HEART PAIRS - 1.3 oz Choose Your Blend Ready-To-Ship
HEART PAIRS - 1.3 oz Choose Your Blend Ready-To-Ship

HEART PAIRS - 1.3 oz Choose Your Blend Ready-To-Ship

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Experimental Heart Pair 1.3 oz $1.77 each. You will receive two hearts about 1.3 oz total. The following scents are single oils, a pair of oils, or complex blend.

Amish Cinnamon Bread- Scrumptious baked notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar

Birthday Mermaid- Birthday cake, pineapples, mangoes, Mexican fried ice cream

Corn Husk- Sundried corn husk, dried florals, citrus, amber, earthy oak woods

Island Hibiscus- Ruby pomelo, cassis, coral hibiscus, tropical musk

Lavender Vetiver- Lavender fields, warm musk, sweet sandalwood, green vetiver

Oatmeal Milk and Honey- French vanilla, honey, almond notes and milk

Polar Bear Hugs+Blue Eyes Wight Dragon- Warm white linen, candy cane, hint pine and woods blended with bay rum, spearmint, and toasted marshmallow

Red Lava- Bergamot, cedarwood, sweet citrus, and floral vanilla

Sapphire Nights- Calabrian bergamot, pink peppercorn, peppermint and vetiver

Tobacco Vanille type- Tonka bean, tobacco, woody vanilla

White Caps+Mermaid Dreams- Watery clean notes of sea kelp, sea salt, marine salt, blended with fresh air, coconut, and oceanic salt

Oolong Tea- Roasted tea with earthy notes, hint vanilla

Taro+Flan- Creamy drink of tonka bean, brown sugar boba, caramel flan, coconut macapuno

Salted Cream Milk Tea- Sea salt, buttery cream, brown sugar boba, vanilla ice cream, black tea

Strawberry Kiwi Ice Tea- Lemon sun tea, crushed strawberry, kiwi, bergamot

Twilight Flower Tea- Butterfly pea tea, meyer lemonade, bergamot

London Fog+Biscuit- Earl grey sugar cookies, fresh lavender, extra whipped cream

Pink Elephant- Honeydew, kiwi, mandarin, watermelon, cherry

Rose Gold Sugar Cookies- Pink sugar, iced vanilla cookies, orange, chiffon cake

Persian Silk- Fresh citrus, aldehydic greens, pineapple, rose, lavender, cotton candy, amber

Black Velvet- Sicilian lemon, bergamot, french lavender, tonka bean, madagascar vanilla, noir amber

Blackbeard- Ocean air, warm amber, vanilla, sea salt, tonka bean, salty sea air

Kandy Krush- Lime, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, orange, pear, creamy vanilla

Beneath The Milky Twilight- Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Black Oak Currant- Amber, balsamic amyris, black pepper, geranium, clementine, earthy patchouli

Temptation- Wild geranium, rose, gold amber, bergamot

Banana Cabana- Sun kissed banana, tropical musk, sea spray, velvet rose, milky sands

Summer Nights- Beneath The Milky Twilight, sweet lavender, creamy hot chocolate

Morticia- Frankincense, myrrh, fresh dirt, dying roses

Dreamcatcher- Oriental florals, berry, muscadine, orchid, sandalwood, vanilla musk

Ancient Waters- Watery notes, green fronds, airy notes

Amber Lumiere type- Citrus, moss, amber, vanilla musk

Sunday Detox- Fennel, sweet sassafrass, anise, white clove, bergamot

Carnivorous Vines- Fern, moss, rainforest sugarcane, wet earth

Black Lace- Ambr, woods, tobacco, sweet musk

Goose Feathers- Sweet honey, toffee, orange blossom, petitgrain

Shangri-La- Fresh lavender, soft coconut milk

Coco Lavender Buttermint Cookie- Twilight lavender, coconut milk, buttermint shortbread cookies

Bum Bum Latte- Creamy pistachio, bum bum type, hot coffee, buttercream, rum

Star Spangled Cup O Joe- Blueberry parfait, raspberries, roasted coffee, cupcakes at tiffany's danish butter cookies