WAFFLE PAIRS- Ready-To-Ship Choose Your Blend- Boba Collection

WAFFLE PAIRS- Ready-To-Ship Choose Your Blend- Boba Collection

Waffle Pairs, you will receive 2 waffles of scent that can be cut into 6-8 pieces

How To Use: Simply break or cut off 1/2 oz to 1 oz of wax an place into your electric warmer or tea light warmer.  Once warmed it will release a fragrance into your home for 4 to 8 hours.  

Would you like more information about how to use our wax? Click here: https://www.empirealchemywax.com/pages/scented-wax-information

Scent List:

Almond Milk Tea- A steamy cup of aromatic amaretto, steeped black tea, cream and sugar. The black tea is beautifully accented with the nutty sweetness of almond.

Banana Milk- The creamiest banana scent enveloped in a warm vanilla with background notes of kiwi fruit and marzipan.

Barista’s Breakfast- A classic Empire Alchemy blend returns! Affogato, cinnamon strudel, vanilla crumb donut, whipped cream.

Black Cherry Cola Float- Juicy black cherry, bubbly caramel-y cola topped with vanilla ice cream

Cardamom Cream Latte- Cardamom steeped milk, espresso, vanilla bean, with a hint of coconut shortbread. This smells like a creamier spring version of Cardigans and Coffee.

Coconut Cream Latte- Crunchy crème brulee, coconut milk, café latte, sugar cookies and whipped cream

Dalgona Coffee- A returning new favorite. Heavy cream, café Vienna, vanilla crumb donut, vanilla fudge, sugar crystals.

Friday Milk Tea- My favorite milk tea after a long week. Lavender, peppermint, marshmallows, and green milk tea.

Jasmine Milk Tea- Fragrant jasmine blended with matcha tea, salted cream and vanilla

Melon Cream Soda- Honeydew melon bubbles topped with whipped cream

Raspberry Italian Soda- A complex creamy berry blend with raspberries, lemon, and bubbly vanilla icecream

Salted Cream Milk Tea- Sea salt, buttery cream, brown sugar boba, vanilla cream and black tea. At first this feels like a vanilla but the addition of black tea makes this complex and amazing.

Strawberry Matcha- A fun blend of ripe strawberries, green tea, vanilla cream, sugar cookies, with a hint of peach juice to bring the blend together.

Strawberry Milk Tea- A youthful blend of ripe strawberry, cold creamy milk, brown sugar boba, and black tea.

Twilight Flower Tea- If you like fresh scents, this one is for you. Butterfly pea tea (which is best described as a delicate blend of white tea and green tea) blended with meyer lemonade and bergamot.

Wake The Dead Coffee- Café Vienna, lavender sprigs, buttermints, and Danish cookies.