TIME: 6/05 - 6/09



               //New blends//

               /Alchemy bags $5/ 4 oz/

  1. __________Ramune Sorbet – fizzy Japanese soda sorbet with waffle cone
  2. __________Midsummer’s Nightmare (reformulated)- Midsummer Night dupe, blue sugar, campfire marshmallows
  3. __________Snow Milk Pineapple Strawberry- Icy creamy pineapple and strawberry sweetened with condensed milk and cookie crumbles
  4. __________Cotton candy frosting, avocado and sea salt, lemon sugar drop
  5. __________Blood orange cupcakes- blood orange, buttercream, lemon poundcake, birthday cake
  6. ­__________Sea salt blend, dragonfruit
  7. __________Mac apple, winter candy apple, cola, fizzy soda
  8. __________Plumeria fruity blend (working on either pineapple, apple, mango, coconut, watermelon, honeydew, peaches, dragonfruit, passionfruit, pear)
  9. __________Mango Matcha Cone- Mango sorbet, fruity loops, green tea, waffle cone, vanilla icecream
  10. __________Barista’s Breakfast- Affogato (house coffee and icecream blend), cinnamon strudel, vanilla crumb donut, whipped cream


//Returning Blends//

/specialty shapes or loaf/

  1. __________Princess Cake- (CAKE SLICE 6 oz- $7.80) raspberry jam, toasted pistachio, almond marzipan, yellow sponge cake, whipped cream
  2. __________ (Beneath The) Milky Twilight- (HALF LOAF 8 oz+-$10) salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel
  3. __________Mermaid Tears (HALF LOAF 8 oz+- $10)- rosemary mint, twisted peppermint, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel
  4. __________Pistachio Lush (HALF LOAF 8 oz+-$10) pistachio pudding cake, toasted marshmallow, birthday cake, buttercream
  5. __________Deep Sea Slumber (HALF LOAF 8 oz+- $10)-empire lavender, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel


/Alchemy bags $5/4 oz/

  1. __________7th and Fig- Strawberry shortcake, fig jam, rhubarb, citrus bakery
  2. __________Hawaii Vacay- mango, papaya, pineapple frost kitties, vanilla icecream
  3. __________Manila Sun- mango sorbet, honeydew, hint of lemon sugar, twinkies
  4. __________Malevolent Mermaid- coconut milk, peppermint, vanilla, rosemary mint
  5. __________Stoked- eucalyptus, spearmint, rainbow sherbet, vanilla icecream
  6. __________Belmont - black cherry, fizzy cola
  7. __________Hawaiian Print- lady kaiulani (hibiscus island flowers and fruit), April downy fresh
  8. __________Bikini Bottom- pina colada, tropic suntan, papaya, lemon sugar drop
  9. __________You Glow Girl!- beachy blend, pomegranate, osmanthus, light floral
  10. __________Truly Outrageous- orange sherbet, lemon sugar, lemon rind shortbread cookies
  11. __________Lavender Sugar Cookies- empire lavender, soft sugar cookies, buttercream icing, hint of lemon
  12. __________Lady Kaiulani- hibiscus, island flowers, mango sorbet
  13. __________Strange and Unusual- dying roses, citrus, salted marshmallow
  14. __________She Rocks It- honeydew, watermelon, jasmine
  15. __________Apple Cart- red delicious apple, icecream scoop bread, toasted marshmallow, pizzelle, hint of pink sugar
  16. __________Can’t Rain All The Time- fresh rain, asphalt, salty tears, sweet finish
  17. __________Shy Violet- earl grey tea, lavender, peppermint, marshmallows, hint of chocolate
  18. ­__________Pink Tiffany-pink bon puff (bubblegum, mallows, cotton candy, pizzelle), toffee cupcakes
  19. __________Wildberry Blackberry Lemonade- juicy, creamy, fruity wildberry, blackberry lemonade with fresh sugarcane


/Clamshells $4.25 / 3 oz/

  1. __________Perseus- grass, soft musk, watery floral, mint, tarragon, lavender, sandalwood
  2. __________Hello Sunshine- lemon pound cake, carmelized sugar, creamy custard
  3. __________God Is In The Rain- stormy rain, clean grass scent blended with salted marshmallow
  4. __________The Smell of Comfort- Mango, mandarins, apple, light floral, and fluffy sweaters
  5. __________Learn To Rest, Not Quit-out-of-the-dryer blanket, white tea, and red currant berries
  6. __________Surf Shack- coconut salt taffy, lime margaritas
  7. __________Black Sea Vanilla Apple- oceanic masculine with tonka bean, vanilla icecream, red delicious apple
  8. __________Salt and Pepper
  9. __________Cobra Kai
  10. __________Sweet Cheeks