Autumn Walk Collection II- Waffle Pairs- June 2022 Ready To Ship
Autumn Walk Collection II- Waffle Pairs- June 2022 Ready To Ship

Autumn Walk Collection II- Waffle Pairs- June 2022 Ready To Ship

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Waffle Pairs, you will receive 2 waffles of scent that can be cut into 6-8 pieces

How To Use: Simply break or cut off 1/2 oz to 1 oz of wax an place into your electric warmer or tea light warmer.  Once warmed it will release a fragrance into your home for 4 to 8 hours. 

Scent List:

This is the dream of Autumn with the crunch of leaves, freshly chopped wood, and spices. I thought of crafting a collection that explored notes like coffee, tea, oud, nuts, and woods along with classics like nutmeg and pumpkin.

Autumn At Dusk- This was the first blend to sell out of this collection, we’ve brought it back. Toasted pumpkin seeds, oud, patchouli, buttercream, amber.

Clever Fox- Cedar, moss, amber, red figs, and vanilla bean noel.  A fragrant bouquet of woods and vanilla sweetened with red figs.

County Fair Pumpkin- Vanilla cupcakes, buttercream, pumpkin, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and toffee apples.  Bountiful scent of fair treats to entice the senses.

Golden Crown- Warm golden amber, dried mandarin, clean cotton, tonka bean, driftwood. A comforting, wrapped in gilded glamour scent without musky tones.

October Twilight- Roasted pinecones, pumpkin cake, buttercream frosting, toasted pine needle

Pumpkin Boba- Pumpkin pie spices, brown sugar and boba tea.  The tea gives a robust note to the fragrant clove, cinnamon and all the yummy pumpkin notes with vanilla enveloping it all up.

Rust+Scarlet- A blend to illustrate the soft blended colors of changing leaves.  Cashmere woods, marshmallow fireside, dried floral herbs of marjoram, sage, thyme, and lavender.

Rustled Leaves- Dried apple peel, woods, rich bourbon, whipped cream, sandalwood, crunchy sweeping leaves.  Smells like a basket of autumn treasures with hints of spice and woods.

Wild Is The Wind- Red maple, dried mandarin, patchouli, caramel, laurel and balsam.  Sweet earthy notes dance in this. This smells like a welcome gust of wind.

Wise Old Owl- bourbon woods,  oud, charred oak barrel cider, and vanilla.  A rich, amazing blend where the cider add a gorgeous dimension to withered oud.  This was a unique find.