BATH+BODY OIL -14 business day TAT- 2024
BATH+BODY OIL -14 business day TAT- 2024

BATH+BODY OIL -14 business day TAT- 2024

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Bath+Body Oil 4 oz for $10 Use these as a massage oil, bath oil, and after shower moisturizer.  You can even put these fragrant oils into a roller and use it as a perfume.  This formula is unique in that the oils will not stick to your tub, they will emulsify with the bath water for the most soothing, moisturizing bath and then wash away.

  1. Lavender Luxury- Sea salt, lavender sprigs, carmelized cotton candy, musk
  2. Lost Missives- Red merlot, bourbon, caramel popcorn, cedarwood, vanilla
  3. Main Street Strawberry, waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fried beignets, kettle corn, sweet strawberries
  4. Mango Pineapple Sol- Bum Bum cream type, fresh mango, pineapple, vanilla ice cream, waffle cone
  5. Amber + Labdanum- Rich oriental notes, rose, vanilla, amber and labdanum
  6. Bergamot- Litsea cubeba, bergamot, fruit zest (Avo Co-Wash type)
  7. Boheme- Dried orange slices, cedarwood, vanilla cream, patchouli, bergamot
  8. Desert- Fresh agave, sugar cane, rock salt, lime zest
  9. Hinoki- cool cypress white woods, ozone, smoke, amber
  10. Kitten- Lush Sex Bomb, vanilla ice cream, sliced strawberries
  11. Mischief- Lord of Misrule type
  12. Sherbet- Creamy sherbet ice cream, raspberry, lime soda
  13. Tribute- Smoky, comforting vanilla oak, patchouli, jasmine, and myrrh