Made-To-Order Wax Bars Better Together 2020- 20 day TAT

Made-To-Order Wax Bars Better Together 2020- 20 day TAT

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These are offered in wax bars 2.4-2.8 oz $3.50.  Turn around time (TAT) is 20 business days.  This will stay open until February 25th. 

We’re back with another stunning Better Together Collection for 2020!  This year, we’re focusing on lovers in literature. I wanted to create a collection of fresh clean notes for each character that are beautiful in their own right but can combine with their mate to make an absolutely gorgeous fragrance.  As if out of the pages of a well loved book, we’ll take you through a story of love whether it be sweetly innocent, tempestuous, or admirably steadfast. I hope that if you read these books as I have, you’ll come to understand the complexity and energy of these characters with the notes paired for them.  

(example: blend #1- Romeo alone, blend #2- Juliet alone, blend #3- melt Romeo and Juliet together to make “Star Crossed Lovers”)

Couple #1 Romeo and Juliet: This is love at first sight.  This is that whirlwind feeling that makes your heart leap and ache while you loved in your youth. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!" Romeo is elegantly displayed with rich, spritely masculine tones with a hint of italian leather.  Juliet is introduced with young rose and fragrant orange blossom to boost its beauty. This hint of floral is grounded with deep blond woods with an overall air of sweetness to the blend.

  1. Romeo: Citrus, vetiver, oakmoss, white birch, background Italian leather
  2. Juliet: Fresh rose petals, orange blossom, mandarins, blonde woods, tonka bean, amber

Blended together: Star Crossed Lovers

Couple #2 Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth: We loved watching the witty banter between these two yet longed for them to overcome their misunderstandings.  The dynamic between them is so timeless, we see their characters today in movies like Bridget Jones’ Diary and You’ve Got Mail. Stoic, shy Darcy is represented in a Burberry Brit type with a clean accord of fresh bank notes while Elizabeth comes in for tea after a brisk walk through the English countryside with notes of hay, earth and hint of laundry.  Together you get a light fresh accord with a nice earthy grounding.

  1. Darcy: Lemon, ginger, amber, vanilla musk, freshly inked bank notes
  2. Elizabeth: Mown hay, mud soaked skirt hems, country meadow grass, steamy earl grey tea

Blended together: Pride and Prejudice

Couple #3  Rochester and Jane: This love transcends age and social status. “it is my spirit that addresses your spirit; just as if both had passed through the grave, and we stood at God's feet, equal--as we are!”  Rochester, who is 20 years her senior, is dark and brooding with cold heavy rain at Thornfield Hall and sensuous wood while plain prudent Jane is represented as a strong feminine vanilla that unveils a base gorgeous of herbal florals, lavender, and sweetness. 

  1. Rochester: Heavy rain, leaves, cold air, watery accord, dark musk, sensual sandalwood 
  2. Jane: White sandalwood, floral vanilla, lavender, olibanum, chamomile, hint sugar. 

Blended together: Reader, I Married HIm

Couple #4 Gatsby and Daisy:  Remembering love from the past seems so much brighter as the days trudge on doesn’t it?  We watched this couple reignite that roaring flame as they dallied on the beaches and docks at Gatsby’s opulent estate.  We’ve captured Gatsby with sporty masculine notes with a dash of sand and luxurious scent of a fresh suit. Delicate-as-a-flower Daisy is represented with airy whispery florals with a grounding of french vanilla lace and pearls. 

  1. Gatsby: Dark water, ozone, coriander, patchouli, warm beach sand, clean pressed linen
  2. Daisy: Day lilies, violet, delicate fresh daisies, vanilla lace

Blended together: Boats Against The Current

Couple #5 Oberon and Titania: The tempestuous love of these long-time partners is even changing the weather in the woodlands of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We captured the stubborn nature of Oberon with masculine watery notes backed with Midsummer’s Night type on a bed of patchouli and moss. Titania’s light fairy-like nature is demonstrated in sensual florals doused with fruity musky Lovespell and striking note of clean Ivory. 

  1. Oberon: Thunderous rainstorm, Midsummer’s Night type, patchouli, peppermint, moss
  2. Titania: Fruity Lovespell type, clean Ivory soap, soft floral, hint violet

Blended Together: A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Couple #6 Odysseus and Penelope: Greek literature very rarely demonstrates steadfast love like that of Penelope and Odysseus. They are both strong, clever characters who fought for 20 years reunite.  Odysseus is finally revealed as Penelope’s true husband when she mentions their marriage bed was to be moved. Odysseus is angry at this because he built that bed by hand, out of a great, living olive tree.  Moving it would destroy it and thus the marriage bed became a symbol of the strength of their marriage. Odysseus’ blend reflects his long sea voyage with strong aquatic masculine notes and salty sea spray. It blends beautifully with Penelope’s cleansing bergamot, olive woods and green citrusy laundry.  

  1. Odysseus: Fresh Coast soap, oceanic masculine notes, amber, sea salt, blue agave
  2. Penelope: Clean cotton, floral Olive Branch type, bergamot, geranium, oakmoss

Blended together: The Rooted Marriage Bed