December 2020 PRE- ORDER  EXTRAS EMPIRE Bags 8 oz Ready-To-Ship

December 2020 PRE- ORDER EXTRAS EMPIRE Bags 8 oz Ready-To-Ship

Regular price $10.00

Offered in 8 oz Empire Bags of shapes for $10 each.  This listing is for ready-to-ship extras of the current pre-order. It will ship in 9 business days (the regular tat)

Empire Bags 8 oz $10 each

1st Noel- sparkling ginger soaked gummy bears and cranberry Collins

A Change of Heart – Maraschino Cherries, clean linen + ivy, tonka beans and amber

Autumn Cat- southern California winter, crushed sage, hint smoke, lavender

Cup o Cozy – Earl Grey Tea, dark chocolate, peppermint stick, Vanilla lace

Father Christmas- Christmas tree, red delicious apple, palo santo

Jon – rosemary mint + eucalyptus with bay rum and vanilla woods

Letters To Santa – Vanilla Cookies and Caramel Popcorn Garlands strung over a Gingerbread House

Pott’s Spot O Tea- The Grey Stuff, earl grey tea, sugar cubes, a warm smile

Oh What Fun!- Vanilla birch, white currant, sugar cane, aloe

Pink Moon Milk- Crushed raspberry, rose petals, vanilla bean, milk sugar, toasted pistachio cake

Pom Poms + Mittens- Vanilla Ambrette and Wild Madagascar Vanilla, Lavender and Olibanum

Simmering Potpourri – Clove Studded Orange, cinnamon, white birch, and juicy tangrines

Sleepytime Tea – chamomile + lemon grass with hints of green, soothing peppermint

Staycation- White tea, neroli, vodka, citrus, sugared oranges, greenery, clean cotton

Storm In A Teacup- Blackberry sage, black tea, pipe tobacco, caramel, hint salty sea air