SCENT LIST for October 16, 2020 @ 6 pm pst

SCENT LIST Ready-To-Ship Restock October 16, 2020 @ 6pm pst
October’s Collection Name: Toil and Trouble
This month’s theme is inspired by alchemy’s potions and brews. We will make as much as possible until supplies run out. (List is still being finished. If you have more suggestions, please leave below. We'll see if we have the oils)
* Scent Cup 1.8 oz $2 and Waffle Pair $5
Agate- Clean and comfy laundry, green apple, dove soap.
Amortencia- Pink sugar, white linen, ylang ylang, white musk, jasmine.
Memento Mori- New formulation. Black amber, smoky deep frankincense, myrrh, dark linen
Memento Viviere- Means “Remember to live”. Ginseng tea, pear, white linen, guava, amber, musk, passionfruit.
Griffin’s Mane- Tangerine juice, bergamot, olive branch, mint, lemon sherbet.
Dragon Scale- Patchouli, dragon’s blood, pipe tobacco, rainstorm
Galaxy Potion- Galaxy Lollipops, bubblegum, bourbon, cedarwood.
Phoenix Down- Guaicwood, cinnamon stick, amber, fresh hay, red delicious apple, dry grass
Distilled moonlight- Blackberries, aspen caramel woods type, sage leaf
Snake Venom- Juicy peaches, fresh air, calacas type, palm tree
* Alchemy Bags 3.8 oz for $5
My Obsession- Warm musk, cedar, vetiver, line dried blankets, dry fall leaves, chilling wind
Autumn Hike- Toasted almond, maple leaves, vanilla, hint roasted coffee
Over The River- Wet leaves, icy wind, cold rain
Hinoki Winter- Hinoki wood, buttermint, garden greens, icy peppermint.
* Double Donuts 4.2-4.6 $5.30
Rose Gold Sugar Cookies- Pink sugar, iced vanilla cookies, orange chiffon cake
Bewitched- Guiacwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred wood, smoked berries, marshmallow
Into The Woods- Aged teakwood, white tea, vanilla, woodland berries
Cider Raisin Bread- Cider lane, raisin bread, ginger cookies
Pumpkin King- Vanilla patchouli, pumpkin spice, black pepper, sea salt
Grey Days- White woods, palo santo, hint of leather, vetiver, marshmallows amber
Autumn Cat- Southern California Winter, crushed sage, hint smoke, lavender, charred oak barrel cider
Headless Horseman- Charred pumpkin flesh, burnt marshmallows, dry sweeping leaves, amber, santal
Laurie Strode-(limited edition: Oil discontinued!)- Sweet innocent perfume, musk, toasted marshmallow, crisp blue button down shirt
Granite- Black pepper, vanilla ice cream, sea salt, pink sugar
*Wax Bars 2.4-2.8 OZ $3.50
Friday the 13th- Camp Anawanna+ charred marshmallows+ pine+ woods+ bourbon
Santa Carla- Vampire Alchemy+ sea salt+ beachy air+ white woods
Don’t Fall Asleep- Southern California Winter, hazelnuts, blue sugar, rich coffee
*Fall Samplers
*Harvest Bakery Sampler 11+ oz $13.75
Your sampler will come with 6 new blends to the EA family.
1. Cran-merry Bliss Bars- Mouth-watering baked cranberry, vanilla cream bars with cookie pie crust.
2. Caramel Blondies- Salted caramel, cinnamon sugar, Danish butter cookies, smear of sweet potato pie. Unexpected winning combination cooked up by my eldest alchemist, Elena.
3. Coconut Chai- Chai spiced tea in steamed coconut milk with ginger cookies for dipping.
4. Bourbon Banoffe Pie- Might be my favorite banana combination yet! Ice cream scoop bread, baked banana bread, roasted marshmallows, touch of bourbon
5. Harvest Punch- Juicy peaches, crisp red delicious apples, fruity sangria, cypress and rosemary
6. Autumn Rose- Elegant almost luxury scent! Oak barrel cider, crushed rose, ginger, saffron, crisp pear, and cranberry.
*Cuddle Weather Sampler 11+ oz $13.75
Your sampler will come with 6 new blends to the EA family.
1. Plushy Sweater- Freshly dried towels, juniper, frosty air, clean laundry, ozone. This feels like a big hug as you breathe in nippy air.
2. Cuddle Weather- Icy rain, cardamom, rosewood, mint, bay rum, moss, vetiver. Like a fine cologne with an airy greenish lilt.
3. Sleigh All Day- Limoncello, honeydew, cotton candy cocktail, mint sprigs. This is youthful and invigorating, perfect clear-the-air-of-drama cleanser.
4. Debonair Mr. Pumpkin- Mr. Jack is all suited up! Charred pumpkin, Drakkar Noir, sage leaf, hint of smoke.
5. Dying Amber Light- Swedish dream salt, amber, white musk, tonka bean, Lovespell and vanilla cream. The clean salty notes sweeten the amber-y tones of this sophisticated blend.
6. Aubergine- Brown sugar fig type, black amber, black currant tea, cedarwood. A gorgeous treat-yo self kind of blend. The BBW Brown Sugar Fig pairs beautifully with currant tea while the amber and cedar give it a nice boost.

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