EXTRAS from the May Pre-Order 2021- EMPIRE BAGS 8 oz triangles - READY TO SHIP

EXTRAS from the May Pre-Order 2021- EMPIRE BAGS 8 oz triangles - READY TO SHIP

Regular price $10.80

Available in 8 oz bag triangle shapes $10.80. Since we are approaching summer, we double bagged our empire bags to help against the weather.  We will also offer ice packs for .75 as an option. These quantities are ready to ship.

Amortencia- Pink sugar, white linen, ylang ylang, white musk, jasmine

Another Day of Sun- Sweet pear, lemon sugar, butter cake, vanilla crumb donut

Bananarama- Frozen banana daiquiri, cake pops, creamy lime ice cream waffle cone

Beverly Hills Hotel- Paramour, orange blossom, greenery, Tahitian vanilla, toasted marshmallows.

Big Bad Wolf- Hazelnut coffee, campfire marshmallow, donuts, spiced caramel strudel

Blush Sunset- Pineapple, coconut, downy april fresh, sweet musk, island florals

Boujee- Bum bum cream type, toasted pistachio, toasted marshmallow, cotton candy cocktail

Casa Del Mar- Fresh mango slices, guava juice, golden amber, black coconut

Conch Shell Bread- lemon curd, sugar cookies, coconut milk, black cherry

Deep Boo Sea- Blue sugar, salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, amber, oceanic notes

Earl Grey Cookies- Floral tea notes, creamy biscuit cookies

Feldspar- White currant, mimosa, ozone, Swedish dream salt

Friday Milk Tea- Lavender, peppermint, marshmallow, green milk tea

Galaxy Potion- Galaxy lollipops, bubblegum, bourbon, cedarwood

Gimme Some Sugar Baby- Blue sugar, cedar, spices, marshmallow fireside, vanilla

Good Cheer- Sugared peppermint, spun sugar, salty sea air

Hawaiian Print- Hibiscus flowers, island fruit, Downy April Fresh Laundry

Ichabod Crane- Pumpkin pie, roasted pecan waffles, pancakes, mac apple, whipped cream

Jupiter Linen- Jupiter Street, Olive branch type, vanilla cotton laundry

Ladies Who Brunch- Blood orange margaritas, goji berries, nectarines, black currant, champagne toast

Main St. Parade- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn

Moonlight On Linen- Line dried linen, white tea, lemon blossom, amber, geranium, musk, woods, patchouli

Mrs. Pott’s Spot O Tea- The ‘Grey Stuff’, earl grey tea, sugar cubes, a warm smile

Passionfruit Sweet Tea- Passionfruit, green tea, sugared tangerine, lemon

Pink Drink- Strawberries, guava, coconut water, coconut milk

Pink Sunshine- Rosehips, pineapple juice, mango sorbet, fresh sugarcane

Romeo- Citrus, vetiver, oakmoss, white birch, Italian leather

Sapphire Falls- Roasted Pinecones, moss, evergreen, watery accord, jasmine

Secret Love Letters- Lavender letters, cedarwood, pink sugar

Shoreline- Rainbow sherbet, strawberries, parma violets, white caps

Skate+Surf- Fresh leafy greens, florals, coconut vanilla, winter linen

Strawberry Milkita- Creamy strawberry chews, sweetened condensed milk, whip cream

Stray Cat Strut- Cool cat shave, roasted pinecones, crushed sage

The Fog- Marshmallow Fireside, salty sea air, red delicious apple, toasted marshmallow

The Huntsman- Cider in charred barrels, vanilla bean noel, dried berries, smoked wood fire, embers

The Suite Life- Iced champagne, raspberries, sea salt, fluffy towels

Tidepools- Fresh clean coast soap, sea kelp, wild Madagascar vanilla

White Flamingo- Orange blossoms, vanilla bubbles, vanilla ice cream, mimosas

Wild Aloha- Wild Madagascar Vanilla, coconut water, coconut meat, bamboo, vetiver

Peaches and Clean- A popular blend! Fresh air, peaches, palm trees