Pre-order Extras- ALCHEMY BAGS Ready-To-Ship  3.8-4 oz

Pre-order Extras- ALCHEMY BAGS Ready-To-Ship 3.8-4 oz

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Offered in 3.8-4 oz Empire Bags of shapes for $5. This is ready-to-ship

*Alchemy Bag 3.8-4 oz $5

  1. Stray Cat Strut: Cool Cat Shave (house shave cream, empire lavender, vanilla, salty sea air) blended with roasted pinecones and a hint of sage. Is it obvious we like cats?
  2. That SoCal Life: Comfort and Joy (woodsy notes, smoke, black coffee, creamy marshmallows) blended with SoCal Hollister Cologne, Flannel Sheets
  3. Mojave: A masculine, dry and complex blend of City of Stars (Amber incense, white woods, sea salt, sandalwood, sweet marshmallow, oakmoss) blended with Suede (Patchouli, cedarwood, spiced vanilla, and leather. Smells deep and soft with a nice woodsy finish.)
  4. Fig & Cardamom: Cardamom Tea Cookies (buttery crispy cookies with cardamom) carefully blended with Figs For Figaro (Fig jam+green figs+pine needles birch)
  5. Masumoto: Named for Masumoto Farms, California growers of fine peaches in Del Rey. A beautiful blend of sun crest peaches, Cool water cologne, white woods, and white nectarine.
  6. Julian: Named for a San Diego County city laden with apple trees and beautiful views.  The Fog (marshmallow fireside, salty sea air, red delicious apple, toasted marshmallow) blended with fresh cut christmas tree, and vanilla crumb donut
  7. Granite and Oak: A blend of Granite (house blend black pepper, vanilla, sea salt, hint of pink sugar), oakmoss, and woody oak
  8. Nimbus: Patchouli, dragon’s blood, warm rain, wet soil, masculine accord 
  9. Sapphire Falls: Roasted pinecones, moss, evergreen, watery accord, jasmine.  
  10. Hermosa (updated version of Mother Hydra): Shave cream, charred woods, toasted pistachio, campfire marshmallow, salty sea air. Still has a manly smoky woody nutty note but we’re adding more smoke and complexity.