ALCHEMY BAGS -RTS Choose Your Scent- Valentines 2021

ALCHEMY BAGS -RTS Choose Your Scent- Valentines 2021

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These are alchemy bags filled with various shapes that you can slice and add to your warmer as much as you need. 3.8-4.0 oz for $5

As The World Falls Down- Masculine woods, bergamot, cedarwood, toasted marshmallow, birch

Beneath The Milky Twilight- Toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel, salty sea air

Death By Chocolate Mint- Creamy cookie dough, crunchy chocolate cookie, peppermint

Fireside Stories- Crackling fire, frankincense, smoked woods, cedarwood

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree- Blue spruce, balsam, tree sap, sweet vanilla

Kiss Her! Kiss Her!- Rosemary mint, sweet peppermint, vanilla ice cream, lollipops

Laundry Club- ylang ylang, pink orchid, bergamot, flannel sheets

Love Birds- Fresh strawberries, champagne toast, crushed rose petals

Love Song- House shave cream, vanilla, sweet peppermint, red delicious apple

Melt With You- Dark cacao beans, coriander, black pepper, masculine woods, vanilla, tonka bean

Pinkalicious Cake- Strawberry, watermelon, pink lemonade, birthday cake, sprinkles

Witching Hour- Dragon’s blood, coffee grounds, toasted chocolate, tobacco