The Tropi-Cali Collection Ready-To-Ship Restock March 30, 2021 @ 6 pm pst

You are invited to a seaside brunch with a buffet bursting with macadamia pancakes, sorbets, parfaits, and creamy punches served on banana leaves and orchid flowers.  Browse our menu of colorful cocktails that are sure to freshen your space and whet your appetite for a late spring, early summer adventures.  You’ll find some familiar favorites and unique blends that you won’t get anywhere else but here.

Waffle Pairs 3.8-4 oz for $5.40

  1. Balmy Beach- Cotton sheets, fresh fallen dew, raindrops, palm leaves, asphalt
  2. Bananarama- Frozen banana daiquiri, cake pops, creamy key lime ice cream, waffle cone
  3. Blush Sunset- Pineapple, coconut, downy april fresh laundry, sweet musk, island florals.
  4. Boujee- Bum Bum cream type, toasted pistachio, toasted marshmallow, cotton candy cocktail
  5. Calamansi Juice- Sweet, tart citrus Philippine lime juice.
  6. Casa Del Mar- Fresh mango slices, guava juice, golden amber, black coconut.
  7. Coconut Macadamia Pancakes- Macadamia nuts, maple pancakes, coconut whipped cream, fresh berries.
  8. Ladies Who Brunch- Blood orange margaritas, goji berries, nectarines, black currant, champagne toast
  9. Molten Lava- Rosewood, tobacco, stainless steel, blue sugar, vetiver
  10. Pink Drink- Strawberries, guava, coconut water, coconut milk
  11. Pink Sunshine- Rosehips, pineapple juice, mango sorbet, fresh sugarcane
  12. Shoreline- Rainbow sherbet, strawberries, parma violets, white caps (salty waves, tropical sun, coconut water)
  13. Skate+Surf- Fresh leafy greens, florals, coconut vanilla, winter linen
  14. Tide Pools- Fresh clean coast soap, sea kelp, and Wild Madagascar Vanilla.
  15. White Flamingo- Orange blossoms, vanilla bubbles, vanilla ice cream, mimosas


Wax Bars: The Studio Collection 2.4-2.8 oz $3.50

  1. California Sun- Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo
  2. Camp Anawanna- Toasted pinecone, tonka beans, cedarwood, marshmallows, woods
  3. Coffee+Donuts- Roasted coffee, cream, sugar, vanilla crumb donuts
  4. Golden Hour- Tropic sun tan lotion, mango slices, pineapple chunks
  5. Grapefruit White Tea- Juicy, tangy grapefruit, rock sugar, fresh mint, white tea
  6. Lady Kaiulani- Hibiscus, jasmine, island florals, mango sorbet
  7. Lavender Luxury- Sea salt, lavender sprigs, caramelized cotton candy, musk
  8. Nom Nom- Angel food cake, vanilla crumb donut, sugar cookies, soft pretzels
  9. Strawberry Tuft Cake- Strawberry slices, butter cream, vanilla white cake
  10. Tiki Room Whip- Soft serve pineapple, heavy cream, hint citrus sorbet
  11. Vellichor- Cearwood, teakwood, hint leather, parchment, mahogany, hint mint


Alchemy Bags 3.8-4 oz for $5.40

  1. Cashmere+Sand- Cocoa butter cashmere, driftwood, salt, ocean breeze
  2. Citrine- Sweet clementine, bergamot, Italian lemon, herbal french lavender
  3. City of Stars- Amber incense, white woods, sea salt, sandalwood, sweet marshmallow, oakmoss
  4. Coco Palm Mojito- muddled mint leaves, cane sugar, fresh lime
  5. Conch Shell Bread- Lemon curd, sugar cookies, coconut milk, black cherry
  6. Float On- Mango, peach, wildberry cream soda
  7. Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH)- Green ozone, bergamot, salty sea breeze, sea kelp, hint citrus, vanilla ice cream, hint ashalt
  8. Sway With Me- Rum soaked pineapple, upside down cake, brown sugar, angel food cake, fresh mangoes, dulce de leche


Heart Pair Sampler 13 oz for $17.55

A collection of heart pairs in 10 blends. You will receive heart pairs of…

  1. Cantaloupe Coconut Water- Sweet cantaloupe, raw sugarcane, coconut water, hint vanilla sugar
  2. Cara Cara+Mint- Sweet cara cara orange, tangerine, musk, American Cream type
  3. Honeydew Passionfruit Cookies- Cotton candy frosting, honeydew melon, sugar cookies, passionfruit juice
  4. Lemon Pistachio Bars- Toasted crushed pistachio, lemon curd, lemon wafers, lemon pound cake, vanilla cream, crumbles
  5. Mango Strawberry Cake- Mango mousse, buttercream, vanilla cream, sliced strawberries
  6. Pina Colada Pie- Maraschino cherries, pina colada shake, coconut cream pie
  7. Pink Grapefruit Lemonade- Fresh mint, vanilla bubbles, grapefruit, lemonade, sugar cane
  8. Queen Pineapple- Sea salt, clean cotton, sage leaves, juicy pineapple
  9. Sherbet Party Punch- Papaya, guava, apricot, Hawaiian punch, rainbow sherbet, vanilla ice cream
  10. Sun Soaked- Blonde Moment (iced champagne, raspberry, cranberry), fresh peaches, rum, frozen island fruits


Heart Pair Experimentals 1.3 oz $1.77 each

These are single oil or a two blend selection of heart pairs that are sized perfectly for trying something new and adventurous.

  1. Banana Cabana- Sun-kissed banana, tropical musk, sea spray, velvet rose, milky sands
  2. Black Coral+Moss- Dark marine notes, lavender, amber, musk, and vetiver
  3. Blue Summer Sky- Fresh air, rain, lavendin, warm musk, cedarwood
  4. English Oak+Hazelnut JM type- Cedarwood, roasted oak, elemi, and hazelnut
  5. Lick Me All Over- Raspberry, watermelon, jasmine, fresh grapefruit
  6. Nectarine Blossom+Honey JM- Nectarine, peach, cassis, spring flowers, acacia honey
  7. Very Sexy For Him type- Fresh and modern, musky wood, rosewood, black raspberry

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