SCENT LIST 8/21/2020

🏡❤Mini Restock 8/21/2020 @ 6 pm pst.

We found some spare things that we've got to upload. We will also restock the sold out items from this month's RTS. We're just about done with the oils this month so if you haven't gotten some of July's blends, grab them. We just may barely make it to Aug 31st. 

*Elemental Samplers 6 oz+ $7.25 *NEW!*

We will be featuring these curated samplers of different kinds of blends.  The blends are random yet uniquely themed. (We're scheduled to pour this weekend, while prepping pre-orders)

Earth and Water: Random blends with different notes. Two samplers may not be the same! Earth notes of moss, woods, earth, tea, and stone.  Water notes of cologne, bergamot, citrus, sea kelp, and salt.

Fire and Air: Random blends with different notes. Two samplers may not be the same. Fire notes of woods, amber, smoke, patchouli, and frankincense. Air notes of fresh linen, ozone, lily of the valley, citrus, and fresh air.

Empire Bakery: Warm bakery yumminess! Cookies, bread, jams, toasted things, butter frosted cupcakes, and coffee.  When you open this it will be like stepping into our (imaginary) Empire Bakery. 

*Fall Beginnings RTS restocked / Alchemy Bags 3.8-4 oz $5


Pumpkin King

Headless Horseman


Autumn Cat

*Endless Summer RTS that will be restocked / Waffle Pairs 3.8-4 oz $5

Cherry Margarita Popsicles

Friday Milk Tea

Mango Guava Bubbles

Vampire Alchemy

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

*Alchemy Pots: Limited Release $5.30

Kitchen Sink Cookies

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini


Quiet Time

Orange Blossom Cookies

Daisy Dukes Bikinis on Top

*Alchemy Bags: Limited Release 3.8-4 oz $5


*Scent Cups: Limited Release 1.6-1.8 oz $2

Random blends, very limited selection

Drop of Morning Sun

Cereal 3.14

Oxfords Not Brogues

Healing Potion

Black Tea Oud

Oud Fig

Floral Fixation

Rosewood 12

Inhale Exhale

Sleep Tonic

Mermaid Tonic


Cherry Margarita Popsicles

Hazelnut Coffee Cookie Whipped Cream

Old Church Extra Linen

Santal Lavender Smoke Cedarwood

Capn Crunch Cotton Candy Pretzels

Blossom Tea

Finders Keepers

Neat and Tidy

Strawberry Coconut Almond Smoothie

A Change of Heart

Pink Pillows


Earl Grey Cookies



Grey Days

Husband Material

Shy Violet Cookies

Perfect Situation

*Hearth & Home Collection - Experimental Waffle Singles 2-2.2 oz $2.60

This month's experimentals ended up being a theme around family and home life.  We're navigating a very unique time in our lives with the new balance of school and work.  I designed these blends to clear the air of your well traveled spaces.  

Clean Slate- The past is just a story, start every day new.  This smells fresh, airy, and sweet.  Hard to describe. That kick of Tide laundry strengthens the blend with crisp sharpness.  Bergamot, Tide laundry type, spring fruit, clean air

Sunday Morning- Juicy tangerine, petitgrain, ivory clean, lavender.  This smells like a beautifully fragrant soap stall at the farmer's market.  You get that nice citrus juice followed by lemon leaf and familiar clean soapiness.  Excellent morning pick-me-up. 

Cozy Spot- Clean lavender, violets, Tahitian vanilla. A sophisticated vanilla bean balanced with lavender. The violet works really well to bring out the cleansing lavender while it lends to the soft notes of the vanilla.

Tailor Made- Clean linen, Oxford Scentsy type, Palo Santo. A handsome blend brilliantly set with that classic cleansing palo santo.

Light Up The Night- Champagne Toast, lemon peel, Flannel Sheets type. The lightly effervescent clementine notes and nectarines give way to crisp lemon and flannel sheets

Stay Awhile- Snuggable laundry, sweet amber, berries, sandalwood. I imagine fluffy blankets in the warmest honey hues when I smell this.  The Snuggable is currently the strongest note with gentle amber and woods in the background.

A Million Little Moments- Fresh Linen, Cherry Lemonade, Lychee popsicles.  The youthfulness of this blend reminds me of afternoons spent in bed watching Fail Army videos with my babies.  The lychee gives that cherry another dimension as the laundry gives the blend fortitude.

When Stars Collide- Strawberry Patch, spearmint, grapefruit, peppermint. This smells like a kiss. The field-y green notes of strawberry patch play very well with grapefruit and spearmint. I want this in a bath product, I can breathe with this aroma. 

Slumberland- Smarties candy, herbal lavender, amber, fine linen.  This is kind of a play on that board game, Candyland. The smarties candy paired with the lavender reminds me of that Lush bath bomb 'Granny Takes A Dip' for some reason. It's not a dupe, btw. It's a gorgeous blend, can't wait to melt it.

Tufted Smoke- Crackling fire, mown hay, pipe tobacco, rain. A blend for when you yearn to be far away in a log cabin, cuddling with your partner while the fireplace lulls and snaps. 

Rain or Shine- Ozone, lush linen, heavy rain, grass, hint of earth.  A blend for when you long for those cold dreamy days.  The earth is crying and I'm nestled in my favorite throw. I'm happy when it rains. 

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