie Strode: Sweet innocent perfume musk, toasted marshmallow, crisp blue button down shirt.

Lavender Apple Oak Vanilla: notes in name

Lavender Dream: Fools Who Dream+Lavender Letters+Flannel Sheets

Lavender Letters - smooth soothing Lavender has a touch of morning dew, hint sweet apple blossom (not apple).  A fresh, delicate and slightly herbal European-type floral.

Lavender Smoke- Lavender doused with clary sage, wood smoke, clove, and patchouli. If we could make a relaxing wood cabin atmosphere decorated with lavender sprigs this would be it.

Lavender Sugar Cookies- empire lavender, soft sugar cookies, buttercream icing, hint of lemon

Learn to Rest, Not Quit- just-out-of-the-dryer blanket, white tea, and red currant berries

Little Bluebird- blueberry compote, cheesecake, vanilla crumb donuts. A spring-y bakery favorite. I love enjoying blueberry in this blend.

Little Thoughts: palm trees, greenery, rainbow sherbert, and fresh laundry

Lonely Hearts Club:  strawberry jam, bourbon, whipped cream and angel food

Love Fool- vintage tee and shorts laundry, lemon sugar, love spell

Love Spell Ice cream- Love Spell type, vanilla ice cream, creamy berries

Love Song- shave cream, vanilla, sweet peppermint, apple

Ludicrous Speed- Smells like plaid! Fresh green laundry, rain, oak moss, sandalwood, vetiver

Lullaby Baby- gentle lavender chamomile


Magic Carpet Rides: Night blooming jasmine, luxurious satiny carpet, warm night breezes over sand

Main St. Strawberry- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn blended with fresh sweet strawberries. This bakery blend has so many oils coming together to make a fantastic amusement park aroma.

Main Street Parade: Smells like a walk down Main Street. Waffle cone, vanilla icecream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn

Malevolent Mermaid- coconut milk, peppermint, vanilla, rosemary mint

Mango Guava Bubbles: Fruity mango, tangy guava melds with effervescent soda

Mango Matcha Cone- Mango sorbet, fruity loops, green tea, waffle cone, vanilla icecream

Mangonada: Syrupy mangoes+peach+lemon orange+chili pepper.  The snap of the pepper cuts through sumptuous fruits. We added peach to support the sweet mango notes. Reminds me of one of the two things you can get in a California summer: street corn and mangonada

Manila Sun- mango sorbet, honeydew, hint of lemon sugar, twinkies

Marge- Blue cotton candy, raspberries, lemon sugar cookies.

Marshmallow Donut Woods: fresh woods, campfire marshmallows, donut

Masumoto- A beautiful blend of sun crest peaches, Cool water cologne, white woods, and white nectarine. Named for Masumoto Farms, California growers of fine peaches in Del Rey. A beautiful blend of sun crest peaches, Cool water cologne, white woods, and white nectarine.

Melody: Basil sage mint, green clover, aloe, white tea

Melon Cream Soda- honeydew, whipped cream, fizzy soda. A long time favorite, reminding me of a Ramune melon soda.

Memento Mori- Egyptian cotton, frankincense, myrrh, black amber

Mermaid Potion: Summery coconut, vanilla cream, beachy suntan lotion

Mermaid Scales: Honeydew, watermelon chunks, rain drops, beach grass, blue marine notes, vetiver

Mermaid Smiles: Sweet clean air smelling of apples and hint jasmine, olive branch, bergamot 

Mermaid Tears- rosemary mint, twisted peppermint, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel

Mermaid Tonic: Mermaid Tears (rosemary mint, twisted peppermint, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel), Vapor Elixir (eucalyptus, camphor, mint, like Vick’s VapoRub)

Mermaid Waves- Beach grass, ocean air, tropical fruit juice, sea botanicals. The watery accord paired with the hint of sweetness is aces here.

Merry Measure: Clean lavender, cedarwood, evergreen morning dew

Merry Merry- Lemon mint leaf, vanilla bean noel, salty sea air, buttermints

Midnight Mint- Yummy peppermint dark chocolate crunchy cookie blend

Midnight Munchies – pink sugar, lavender, toasted marshmallow, lemon rind shortbread cookies

Midsummer’s Nightmare- Midsummer Night dupe, blue sugar, campfire marshmallows

Mimi Cakes-fruity loops, sweet lavender, cream cheese frosted cupcakes

Mint Cream Cocktail: Creme anglaise, crushed candy canes, vanilla icecream, hint cotton candy

Mintea- The herbal notes of spearmint, peppermint, and candy canes come out with the addition of base note green tea. It's topped with an uplifting note of Mountain Dew soda.

Mojave: A masculine, dry and complex blend of City of Stars (Amber incense, white woods, sea salt, sandalwood, sweet marshmallow, oakmoss) blended with Suede (Patchouli, cedarwood, spiced vanilla, and leather. Smells deep and soft with a nice woodsy finish.)

Moon and Stars:  toasted pistachio, blueberry cobbler, peeps, ice cream scoop bread 

Morticia- Frankincense, myrrh, fresh dirt, dying roses

Mrs. Pott’s Spot ‘O Tea: Grey stuff (vanilla fudge, whipped cream swirls, chocolate cookie crumbles), earl grey tea, sugar cubes, cream, and a warm smile

My Obsession: The scene where Laurie catches Michael stalking her by the line dried laundry. Warm musk, cedar, vetiver, line dried blankets, dry fall leaves, chilling wind


Neon Lights- immaculate laundry, lemonade, sweet plum candy

Never Sleep Again: Coffee beans, affogato (coffee icecream), fresh baked cornbread, vanilla fudge

Neverland: Fresh air, cotton candy clouds, orange blossom trees, ribbons of rainbow sherbet

Night of Mischief: sweet patchouli, black pepper, vanilla, cedarwood and fig.  Sweet figs and beautiful cedarwood surprisingly pair gorgeously with the deep patchouli notes of Lord of Misrule.

Night Owl- Rich Bulletproof Coffee (smooth coffee, creamy coconut, and butter) blended with lavender sprigs and danish butter cookies. A lot of notes to create a richly blended aroma

Nighty Night- Lavender white woods, BBW Flannel type, lavender sprigs, dove soap. Feels like the last hour before bed, you've got clean freshly blown dry hair, your best nightie, about to snuggle into freshly laundered sheets.

Nom Nom- Every yummy thing you could love! Named after our son’s nickname. Angel food cake, vanilla crumb donut, sugar cookies, soft pretzels


Oberon: Thunderous rainstorm, Midsummer’s Night type, patchouli, peppermint, moss

Oceanside- Sea grass, soft musk, watery floral, mint, tarragon, lavender, sandalwood

Odysseus: Fresh Coast soap, oceanic masculine notes, amber, sea salt, blue agave

Old Church: Incense, frankincense, dark woods, amber, cotton tree. Pure, heavily scented and gorgeous

Once Upon A Time: Amish spice, butterscotch, toasted marshmallow

Opal and Pearl: Sweet lavender, creamy silky coconut milk

Orange Blossom Cookies- Orange blossoms and buttery danish cookies with a hint of lemon zest

Oud Fig: The fig brings out more balsamic notes of oud. Cashmere woods, tonka bean, vanilla ice cream, fig jam, oud wood

Oud White Woods: Cashmere woods, white florals, amber, balsam and oud wood. Another way to enjoy oud, by pairing it with a balance of warm ambers and luxurious woods.

Over The River: wet fallen leaves, cold rain, icy wind


Pacific Coast Highway (PCH):  green ozone, bergamot, salty sea breeze, sea kelp, a hint of citrus, vanilla ice cream  and a hint of asphalt

Pam- Black tea, heavy cream, “pam”cakes, wedding cake

Pan De Sal (pronounced 'pahn de sahl'): Reminds me of fresh out of the oven soft sweet bread smeared with butter. This blend was great in that custom sweet lemonade and buttered bread. You're gonna want to pair this with everything for the ultimate bakery: blackberry jams, strawberry, lemon curd, nuts, cookies, coffee.. anything

Paper Planes:  windy, icy blend of icicles, rosemary, Vintage Tee Laundry and eucalyptus mint

Paramour- creamy vanilla shake, juicy ripe pear

Pasadena: Rose Parade ( fresh roses, avocado sea salt and a hint of orange sherbet), lime, caramel, Island Fresh Gain

Passionfruit Sweet Tea- A popular boba tea! The passion fruit brings out the floral sweet notes of green tea. Sugared tangerines and lemon round off the freshness of this blend. Passionfruit, green tea, tangerine, sugared lemon.

Peaches and Clean- Beautiful blend of fresh air, peaches and palm trees. Was first debuted as a sample.

Penelope: Clean cotton, floral Olive Branch type, bergamot, geranium, oakmoss

Peppermint Milk: Tres Leches Cake+Peppermint Brittle+ Vanilla Crumb Donut (from bakery sampler)

Peppermint Sherbet: Vanilla bean noel, rainbow sherbet, twisted peppermint

Perfect Situation:  cannabis rose, fresh mint, Petrichor

Petrichor- fresh dirt, rainforest sugar cane, grass, fresh air

Pineapple Frost Kitty- iced pineapple, whipped cream, vanilla icecream, hint of lemonade and buttermint candy

Pineapple Strawberry Snow Milk- Icy creamy pineapple and strawberry 

Pink Lavender Donuts: Sugared Lavender (pink sugar+sweet lavender)+ Vanilla Crumb Donuts+Whipped Cream (from bakery sampler)

Pink Pillows: Apple blossoms, delicate vanilla, white florals, cotton candy frosting, clean white clouds. Smells like you've been cleaning with a fun sweet pink candy aroma wafting in the air.

Pink Snoballs- Pink sugar, spearmint, peppermint, coconut white cake 

Pink Sunshine:  rosehips, pineapple juice, mango sorbet and fresh sugarcane.  Inspired by Dripp Coffee’s Pink Sunshine

Pink Tiffany- Pink bon puff with toffee vanilla cupcakes

Pinkalicious Cake- strawberry, watermelon, pink lemonade, birthday cake, sprinkles

Pistachio Donut Krispies: Toasted pistachio, vanilla crumb donut and rice krispies

Pistachio Lush Crème Brulee: Toasted pistachio blended with smooth creme brulee and cake

Pistachio Lush- pistachio pudding cake, toasted marshmallow, birthday cake, buttercream

Playfully Pink: Sugared limes, lemon, raspberries, strawberry sangria, watermelon

Pomona 1888- floral orange blossoms, jasmine, petitgrain, sandalwood

Poolside Goddess- Black coconut, mangoes, key lime curd, vanilla ice cream. This smells like summer by the pool.
Popcorn Pumpkin Bread- Popcorn Garland, buttered hot french baguette, creamy pumpkin and spice
Pear Icecream- Sweet pear, vanilla icecream waffle cone

Popcorn Garland- kettle corn, creamy salty caramel

Porcelain- White clouds, downy blue, lily of the valley, lavender, fresh bamboo

Power Up!: Key lime curd, pie crust, vanilla cream, pineapple upside down cake

Pretty Young Thing: Watermelon juice,lemon peel, Vintage Tee Laundry, berry musk (Lovespell type). A blend we are thinking about for Valentine’s Day. I love the twist here. It reminds me of our Lovefool blend but way more playful

Pretty Young Thing: Watermelon juice+lemon peel+Vintage Tee Laundry+ berry musk (lovespell type). We are going to kick up the laundry note in this one so it is more balanced

Princess Cake-raspberry jam, toasted pistachio, almond marzipan, yellow sponge cake, whipped cream

Pumpkin Pretzel Bark: Pumpkin Pie, Roasted Pecans, White Chocolate Fudge


Queensfire: Earthy and sweet dragon’s blood, citrus, rose.

Quiet Time- Japanese pear, ginseng, earl grey tea, vanilla. I wanted the bergamot in the earl grey tea to make the pear sing nicely. The ginseng adds a tinge of spice to the blend.


Rainbow Donuts- fruity pebbles, fruity loops, marshmallows, vanilla crumb donut

Raindrops On Roses: fresh roses, ozone, rain drops, jasmine, green grass, a hint of red berry.  This smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers for a wedding in a garden.  Nothing powdery or feminine.  The berry in the background boosts the red rose notes.

Ramune Sorbet- Fizzy Japanese Soda sorbet with waffle cone

Raspberry Jam Waffle Pancakes: Raspberry jam swirled vanilla cream with crunchy waffle and maple syrupy pancakes.

Raven’s Brew- (reformulated) hot coffee and cream, pumpkin cream cheese roll, rustic woods and hay

Red Hood: Fresh strawberry, fig jam, cornbread, campfire marshmallows

Red Sky, Sailor's Delight: woody, herbal petitgrain, rosewood, sweet cardamom, rosewood, soft just-out-of-dryer blanket

Riptide- Oceanic notes, amber, sea salt, figs, blood orange

Room Service- twilight type, patchouli, musk, smoked sage, luxurious linen (blend of ivy, cyclamen, warm linen, and amber)

Rose Gold Sugar Cookies- Pink sugar, iced cookies, orange chiffon cake

‎Rose Milk Minty- Carmelized cotton candy, musk, fresh crushed roses, twisted peppermint, and whipped cream.

Rose Parade:  fresh roses, avocado sea salt and a hint of orange sherbet

Rosewater Pistachio Cake: Toasted pistachio cake with rosewater, hint of orange blossom

Roxy Girls- rainbow sherbet, vanilla sugar waffle cone

Ruby- A blend by Valerie Tallariti and named after her sweet daughter. Maraschino cherry, vanilla wafers, coconut cream, and Cupcakes at Tiffany’s


San Diego: Beach grass, fresh air, Golden Sands, shimmering green laundry. Beautiful for cleaning day.  The warmth of Golden Sands seems to ground the fresh green notes and the laundry comes up to give the blend freshness and strength

Sapphire Falls: Roasted pinecones, moss, evergreen, watery accord, jasmine.

Saturday Morning Cereal- fruity loops, fruity pebbles, and marshmallow

Satur-YAY! Raspberry jam, fruit loops cereal, vanilla crumb donut

Scary Stories: Who read the books as a kid? Read that next to a roaring camp fire with a cup of cocoa before the movie comes out.  Smells like a grown up cocoa and smoked marshmallows. Charred crackling wood and smoke infiltrating dark chocolate mocha tones, tonka beans with masculine woods. 

Seashells- Great cleansing blend! Driftwood, lemon, sea salt, vetiver

Secret Love Letters:  Lavender Letters, cedarwood, Pink Sugar

Semi Charmed Life:  Vanillary type, tonka beans, marshmallow fireside and flannel sheets

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss: Deep Sea Slumber (salty sea air, lavender, vanilla bean noel) twisted peppermint, campfire marshmallows

She Rocks It- sweet watermelon, honeydew, jasmine, rock sugar

Shy Violet- earl grey tea, lavender, peppermint, marshmallows, hint of chocolate

Sierra Nevada: Pine, clove, fern leaf, teakwood, cotton tree laundry

Sleep Tonic- Vapor Elixir (like Vick's vaporub), sweet peppermint, vanilla ice cream, twilight lavender type

Sleep Tonic: Vapor Elixir, sweet peppermint, vanilla ice cream, Twilight lavender type

Sleepy Sheep- Lavender, soothing chamomile, sweet buttermint, hint flannel sheets.

Smoky Mirror- jungle green smoky notes and dragon’s blood

Smooth Tobacco- woodsy, sweet tobacco, smooth warm caramel, amber background

Snow Milk: An icy vanilla treat of vanilla ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla cookie crumbles with hint of butter mint. This blends very well with various fruits

So-Cal Sunset: fruity refreshing sunset of cotton candy, passionfruit, honeydew

Southern California Winter- Heavy rain, wet leaves, redwoods, fresh cold air

Spa Strawberry :  Fresh strawberry, lemon zest, lemongrass, patchouli, green leaves. Some days you’d like fruity or sweet but want to relax, so this blend is a perfect balance of that. It’s more of a green leaves blend but the beautiful strawberry is ever present.

Spectre- Creamy candy corn blended with ginger ale and fizzy pop

Spider and The Fly: Shave cream, amber, vanilla bean noel, dark chocolate

Spider Silk: An enchanting blend of oakmoss, oud wood, sandalwood, and black tea. We were researching how to blend oud wood and it brought us to resinous incense bakhoor from Persia. We love how the oud wood and sandalwood softens the strong tea notes while oakmoss offers an earthy sweetness.

Splendid Strawberry: Peppermint stick, fresh strawberries, buttery danish cookies, shaved coconut.

Spookshow Baby- Wild Madagascar vanilla, soft sexy perfumed florals

Star Bright- Grapefruit, green tea, sweet lime, white musk, hint of mint.

Star Spangled:  icy red fruit punch, tangerine, limes and blue raspberry

Star Sprinkles- blue raspberry slushie, orange, black cherry, lemonade, vanilla ice cream. Made to smell like Starburst fruit chews

Staycation: White tea, neroli, vodka, citrus, sugared oranges, greenery, clean cotton..

Stoked- eucalyptus, spearmint, rainbow sherbet, vanilla icecream

Storm In A Teacup: Inspired by Brittney Hilfman (feel free to rename this to fit your vision, Brittney!) Blackberry sage, black tea, pipe tobacco, caramel, hint salty sea air. Every note sings in a storm of sweet, salty, woodsy smoky.

Storybook Cottage: Hazelnut coffee, roasted pecans, hint maple syrup, pancakes, hint raspberries

Strange and Unusual- salted marshmallow, citrus, dying roses

Strawberry Angel Cake Buttermint: notes in name

Strawberry coconut almond smoothie- one of those healthy shakes I make for my pink-loving daughter. Made of fresh smelling strawberry (not strawberry milk shake) 

Strawberry Lemonade:  house blended fresh strawberry, bright lemonade with sugarcane

Stray Cat Strut: Cool Cat Shave (house shave cream, empire lavender, vanilla, salty sea air) blended with roasted pinecones and a hint of sage. Is it obvious we like cats?

Summer Nights: Beneath The Milky Twilight, sweet lavender, and creamy hot chocolate.

Summer Session- Cotton candy frosting, mimosa and mandarin, lemon sugar drop twinkies

Summer Sips- Mangonada (sweet, juicy spiced mango drink), hibiscus flower, fruit punch and

Summer Wedding: Fresh raspberry compote, angel food cake, salty sea air, vanilla buttercream, toasted marshmallow

Sunstone- coconut shortbread cookies, orange chiffon cake, orange sherbet. This is so yummy on its own but can also blend with other fruits to be sensational.

 Super Soft Sugar Cookie: Fluffy cakey cookies with whipped sugar frosting

Surf Shack- coconut salt taffy, lime margaritas

Sway With Me- rum soaked pineapple upside down cake, brown sugar, angel food cake, fresh mangoes and a hint of dulce de leche. The addition of mangoes boosts the baked citrusy pineapple notes

Sweetie Pie- Our version of Lush’s discontinued blend of Sweetie Pie, not really a dupe. Coconut milk, black cherry, black currant tea with a hint of green citrus freshness.

Sympathy For The Angel- vanilla icecream, tonka bean, vanilla waffle cone


Teeny Wahine: Key lime curd, coconut milk, and rainbow sherbet

Temperance: Coast soap, mimosas, mangoes, green tea

The Christmas Truce: Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks, Sibling Rivalry

The Fog- Marshmallow Fireside, salty sea air, red delicious apple, toasted marshmallow

The Huntress (Formerly “The Huntress and Her Axe”) – pear, pomegranate, blood orange, pine, woods, marshmallow fireside, Lord of Misrule type

The Huntsman: Cider in charred barrels, vanilla bean noel, dried berries, smoked wood fire, embers

The Naughty List: Ice Cream Scoop Bread, Affogato

The Nice List: Evergreen branches, white woods, frosted sugar cookies

The Night He Came Home: Dark roasted coffee, vanilla crumb donut, vanilla rum cream, birthday cake.

The Pumpkin King- Vanilla patchouli, pumpkin spice, black pepper, vanilla, sea salt

The Shape: Toasted marshmallows, rosewood, vetiver, dark amber, carbon steel, pure evil. This smells like a mysterious man, dark, smoky, deep blend with sweetness and other notes that remind you of Halloween.

The Smell of Comfort- Mango, mandarins, apple, light floral, and fluffy sweaters

The Suite Life- Iced champagne, raspberries, sea salt, fluffy towels

Tiger Milk Tea- sea salt, vanilla, black tea, caramel, birthday cake. A sweet vanilla blend of milk

Tiki Room Whip- Soft serve pineapple with heavy cream, with hints of citrus sorbet. Just like the theme park favorite, and house blended.
Time After Time- Sparkling grapefruit, lime, raspberries, bubbly fizz.  Absolutely fun and refreshing blend for freshening a space.  Was a popular sample.

Tobacco Woods- Woodsy vanilla, cedarwood, sweet tobacco. Smells like sweet woods tempered with tobacco.

Tropi-Cone Summer- Peach Mango Waffle Cone- Fruity, summery notes, one of Elizabeth Johnson's fun customs blend.

Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous- orange sherbet, lemon sugar, lemon rind shortbread cookies.  A complex blend of citrus playing with crunchy cookie notes. A must try.

Twisted Winter: twisted peppermint, patchouli, black pepper, vanilla, toasted marshmallow, smoldered woods


Unicorn Popcorn- Unicorn Popcorn- Unique creamy popcorn blended with fruity pebbles, cookie bits, and a smear of caramel to bring it together


Valencia- Clean cotton laundry, woody vanilla, Pomona 1888 (orange blossom, petitgrain blend), sage leaf

Vampire Alchemy: Sweet lemon, cotton candy, sugar crystals, snuggable laundry

Vanilla Crumb Donut- House blend donut blend.  Delectable blend of bakery vanilla without a strong cinnamon note.  

Vapor Elixir: eucalyptus, camphor, mint, like Vick’s VapoRub.  

Vellichor: Cedarwood, teakwood, hint of leather, parchment, mahogany, hint of mint. “Vellichor” means ‘wistful feeling of an old bookshop’.  It’s a house blend of different woods made to smell like a gorgeously stocked library

VHS:  sweet raspberries, sugared citrus, grapefruit, sangria punch.  A beautiful sparkling punch that is perfect to freshen a space.  Add with lemon, limes, or laundry for a nice combination.

Vitamin Sea: sea kelp, watery mint, sea water, hints of coconut and sea grass. A strong watery accord that reminds you of salty water. 


Watermelon Cake- watermelon, rainbow sherbet, white cake

White Flamingo: orange blossoms, vanilla bubbles, vanilla ice cream bread, mimosas

Wild Aloha- Wild Madagascar vanilla, coconut water, coconut meat, bamboo, and vetiver

Wild Blackberry Lemonade- juicy, creamy, fruity wildberry, blackberry lemonade with fresh sugarcane

Wilshire- Drakkar Noir, Barbershop 1920’s, black coffee

Winter Is Here- spearmint, candy cane, salty sea air, vanilla icecream, wild madgascar vanilla

Winter Light: Bergamot, orange peel, orange blossom, lavender, evergreen woods



Yosemite- Charred orange peel, pink peppercorn, wood fire


 Zephyr By The Sea: Our fresh clean air blend tinged with sea salt and bouquets of lilacs.

Zephyr- fresh clean air, baby’s breath, clover, light laundry