Empire Waffle Bags- Pre-Order Ships March 15-19, 2024

Empire Waffle Bags- Pre-Order Ships March 15-19, 2024

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 For empire bags you will receive 4 waffle shapes for a total of 8 oz+ wax.  Please break off desired size and melt in your wax warmer

Scent List:

  1. 6 Underground- Clean sweet dirt, fresh garden mint
  2. Beneath The Milky Twilight- Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel
  3. Berry Festival- Blueberry danish, raspberry zingers, blackberries, strawberries, danish butter cookies, vanilla crumb donuts, and buttery croissants
  4. Blue Monday- The smell of comfort, downy blue towels, blue sugar
  5. Blur- Tonka bean, herbal lavender, Egyptian musk
  6. Boba Milk Tea- Vanilla cream, brown sugar boba, vanilla fudge, black tea
  7. California Poppy- Warm amber, sun hot sand, fresh floral greenery, sun lotion
  8. California Sun- Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo
  9. Earl Grey Tea and Biscuits- Floral tea notes, creamy biscuit cookies
  10. Huntington Beach- Lush Dirty type, vanilla, rich oceanic notes, amber, tonka beans
  11. I Knew I Loved You- Immaculate Laundry + Pink Sugar Whipped Cream
  12. Jasmine Milk Tea- Jasmine green tea, salted cream, vanilla
  13. King Tide- coconut milk, oceanic notes, sea salt, amber, mimosas
  14. Lil’ Leo- Tangerine ice cream, fizzy soda, 7 up pound cake, maraschino cherry
  15. Lonely Hearts Club- Strawberry jam, bourbon, whipped cream, angel food cake
  16. Magic Carpet Ride- Night blooming jasmine, satiny carpet, warm breezes over sand
  17. Love Birds- Fresh strawberries, champagne toast, crushed rose petals
  18. Mango Guava Bubbles- Fruity mango, tangy guava, effervescent soda
  19. Marshmallow Donut Woods- Fresh woods, campfire marshmallows, vanilla crumb donut
  20. Matcha Love- Green tea, vanilla ice cream, coconut milk, shortbread cookies. Creamy, vanilla goodness with pleasant green freshness added by the green tea.
  21. Mermaid’s Tears- Mermaid Tears- Rosemary mint, twisted peppermint, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel
  22. Mountain Trail- Fresh pine, apple peel, cedarwood, fresh mud, cypress woods
  23. Old Church- Incense, frankincense, dark woods, amber, cotton tree
  24. Palm Springs- Crisp ozone, kaffir lime, watery tones, amber, desert succulent, white sand
  25. Pam- Black tea, heavy cream, ‘pam’cakes, wedding cake
  26. Petrichor- Rainforest sugarcane, fresh dirt, grass, rosemary mint
  27. Peppermint Sherbet- Sweet peppermint, rainbow sherbet
  28. Pink Sunshine- Rosehips, pineapple juice, mango sorbet, fresh sugarcane
  29. Pomona 1888- Floral orange blossoms, jasmine, petitgrain, sandalwood
  30. Rose Parade- A cleansing version of our Raindrops on Roses blend.  Fresh roses, avocado and sea salt, with a hint of orange sherbet. Ode to the Pasadena Rose Parade over here.
  31. Semi-Charmed Life- Vanilliary type, tonka beans, marshmallow fireside, flannel sheets
  32. So. Cal Winter- Heavy rain, leaves, redwoods, fresh cold air
  33. The Eerie Deep- Oceanic amber, basil, citrus musk, sea kelp greens
  34. White Flamingo- orange blossoms, vanilla bubbles, vanilla ice cream, mimosas
  35. White Shells- Snuggable towels, coconut milk, vanilla bean. Smells like warm sun on beach towels nestled in seashell ridden sand.