Alchemy Bags - Ready-To-Ship

Alchemy Bags - Ready-To-Ship

Ready-To-Ship Alchemy Bags 3.8 oz to 4.0 oz $5

Note: Turnaround time is 7 business days for Ready-To-Ship.  If these items are combined with Made-To-Order items, the order will ship when the Made-To-Order is ready.

Alchemy Bags 3.8-4 oz $5 
*The Awkward Flirt: sweet lavender, hint of dark chocolate, Fierce cologne, Downy Fresh

*Friday Milk Tea: Lavender, sweet peppermint, marshmallow and creamy green tea

*Moon and Stars: Toasted pistachio, blueberry cobbler, peeps, icecream scoop bread

*King In The North: cocoa butter, Dirty type and sweet peppermint

*So Cal Winter: heavy rain, redwoods, fresh cold air and leaves

*Midsummer's Nightmare: Midsummer's Night, Blue Sugar and campfire

*Secret Love Letters: lavender letters, Pink Sugar and cedar wood

*Golden Barber: Shaving Cream, citrus, sandalwood and fresh tonka beans 

*Rose Gold Sugar Cookies: pink sugar, iced cookies and orange chiffon cake

*Black Pearl: Pink Sugar, black pepper, patchouli, Salty Sea Air

*Red Hood: Fresh strawberry, fig jam, corn bread, campfire marshmallow

*Dragon Marsh: Dragon's Blood, sweet fruity musky perfume, campfire marshmallows

*Semi-Charmed Life: Vanillary type, tonka beans, Marshmallow Fireside, flannel sheets

*Blue Monday: The Smell of Comfort, Downy Blue tumbled towels and Blue Sugar