JULY 25 Ready-To-Ship Restock Waffle Pairs

JULY 25 Ready-To-Ship Restock Waffle Pairs

SCENT LIST Ready-To-Ship Restock July 25th @ 6 pm pst
We're slowly transitioning from summer into fall with these blends... 

These blends will be offered in pairs 3.8-4 oz $5

Hot Lifeguard: Coppertone suntan lotion, So. Cal Hollister type (fragrant beachy woods and sand), Wild Madagascar Vanilla. Yeah, this is inspired by beach lifeguards and perhaps an ode to Billy from Stranger Things (poor Billy!) 

Fall Festival: Gooey rice krispies treats, kettle corn, toasted almonds, flaky croissant smeared with orange marmalade. Amazing warm, citrusy bakery. The rice krispies gets me thinking of those pumpkin shaped rice krispies balls at a school fall festival with the aroma of popcorn.

Cookie Butter: Spreadable cookies with crunchy vanilla notes and dulce de leche for smoothness. This blend was great in the hazelnut cookie butter experimental.

Gilded Leaves: Bourbon soaked poundcake, bakery lemon, toasted pecans, green figs, red maple leaves. The twiggy leafy notes of maple leaf add a gorgeous fall atmosphere to the bakery notes, it's accented by the almost tart/sweet figs and grounded by nutty pecan.