I love 80s Horror Box-MINUS SLASHFEST - READY-TO-SHIP - wax melts and body care
I love 80s Horror Box-MINUS SLASHFEST - READY-TO-SHIP - wax melts and body care

I love 80s Horror Box-MINUS SLASHFEST - READY-TO-SHIP - wax melts and body care

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"I love 80s Horror box" . Features all new blends, new wax (yes!) and neon 80s retro radness... I know, you've seen horror for Halloween, but this time enjoy it with an Empire Alchemy spin on it with deadly sweet laundry, deep dark woods, and dastardly delectable bakery. You're also going to see some new things from EA. We're starting to play with different textures of wax to give you an entertaining way to enjoy scent. We want you to have some fun with this!
I Love 80s Horror
We’re celebrating the decade that defined a new kind of horror where visual effects finally caught up to the gory imaginings of horror fans and movie makers. We’re thinking stacks of dog-eared VHS tapes full of neon graphics, scream queens, zombies, vampires, and tall, dark and gruesome slashers that is the stuff of nightmares. So yes, we’re thinking of all the typical 80s horror tropes that ever graced your CRT screens.
*This order will come with a custom one-of-a-kind festively decorated box with VHS detail and bright neon crinkle packaging. Inside you’ll find 7 all new blends in different textures and offerings. You’ll get scented wax melts, travel size lotion, an (EA first!) odor-neutralizing linen spray, and a vial of liquid scented warming oil for low wattage warmers (a new EA concoction!). .
*The Final Girl ( travel size lotion): This features our moisturizing lotions in a convenient 2 oz bottle (net wt. 1.8 oz) She’s the last one to kill at the end of the movie. She’s probably an innocent virgin with a great set of pipes. We’ve captured that purity in a cozy sweet cashmere blend with muguet and florals that’s grounded with strong white woods. I’m thinking Laurie Strode’s comfy beige cardigan or Nancy Thompson’s gorgeous hair and white nightie (Halloween and Nightmare on Elm St. respectively).
Notes: Cocoa Butter Cashmere+white birch+Amazing Grace (type)+Vanilla
*Jump Scare (1.8 oz scent cup): You know something is there but it GIVES YOU A SCARE! It makes you jump out of your seat and toss popcorn at your BFF. But we couldn’t just make this a classic movie popcorn blend. We blended gooey sweetness, mahogany, and a hint of whiskey at the very end to add a richness to our Popcorn Garland blend.
Notes: Movie theater butter popcorn+caramel+gooey marshmallow+rich woods+hint of whiskey
*The Nightmare (travel size odor neutralizing linen spray 4 ml): They always come at you in your nightmares. Or the most gruesome scenes are really just dreams… or are they? Herbal, lush lavender is given some weight with woody tobacco and a complex melange of florals, woods, and amber for a perfect “go back to sleep” concoction for sweet dreams.
Twilight lavender type+sweet tobacco+white florals+amber+woods+musk
*Vampire Alchemy (1.8 oz scent cup): This is the decade that gave rise to the teen heartthrob vampire. Head to Santa Carla with this blend of spun cotton candy and sweet citrus balanced with a touch of nighttime snuggable laundry.
Notes: Sweet lemon+cotton candy+sugar crystals+snuggable laundry
*Graveyard Shift (1.8 oz scent cup): It’s the middle of the night and the killer’s on the loose. He always downs the unlucky security guard or night nurse or the hot boyfriend who nodded off. STAY AWAKE with classic vanilla crumb donut and ice cream scoop bread, smoked cedar doused in brown sugar with just a creeping hint of coffee in the background.
Vanilla crumb donut+ice cream scoop bread+vanilla ice cream+smoked cedar+brown sugar+hint of coffee
*Ectoplasm (new! 1.7 oz liquid warming oil): We gave that high fructose Ecto-cooler a thought, but decided to give this blend a bit of a grown-up cocktail spin with sweet lime juice, mojito, fresh bamboo, and a touch of Mountain Dew bubbles. The bamboo offers an airy crispness with a woody grounding for this blend, it’s a really perfect aroma despite its messy, gooey texture.
Notes: Lime juice+mint mojito+fresh bamboo+Mountain Dew bubbles
*Better Off Un-Dead (1.8 oz scent cup): This is a nod to Michael Jackson’s Thriller as well as George A. Romero’s Living Dead series. We were thinking dry, musky tones with a hint of cologne from your boyfriend’s favorite jacket. Deep savory woods, black pepper, coriander, musk and ambergris blend nicely with freshly tumbled laundry.
Notes: Savory woods+black pepper+coriander+musk+dryer fresh towels+green iris+verbena+ambergris