AIMEE FISH SASAKI Custom Listing - 8 oz bags -4 week tat

AIMEE FISH SASAKI Custom Listing - 8 oz bags -4 week tat

This order is specially made for AIMEE FISH SASAKI.  If you are not this person, please move along! Please add your blends into your cart one by one to purchase them.
Please remember the turnaround time for this order is up to 4 weeks from the date purchased.  Due to hot weather, we will also have ice packs and mylar available for purchase to prevent melting.

The following blends are offered in 8 oz empire bags in different shapes in polypropylene bags $10 each:

1. Just Breathe

2. Sweet Cheeks

3. Mango Guava Bubbles

4. 7th and Fig

5. Barbie and Ken

6. Earl Grey Cookies

7. I Knew I Loved You

8. Aquamarine

9. The Huntress

10. Southern California Winter

11. Strawberry Bread Pancakes

12. Mango Matcha Cone

13. Hazelnut coffee cookie butter

14. Melon Cream Soda

15. Pineapple Frost Kitties

16. Hot buttered bread/ sweet lemonade

17. Neon Lights

18. The Smell of Comfort

19. Green mango+melon+aloe+yuzu

20. Honeydew strawberry guava