California Summer RTS Restock

California Summer RTS Restock

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Blends available in Scent Cups at 1.6 oz for $2 and new Alchemy Pots at 3.0-3.2 oz for $4.25

🌴1. So-Cal Sunset: fruity refreshing sunset of cotton candy, passionfruit, honeydew
🌴2. Boyfriend Bait: Juicy blueberries, poundcake, vanilla cream, lemon curd, carmelized sugar glaze
🌴3. Passionate Kisses: Passionfruit, juicy blood orange, vanilla icecream, goji berries in a freshly pressed waffle cone
🌴4. Teeny Wahine: a name for a little surfer girl. Key lime curd, coconut milk, and rainbow sherbet
🌴5. Playfully Pink: Sugared limes, lemon, raspberries, strawberry sangria, watermelon
🌴6. #GirlBoss: Watermelon juice, frozen cherry slush, spun sugar, caramelized vanilla
🌴7. Galaxy Lollipops: Sugary grapefruit candy, lime, sparkling raspberry, grape lollipops, strawberry candy, and blue raspberry candy
🌴8. Surf Wax: Tried to debut this summery scent a while back, and now it's ready, who remembers? Smells like my favorite surfboard wax. Fruity, creamy, summery blend that almost smells like 'blue bubblegum' and 'summer'
🌴9. Beaches and Cream: Fresh peaches, peach gummies, pineapples, sweet musk, fresh greens, hint of coconut and strawberry. 
🌴10. Fine Fresh Fierce: Copper coconut, casaba melon, guava, vanilla, sugary figs
🌴11. Daisy Dukes Bikinis On Top: Copper coconut, cotton candy, Hawaiian tropic, juicy pineapples
🌴12. L.A. Roller Girls: Black coconut, goji berries, coconut milk, bubblegum, citrus
🌴13. Beverly Hills Hotel (Formerly Hollywood and Vine): Paramour (juicy pear milkshake), orange blossom, palm tree greenery, Tahitian vanilla, toasted marshmallows
🌴14. Sun Gold Barbie: Lemon curd, house salted marshmallow, pizzelle, carmelized sugar
🌴15. Big Stick Popsicle: Sticky juicy pineapple and cherry blend like the childhood summer popsicle
🌴16. Ice Cream Parlor: Star Sprinkles (fruity blend), lemon sorbet, vanilla icecream, freshly pressed waffle cone
🌴17. Poolside Goddess: Black coconut, mangoes, key lime curd, vanilla icecream
🌴18. Summer Wedding: Fresh raspberry compote, angel food cake, salty sea air, vanilla buttercream, toasted marshmallow
🌴19. Cruel Summer: Pineapple sherbet, orange pushpop, coconut milk, mango sorbet, Milkita Strawberry
🌴20. Summer Nights: Beneath The Milky Twilight, sweet lavender, and creamy hot chocolate.


21. Lime BubbleYum- Sweet lime flavored bubble gum
22. Party Punch - mango citrus Hawaiian punch blend

23. Lime Sherbet Lollies- Creamy lime punch sherbet with sweet lollipops