HEART PAIRS -Ready-To-Ship Choose Your Blend 2022
HEART PAIRS -Ready-To-Ship Choose Your Blend 2022
HEART PAIRS -Ready-To-Ship Choose Your Blend 2022

HEART PAIRS -Ready-To-Ship Choose Your Blend 2022

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Experimental Heart Pair 1.3 oz $1.89 each. You will receive two hearts about 1.3 oz total. The following scents are single oils, a pair of oils. or an experimental new house blend. 

  1. Gardenia- A rich, elegant floral note, very strong.
  2. Magnolia Blossom- A creamy sweet floral with fresh green top notes
  3. Lilac- Bright, green floral lilac. Smells like a quaint English garden
  4. Jasmine- My favorite, super strong jasmine. Smells like boughs of jasmine blooms. If you liked Magic Carpet Rides, you’ll love this jasmine.
  5. Angel Baby- Fragrant patchouli, woody florals, balsam and vanilla
  6. Ambrette- Warm gorgous amber blended with vanilla for a perfect boudoir scent
  7. Pineapple Margarita+Sparkling Limoncello- Sugared limes, tequila, rum, pineapple chunks with bright, citrusy limoncello
  1. Golden Hour- Tropic sun tan lotion, mango slices, pineapple chunks
  2. Bikinis+Bliss- Smells like drinks on towels and sand. Fresh peeled banana, vanilla citrus, coconut cream, fresh beach towels
  3. Glow Up- Smells like a tall glass of summer refreshment. Refreshing melonade blend of cantaloupe, rock sugar, watermelon chunks, hint of strawberry citrus
  4. Summer Rain- Fresh towels drenched in crisp ozone, watery tones with a hint of dewy grass. Smells like towels in a summer storm.
  5. White Shells- Snuggable towels, coconut milk, vanilla bean. Smells like warm sun on beach towels nestled in seashell ridden sand.
  6. Golden State- A golden state of mind. Sunny beaches, salted air, with sweet musk, cocktails, and sugarcane
  7. Sunny Hunny- Tropical fruits, and papaya blended with comforting Tahitian vanilla
  8. Tan Lines- Sun tan lotion, warm citrus and cocoa butter cashmere. Smells like a bikini drenched in sun lotion
  9. Stay Gold- Fresh lemon sugar, crisp guava fruit and vanilla lace. Smells like a fragrance to wear out on a warm summer night
      10. Sweet Sips- Passionfruit, pineapple, orange citrus and wild Madagascar vanilla.            This smells like stepping into a bar where they served fresh fruit cocktails. The               vanilla adds a gorgeous refined note.