Restock date: 7/31/2020 @ 6pm pst. The following blends will be available on our new website. If anything sells out, we will try to restock these blends until August 31st. The blends at the bottom are going to be part of a pre-order we will open on the 29th and will remain open until Aug. 3rd. Turnaround time for the pre-order is 20 business days.

Fall Beginnings Collection 2020 (available until August 31)

Alchemy bags 3.8-4 oz $5

  1. The Shape- Toasted marshmallow, rosewood, vetiver, dark amber, carbon steel.
  2. Bewitched- Guaicwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred wood, smoked berries, marshmallow
  3. The Pumpkin King- Vanilla patchouli, pumpkin spice, black pepper, sea salt
  4. The Fog- Marshmallow fireside, salty sea air, red delicious apple, toasted marshmallow
  5. Autumn Cat- Southern California Winter, crushed sage, hint smoke, lavender/i
  6. Cider Raisin Bread- Cider Lane, raisin bread, ginger cookies
  7. Grey Days- White woods, palo santo, leather, vetiver, marshmallows, amber
  8. Headless Horseman- Charred pumpkin flesh, burnt marshmallows, dry sweeping leaves, amber, santal
  9. Fall Festival- Gooey rice krispies, kettle corn, toasted almonds, flaky croissant, orange marmalade
  10. Haddonfield- Dry leaves, tree bark, fire roasted marshmallows, sweet pumpkin pastries
  11. Into The Woods- Aged teakwood, white tea, vanilla, woodland berries
  12. Raven’s Brew- Hot coffee and cream, leaves type, pumpkin cream cheese roll
  13. Death By Chocolate Mint- Creamy cookie dough, crunchy chocolate cookie, peppermint


Scent Cups 1.6.-1.8 oz $2 AND Waffle Pairs 3.8-4 oz $5

  1. Deep Boo Sea (- Blue sugar, salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, amber, oceanic notes
  2. Knaus Apple Farm- (reformulated) Apple cart, fresh hay, clove, white woods
  3. Popcorn Pumpkin Bread- Notes in name. Creamy caramel, pumpkin and bread notes
  4. Storybook Cottage- Hazelnut coffee, roasted pecans, hint maple syrup, pancakes, hint raspberries
  5. Autumn Hike- Toasted almond, maple leaves, vanilla, roasted coffee
  6. Vanilla Crumb Donut- House blend donut, hint cinnamon sugar, vanilla, donut bakery
  7. Lavender Smoke- Lavender, clary sage, wood smoke, clove, patchouli


Endless Summer Collection Waffle Pairs 3.8-4 oz $5 (available until August 31)

  1. Melon and Aloe- Watermelon, cilantro, lemonade, clover, aloe, lime
  2. Indian Summer- Ice brewed black tea, sweet lemon zest, orange blossom, petitgrain, hint of tangy woods
  3. Yellow Polka Dot Bikini- Beachy coconut, sweet pear, Tide laundry
  4. Pretty Young Thing- Watermelon juice, lemon peel, Vintage Tee laundry, Lovespell type
  5. Camp Anawanna- Toasted pinecones, tonka beans, cedar, marshmallow woods
  6. Rose Gold Sugar Cookies- Delicious pink sugar cookies, blended with orange chiffon cake
  7. Midsummer’s Nightmare- Blue sugar, Midsummer’s Night type, marshmallow fireside
  8. Summer Nights- Beneath The Milky Twilight, sweet lavender, creamy hot chocolate
  9. Conch Shell Bread- Lemon curd, sugar cookies, coconut milk, black cherry
  10. Her Beautiful Aura- (was an experimental last year) Black amber, Egyptian cotton, twilight type, pink sugar, whipped cream
  1. Just Breathe- Melon, temple smoke, rainforest sugarcane, fresh peaches
  2. Friday Milk Tea- Lavender, peppermint, marshmallow, green milk tea
  3. Opal and Pearl- Sweet lavender, creamy coconut milk
  4. Cocoa Butter Cashmere and White Birch- notes in name
  5. Capistrano Beach- Cocoa Butter Cashmere, sun tan lotion, vetiver, sea salt
  6. Mangonada- Mangoes, peach, lemon, orange, chili pepper
  7. So Cal Sunset- Fruity refreshing sunset of cotton candy, passionfruit, honeydew
  8. Time After time- Sparkling grapefruit, lime, raspberries, bubbles
  9. Vampire Alchemy- Sweet lemon, cotton candy, sugar crystals, snuggable laundry
  10. Wild Blackberry Lemonade- Wildberry mousse, blackberry, lemonade, rainforest sugarcane
  11. Mango Guava Bubbles- Fruity mango, tangy guava, effervescent soda
  12. Cherry Margarita Popsicles- Black cherry, lime juice, vodka, tinge of sea salt
  13. Passionfruit Sweet Tea- A popular boba tea! Passionfruit, green tea, tangerine, sugared lemon


Quarantine Clean Collection (available until August 31)

Available in Scent Cups 1.6.-1.8 oz $2 AND Donut Pairs 4.2-4.6 oz $5.30

  1. Oberon- Thunderous rainstorm, Midsummer Night’s type, patchouli, peppermint, moss
  2. Gravitas- Temple smoke, Lord of Misrule, woodsy oak, amber
  3. Pasadena- Rose Parade (fresh roses, avocado sea salt, hint orange sherbet), lime, caramel, Island Fresh Gain
  4. Nighty Night-(reformulated) Lavender white woods, flannel sheets, lavender, dove soap. Changing it slightly from the experimentals
  5. Alabaster stones- White tea, clean cotton laundry. Simple but incredibly complex enough to stand alone.
  6. Houndstooth- Winter linen, fresh cut bamboo, juicy tangerine
  7. Feldspar- White currant, mimosa, ozone, Swedish dream salt
  8. The Naughty List- Ice cream scoop bread, affogato, vanilla ice cream
  9. Golden Barber- Rich warm golden sands, dollops of classic shave cream
  10. Jupiter Linen- Jupiter street, olive branch type, vanilla cotton laundry
  11. Penelope- Clean cotton, olive branch, bergamot, geranium, oakmoss
  12. Temperance- Coast soap, mimosas, mangoes, green tea


Pre-Order List (available July 29 @ 9 am pst until August 3)

We’re missing the oils for these so we will offer these as a pre-order on July 29 starting 9 am pst. Turnaround time is 20 business days from date of purchase. We will do our best to ship these sooner than that.

  1. Vanilla Velvet- Vanilla bean noel, American cream type, vanilla ice cream
  2. Love Fool- Vintage Tee Laundry, lemon sugar, lovespell type
  3. Ludicrous Speed- Smells like plaid! Fresh green laundry, rain, oak moss, sandalwood and vetiver
  4. Love Never Dies- Gardenias, woodsy vanilla and birch blended with black currant, woods, patchouli, dark linen, amber
  5. Night of Mischief- Sweet figs, sweet patchouli, black pepper, vanilla
  6. Quiet time- Japanese pear, ginseng, earl grey tea, vanilla
  7. Earl Grey Peach Cake- Peach jam, fragrant, earl grey cake, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, apricot glaze
  8. Cloudburst- Raindrops, green grass, patchouli, moss, petitgrain
  9. California Sun- Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo
  10. Maiden Voyage- Sea kelp, coconut sorbet, sea salt, limoncello
  11. Earl Grey Cookies- Steamy cup of floral tea notes, creamy biscuit cookies
  12. Nimbus- Patchouli, dragon’s blood, warm rain, wet soil, masculine accord
  13. Coffin Dance- Dried blueberries, rosewood, cedar, Cuban tobacco
  14. But First, Coffee!- Amber, teakwood, black coffee, charred marshmallow, whisky
  15. Playfully Pink- Sugared limes, lemon, raspberry, strawberry sangria, watermelon
  16. Sea Witch- Black sea, salty sea air, pink sugar
  17. Cashmere and Sand- Cocoa butter cashmere, driftwood, salt, ocean breeze
  18. Charred woods, rosewood, smoked berries, ginger, frankincense
  19. Moonlight On Linen- Line dried linen, white tea, lemon blossom, amber, geranium, musk, woods, patchouli
  20. Winter Wedding- Cozy woods, white birch, vanilla, smoldering woods


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