Cake Slices and Loaves- Summer Intro EXTRAS READY-TO-SHIP

Cake Slices and Loaves- Summer Intro EXTRAS READY-TO-SHIP

The extras! Please allow 7 business days to ship. Cake Slices are 6 oz for $7.80. Half loaves are 8 oz for $10.

Princess Cake- Cake Slice 6 oz - Our new popular dessert treat meticulously blended to smell like a real Princess cake.  Received excellent reviews by youtuber Sashaisms. Raspberry jam, toasted pistachio, almond marzipan, yellow sponge cake, whipped cream

Beneath The Milky Twilight- Half Loaf 8 oz- This was one of the crowd favorites from our Valentine's Mix Tape Sampler.  This blend has returned many times since then.  Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Mermaid Tears- Half Loaf 8 oz- An easy favorite for anyone who loves a good mint.  This made its debut in May and sold out almost immediately.  Blend it with your favorite lavender for a nighttime blend. Rosemary mint, twisted peppermint, toasted marshmallow, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel

Pistachio Lush- Half Loaf 8 oz- A gorgeously delicious slab of perfectly blended pistachio pudding cake, toasted marshmallow, birthday cake, and buttercream frosting.  This was a crowd favorite since its debut in March. 

Deep Sea Slumber- Half Loaf 8 oz- This was our first smash hit blend when we first opened last year and it's STILL going strong!  We've gotten requests to keep it in stock so it will always stay in everyone's nighttime warmers.  House blended Empire lavender (a combination of sweet lavenders with a hint of herbal), salty sea air, and vanilla bean noel.