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More available alchemy bags for you!  3.8 oz to 4.0 oz for $5

Roxy Girls: Rainbow sherbet, waffle cone, summer in a wax!

Star Sprinkles:  Everything fruity in one over the top creamy blend!  Blue raspberry slushie, orange, grape, black cherry, and lemon topped with vanilla icecream

Beneath The Milky Twilight: Our popular blend!  Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Huntington Beach: Breezy, manly, handsome blend!  Dirty Lush type, creamy vanilla, black sea tones

Jupiter Street: Reminds my husband of his childhood home.  A fresh melange of orange blossom, neroli, whipped cream, and house shave cream

Hello Sunshine: Super yummy bakery blend!  Lemon poundcake, carmelized sugar, and custard cream

Vanilla Crumb Donut: Our delicious, popular house blend donut.  You can almost taste the vanilla bakery goodness

Huntington Vanilla Apple: We took our popular Huntington Beach and added a tinge of red delicious apple for a unique beachy blend

Cool Cat Shave: Lavender, house shave cream, salty sea air, vanilla