8 oz Empire Bags- Ready To Ship

8 oz Empire Bags- Ready To Ship

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8 oz Empire bags are $10 
**UPDATED 12/27**
*Available in RTS  Empire Bags 8 oz $10

Smooth Tobacco: woodsy sweet tobacco, smooth warm caramel with an Amber background

Southern California Winter: heavy rain, leaves, redwoods and fresh cold air

Hazelnut Coffee Cookie Butter: hazelnut coffee, whipped cream, with a hint of condensed milk and House Cookie Butter

Stoked: eucalyptus, spearmint, rainbow sherbet and vanilla ice cream

Little Boy Blue: blueberries, butterscotch, cornbread cake and hazelnut coffee

Nom Nom: angel food cake, vanilla crumb doughnut, sugar cookies and soft pretzels

Apple Cart: red delicious apple, ice cream scoop bread, toasted marshmallow, pizzelle and a hint of pink sugar

Moonlight On Linen: line dried linen, white tea, lemon blossom, amber, geranium, musk, woods and patchouli

Everest: An icy, beautiful blend of rosemary, twisted peppermint, shave cream, and lemon vanilla

Sympathy For The Angel: vanilla ice cream, tonka bean, vanilla waffle cone

Ice Blue Shave: our own Blue Sugar Shave with Twisted Peppermint

Diamond Tears: sweet lavender, salty sea air, toasted marshmallow and Cupcakes With Tiffany

Kitchen Sink Cookies: caramel, chocolate, vanilla cookies, pretzels and sea salt

I Knew I Loved You: pink sugar, immaculate laundry and whipped cream

Rose Milk Minty: caramelized cotton candy, musk, fresh cut roses, twisted peppermint and whipped cream

Bo Peep: cotton sheets, lavender fields, lavender chamomile

The Huntress: 6 Underground, cool earth, gentle mossy greens

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