# thru C - 8 oz Empire Bags- Ready To Ship -rts320

# thru C - 8 oz Empire Bags- Ready To Ship -rts320

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8 oz Empire bags are $10 each. Comes in a variety of shapes for easy melting.  Break off or slice a piece as needed to fill a room with fragrance.

7th & Fig- Strawberry Shortcake, fig jam, rhubarb, citrus bakery

Ann- Clean cypress, jasmine, bayberry, white florals, french vanilla, violet, musk

Antique Vanilla- Woody oak, warm vanilla, sage

Aquamarine- Breezy coconut, fresh laundry, mangoes

Autumn Hike- Toasted almond, maple leaves, vanilla, fresh roasted coffee

Barista’s Breakfast- Affogato, cinnamon strudel, vanilla crumb donut, whipped cream

Belmont- Black cherry, fizzy cola

Beneath The Milky Twilight- Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Beverly Hills Hotel- Paramour (pear vanilla blend) orange blossom, greenery, tahitian vanilla, toasted marshmallow

Bewitched Pumpkin- Guaicwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred berries, clove studded pumpkin

Birthday Loop + Lemonade (custom by Ryan Bermont)

Black Heart- Blackberry jam, lavender, fizzy pop

Black Kitten- Lemon curd, cream puffs, nilla wafers, hint jasmine

Black Tea Oudh-Black tea, oud wood, hint pipe tobacco

Blackbeard- Ocean air, warm amber, vanilla, sea salt, tonka bean, salty sea air

Boys of Summer- Cool clear water cologne, icy peppermint, laundromat

Bulletproof Coffee- Roasted Coffee, coconut cream, butterscotch marshmallow, heavy cream

Camp Anawanna- Toasted pinecone, tonka beans, cedarwood, marshmallows, woods

Camping At The Beach-

Can’t Rain All The Time- Fresh rain, asphalt, salty tears, sweet finish

Cara Mia Apple- Sweet caramel apple, cream cheese frosting, pizzelle

Cardigans and Coffee- Cardamom seed, vanilla bean noel, tonka bean, fresh coffee

Cashmere and Sand- Cocoa butter cashmere, driftwood, salt, ocean breeze

Cherry Chip Waffle Cone- Fresh baked cherry chip cake, vanilla ice cream, white fudge, waffle cone

Clouds In My Coffee- Rich coffee, whipped cream, rice krispie treats, butterbrickle pie

Coco Palm Mojito- Muddled mint leaves, cane sugar, fresh lime

Comfort and Joy- Woods, smoke, black coffee, creamy marshmallow

Conch Shell Bread- Lemon curd, sugar cookies, coconut milk, black cherry

Cool Cat Shave- House shave cream, empire lavender, vanilla, salty sea air

Cotton candy herbal lavender laundromat (custom by Sasha Newman)- notes in name

Crushed Candy Cane Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes (custom by Ana Stefani)