HEART PAIR EXPERIMENTALS - Choose Your Blend Ready-To-Ship - The Grove Collection

HEART PAIR EXPERIMENTALS - Choose Your Blend Ready-To-Ship - The Grove Collection

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Experimental Heart Pair 1.3 oz $1.77 each. You will receive two hearts about 1.3 oz total. The following scents are single oils or a pair of oils.

Almond Milk+Sea Salt- Almond milk, sea salt, lemon blossoms, and hints of coconut milk

Berry Bundt Cake- Sweet baked berries in vanilla pound cake

Black Raspberry Type- Vanilla cream, black raspberry, and sweet musk

Blackberry Scones- Sweet berries and boysenberries baked in a warm crust.

Butterscotch Brulee- Creamy crème brulee with a swathe of salty butterscotch

Charcoal Tonka- Black pepper, saffron, patchouli and tonka bean base

Clothesline- Mountain air, cotton blossom, mandarin, and sweet cyclamen

Coconut Bay- Creamy coconut with beachy tropical notes

Coriander Rosewood- Orange, coriander, with cedar and rosewood

Earl Grey+Apple- Earl grey tea leaves, black tea, crisp apple, hint of spice

Frosted Snowdrops- Ozone, dew, clean air, musk and sandalwood

Gain Type- Forest fern, wood tones and crisp detergent

Hawaiian Sandalwood- The king of sandalwood! Soft creamy sandalwood with a touch of woody sweetness

Passionate Kisses- Fruity dupe of a Victoria’s Secrety type

Pinecone+Lime- Lemon and lime zest blended with holly greens and pinecone

Pumpkin Ginger+Apple Slices- A fresh pumpkin scent with a light peppery gingery finish

Sea Glass- Salt water, driftwood, marine mist

Sea Mist+Lavender- Clean misty ozone with fresh lavender

Smoked Leather- Rich and deep masculine scent with leather and pipe tobacco

Sweet+Creamy- Comforting aroma of sweetened condensed milk