CHRISTMAS 2021 Waffle Pairs- Ready To Ship

CHRISTMAS 2021 Waffle Pairs- Ready To Ship

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Assorted Waffle Pairs 4 oz for $5.80

Royal Gold Pears- Golden pear with vanilla cream, fruit juice

Santa’s Pipe- Pipe tobacco, caramel woods, vanilla, hint of black tea

Pink Christmas Tree- Cotton candy frosting, blue spruce, pink candy canes, woods

White Christmas- frasier fir, cocoa butter cashmere, clean cotton

1st Noel- Sparkling ginger soaked gummy bears, cranberry collins

Simmering Potpourri- Clove studded orange, cinnamon, white birch, juicy tangerines

Letters To Santa- Vanilla cookies, caramel popcorn garlands, gingerbread house

Twisted Winter- Twisted peppermint, patchouli, black pepper, toasted marshmallow, smoldered woods

London Fog Cookies (renamed from London Fog Biscuits)- Earl grey tea cookies, lavender sprigs, whipped cream

Boba Milk Tea-Vanilla cream, brown sugar, boba, vanilla fudge, black tea

Bah Humbug- Patchouli, black pepper, amber, blue spruce

The Snuggle Is Real (reformulated)- Roasted coffee, sugar cookies, buttercream, vanilla bean noel, toasted almond

Tidings of Comfort (new)- Vanilla spice, pine branches, smoky oak leaves, apple cider, hint whiskey, dried apple slices

The Cozy Bakery (new)- Gingerbread cake, vanilla bean noel, Cupcakes @ Tiffany, vanilla cream, cloves.

A Winter Home (new)- Fragrant orange potpourri, fresh pine, roasted pinecones, cedarwood, vanilla

Farmhouse Chai (new)- Cinnamon chai spices, autumn leaves, dried figs

Merry Old Soul(new)- Blackberries, pecan praline, pipe tobacco, caramel, blue spruce

Winter Warmth(new)- Buttermints, cardamom, danish butter cookies, vanilla cream

Vintage Christmas(new)- Warm vanilla, chestnuts, brown sugar, oak wood, frankincense

Winter Kitchen(new)- Honeycomb candy, toasted pistachio, vanilla crumb donut, vanilla ice cream

Merry Kiss-mas(new)- Peppermint fluff, wild madagascar vanilla, papaya fruit, sweet mint

Holiday Cheers(new)- Rainbow sherbet, crushed cranberry compote, peach prosecco