EMPIRE BAGS March EXTRAS 2022- Ready-to-Ship

EMPIRE BAGS March EXTRAS 2022- Ready-to-Ship

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Empire Bags 8 oz $11.60. You will receive a bag of triangle shapes totaling 8 oz. You can cut or use .6 oz or 1 oz of wax in your wax warmer to release fragrance. These items are ready to ship.


  1. Agate- Clean and Comfy laundry, green apple, dove soap
  2. Almond Milk Tea- A steamy cup of amaretto, steeped black tea, cream and sugar
  3. Autumn Wedding (reformulated)- Sweet figs, fresh woods, burnt sugar, wedding cake
  4. Blossom Tea- Aromatic white tea with floral notes, orange blossom water
  5. Blue Crush- Neroli, sea salt, water florals, vodka, sea kelp
  6. Boba Milk Tea- Vanilla cream, brown sugar boba, vanilla fudge, and black tea
  7. Boysenberry Pancakes- House blend boysenberry jam, whipped cream, buttered pancakes
  8. Coachella- Karma Lush type, juicy tangerine, blue spruce
  9. Doll Face- White velvet bow, fruity pebbles, ivory soap
  10. Friday Milk Tea- Lavender, peppermint marshmallow, green milk tea
  11. Hearthside Coffee- Gingerbread cake, caramel, vanilla latte, vanilla crumb donut, hint hot cocoa
  12. Here Lies…- 6 Underground, vapor elixir, stone washed laundry
  13. Lavender Luxury- Sea salt, lavender sprigs, carmelized cotton candy, musk
  14. London Fog+Biscuit- Earl Grey Cookies, lavender sprigs, whipped cream
  15. Main Street Parade- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fresh fried beignets, kettle corn. 
  16. Main Street Strawberry- Waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fried beignets, kettle corn, sweet strawberries
  17. Michigan Donuts- Apple Cider Donuts
  18. Monstera- Carnivorous vines, fresh mango, stone washed laundry
  19. Moonlight On Linen+Palo Santo- Palo Santo, line dried linen, white tea, lemon blossom, amber, geranium, woods, patchouli
  20. Oolong Tea- Black tea, green tea, earthy roasted notes
  21. Oxford Not Brogues- Earl grey tea, cedarwood, fresh pressed white linen, rich amber
  22. Pistachio Lush- Pistachio pudding cake, toasted marshmallow, birthday cake, buttercream
  23. Power Up- Key Lime curd, pie crust, vanilla cream, pineapple upside down cake
  24. Rabbit Moon- White florals, bergamot, tonka bean, oakmoss, raspberry
  25. Sapphire Falls- roasted pine cones, moss evergreen, watery accord, jasmine
  26. Shoreline- Rainbow sherbet, strawberries, parma violets, white caps
  27. Soft Focus- Cardamom, spiced peaches, merlot, wild madagascar vanilla
  28. Tide Pools- Fresh clean coast soap, sea kelp, wild madagascar vanilla
  29. Hazelnut Coffee Cookie Butter