Autumn Land Sampler 13 oz
Autumn Land Sampler 13 oz

Autumn Land Sampler 13 oz

10 delightfully sweet blends in heart pairs. Total weight is 13 oz+ $17.55
1. Pumpkin Candy Corn Cheesecake- Pumpkin pie, cheesecake, vanilla fudge, candy corn. Smells divine, exactly like a rich, creamy pumpkin cheesecake with candy corn accent.
2. Autumn Moon – maple leaves, macintosh apple, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille type. This smells like a walk through maple trees. The apple adds a nice sweet touch to the tobacco.
3. Tea & A Good Book – Earl grey tea, bergamot, blackberry jam scones, danish butter cookies, hint tree bark. I imagine this smells like an afternoon at a cozy café with a steamy cup of tea.
4. Hello Autumn– Pumpkin chai latte, baked orange bread pudding, vanilla whisky frosting. The orange smells so wonderful in this, it’s a perfect, surprising pairing with the pumpkin and tea notes. There’s a whiff of whisky that’s coming off as vanilla extract here, this is my favorite pumpkin scent in this sampler.
5. Pumpkin Spice Frosted Oatmeal Cookies – Vanilla frosting, clove, pumpkin spice, fresh baked oatmeal cookies. This is our favorite oatmeal cookies blend with a welcome addition of pumpkin.
6. Scarecrow – Charred hay bales, wood fire, smoked berries, autumn air. We really wanted to capture the smell of your favorite Halloween haunt here, like a haunted hayride or corn field maze. The hay notes are pronounced here with a nice smoky edge that reminds you of fog machine and lit torches. This one is Chris’ favorite.
7. FALLing For You- Fresh apple strudel, gooey marshmallows, caramel custard, crunchy pistachio. The crisp apple notes hit your nose first. Next, the creamy sweet caramel and nutty pistachio hit. This smells bright and refreshing.
8. Sugar N’ Spiced Cider- Bourbon spiked cider, rich caramel, pomegranates, whipped cream. This is a gorgeous decadent blend. I imagine drinking this in a handsomely furnished bar. The pomegranate complements the apple tones and the whipped cream adds a necessary smoothness.
9. Soft Focus - Cardamom, spiced peaches, merlot, wild Madagascar vanilla. This is a wild card blend that I’m so pleased to share. Don’t be scared of the ‘spice’ in this. It creates a gorgeous frame to the sweet peaches that reminds you of snickerdoodles. The unique vanilla is a sophisticated twist to this peaches n cream.
10. Fall Vibes - Dried figs, whipped cream, raspberry black tea, cinnamon, guiacwood, vanilla ice cream. It’s strange that this blend reminds me of the color aubergine, a rich maroon color. The tart figs sing a sweet note with the cinnamon and smoky woods. I added black tea for sophistication.