JULY 25 Ready-To-Ship Restock Double Donuts

JULY 25 Ready-To-Ship Restock Double Donuts

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SCENT LIST Ready-To-Ship Restock July 25th @ 6 pm pst
We're slowly transitioning from summer into fall with these blends... 

These blends will be offered in pairs 4.1-4.6 oz $5.30

Autumn Cat: Southern California Winter (wet leaves, crisp air and rain) blended with crushed sage, hint of smoke, lavender and cider in charred oak barrels. 

Storm In A Teacup: Inspired by Brittney Hilfma. Blackberry sage, black tea, pipe tobacco, caramel, hint salty sea air. Every note sings in a storm of sweet, salty, woodsy smoky.

A Night of Mischief: sweet patchouli, black pepper, vanilla, cedarwood and fig. Sweet figs and beautiful cedarwood surprisingly pair gorgeously with the deep patchouli notes of Lord of Misrule. 

Bewitched Pumpkin: Our Bewitched blend (guiacwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred wood, smoked berries) paired with clove studded pumpkin. Perfectly spooky squash.

Gonna Move Ya: Juicy sweet spearmint with tropical notes. Inspired by Juicy Fruit gum and that catchy 80s commercial. Definitely a fun sweet mint.