December 2020 PRE- ORDER EXTRAS DOUBLE DONUTS 4.2-4.6 oz Ready-To-Ship

December 2020 PRE- ORDER EXTRAS DOUBLE DONUTS 4.2-4.6 oz Ready-To-Ship

Regular price $5.30

Offered in 4.2-4.6 oz donut shapes for $5.30 each.  This listing is for ready-to-ship extras from the latest pre-order.  

Double Donuts 4.2-4.6 oz $5.30
  1. Bikini Bottom- Pina coladas, suntan, papaya, lemon sugar drop
  2. Cardamom Tea Cookies – buttery, crispy vanilla cookies with cardamom spice
  3. Clouds In My Coffee – rich coffee and whipped cream with rice krispie treats and butterbrickle pie
  4. Dreamstate- Lavender, buttermints, vanilla, peppermint, hint of lemonade
  5. Gentle Decay- Earthy mint dirt bed, roasted pinecones, crushed tonka beans
  6. Inhale/Exhale- Melon, temple smoke, dried pipe tobacco, pear, pomegranate
  7. Jingle Jangle – pomegranate + cranberry and mulberry with teakwood and black amber
  8. Living Dead Girl- Lime caramels, lavender, salty sea air
  9. Main Street Strawberry- waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fried beignets, kettle corn, sweet strawberries
  10. Navajo Fry Bread – Deep Fried Dough with buttery vanilla, sugar, dusted almond and cinnamon sugar
  11. Nom Nom – Angel Food Cake, Vanilla Crumb Doughnut + sugar cookies, and soft pretzels
  12. Peppermint Sherbet – sweet peppermint and rainbow sherbet
  13. Rose Parade- A cleansing version of our Raindrops on Roses blend. Fresh roses, avocado and sea salt, with orange sherbet.
  14. Ruby- Maraschino cherry, vanilla wafers, coconut cream, cupcakes at tiffany’s
  15. Santa’s Workshop- Wood shavings, frasir fir, sugar cookies, amber, smoked woods, palo santo

  16. Vanilla Velvet – Vanilla Bean Noel, American Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream
  17. Velveteen Plum – plum, pomegranate wine, figs, marshmallow fireside
  18. White Flamingo- Orange blossoms, vanilla bubbles, vanilla ice cream, mimosas
  19. Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Beachy Coconut + sweet pear and fresh Tide Laundry