Alchemy Bags - Ready-To-Ship LIMITED RELEASE - Choose Your Scent

Alchemy Bags - Ready-To-Ship LIMITED RELEASE - Choose Your Scent

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These are alchemy bags filled with various shapes that you can slice and add to your warmer as much as you need. 3.8-4.0 oz for $5

  1. Autumn People- wet leaves, autumn squash, oak, sage, greenery
  2. Dead of Night- smoked fire logs, charred berries, smoked woods, blue spruce, marshmallow fireside
  3. Autumn Hike- toasted almond, maple leaves, vanilla, roasted coffee
  4. Broomstick- white birch, maple leaves, white winter linen
  5. Earl Grey Cookies- floral tea notes, creamy biscuit cookies
  6. Renegade- Earthen oak, oud wood, rosewood, oakmoss
  7. Bewitched- Guiacwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred wood, smoked berries, marshmallow
  8. Exploding Pumpkins- Blueberry cobbler, cranberry muffins, vanilla chai, toasted pumpkin crunch
  9. Over The River- wet leaves, icy wind, cold rain
  10. Raven’s Brew- Hot coffee, cream, leaves type, pumpkin cream cheese roll
  11. Into The Woods- Aged teakwood, white tea, vanilla, woodland, berries
  12. My Obsession- Warm musk, cedar, vetiver, line dried blankets, dry fall leaves, chilling wind
  13. Death By Chocolate Mint- Creamy cookie dough, dark chocolate, vanilla, peppermint
  14. Fall Festival- Gooey rice krispies, kettle corn, toasted almonst, flaky croissant, orange marmalade
  15. Haddonfield- Dry leaves, tree bark, fire roasted marshallows, sweet pumpkin pastries
  16. Witching Hour- Dragon's blood, coffee grounds, toasted chocolate, tobacco

This list is always changing.  If you need scent descriptions, please find them here: