8 oz Empire Bags- Ready To Ship
8 oz Empire Bags- Ready To Ship

8 oz Empire Bags- Ready To Ship

8 oz Empire bags are $10 and will be available 4/18/19 at 6 pm pst.
Perseus- Sea grass, soft musk, watery floral, mint, tarragon, lavender, sandalwood
Petrichor- fresh dirt, sugar cane, grass and fresh air
Desert Bloom - blue agave, cilantro, lime and vodka
Diamond Tears- lavender, salty sea air and cupcakes at Tiffany's
Big Bad Wolf - Hazelnut coffee, campfire marshmallow, donut, spiced caramel strudel
Ghost - house blend salted marshmallows
Vampire Hunter - Cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, hint leather, downy april fresh
Deadly Donuts - Roasted coffee beans, donuts, butterscotch brittle, icecream
Apres Ski - eucalyptus, spearmint, marshmallow
Hawaiian Print- lady kaiulani (hibiscus island flowers and fruit), April downy fresh
King Tide - Coconut milk, manly oceanic notes with sea salt, amber, mimosas
Birthday Mermaid- Birthday cake, pineapples, mangoes, mexican fried icecream
Manila Sun - mango sorbet, honeydew, hint of lemon sugar, twinkies
Conch Shell Bread - Lemon curd, sugar cookies, coconut milk, black cherry
Lady Kaiulani - hibiscus flowers, jasmine, tropical florals, mango sorbet
Belmont - black cherry, fizzy cola
Sailor’s Lament - Beach dried linen, black coconut (island blossom, cedarwood, coconut)
Rainbow Donuts- fruity pebbles, fruity loops, marshmallows, vanilla crumb donut
Laundry on The Zephyr - fresh laundry, baby's breath, lily of the valley with clean air
Cruel Summer - Pineapple sherbet, orange pushpop, coconut milk, mango sorbet, Milkita Strawberry
LoveSpell Icecream - love spell, vanilla icecream with a hint of creamy berries
My Obsession- Warm musk, cedar, vetiver, line dried blankets, dry fall leaves, chilling wind
Raspberry Jam Waffle Pancakes- raspberry drenched waffles with fluffy pancake
Barista’s Breakfast- Affogato, cinnamon strudel, vanilla crumb donut, whipped cream
#GIRLBOSS- Watermelon juice, frozen cherry slush, spun sugar, caramelized vanilla
Mimi Cakes- fruity loops, sweet lavender, cream cheese frosted cupcakes
Vintage Tee Laundry- A strong, sunny fresh laundry blend
Citrine- zesty, fresh, nostril opening citrus with a hint of lavender
Pomona 1888- floral orange blossoms, jasmine, petitgrain, sandalwood
So Cal Winter - cold air and heavy rain through the leaves and Redwoods
Black Beard - ocean air, warm amber, vanilla, sea salt, tonka bean, salty sea air
Evil Within- House shave cream, woody vanilla, roasted pecans, sage, mahogany, cedar, cologne, cane sugar.
Black Pearl- Pink Sugar, black pepper, patchouli, and salty sea air
Red Hood- Fresh strawberry, fig jam, cornbread, campfire marshmallows
Main St. Parade - Waffle cone, vanilla icecream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn
Mrs. Pott’s Spot O Tea-
Lavender Sugar Cookies- empire lavender, soft sugar cookies, buttercream icing, hint of lemon
Cobra Kai- coconut, tobacco, caramel notes, 80s era cologne
Gimme Some Sugar - Blue sugar, cedar, spice, marshmallow fireside, vanilla
Daisy Dukes Bikinis On Top- Copper coconut, cotton candy, Hawaiian tropic, juicy pineapples
Tiki Room Whip- Soft serve pineapple with heavy cream, with hints of citrus sorbet. A much creamier version of our Pineapple Frost.
Morticia- Dried roses, myrrh, frankincense and fresh grave soil
Black Sea Vanilla Apple - oceanic masculine with tonka bean, vanilla icecream, red delicious apple
Lavender Caramel Latte - creamy lavender with caramel and frothy latte
Huntress - pear, pomegranate, blood orange, pine, woods, marshmallow fireside, lord of misrule type
Jupiter Street - orange blossom, bergamot, house shave cream, whipped cream
Song of Ice and Fire- Blended Jon and Dany with icy woods notes and warm sands with salty air.