Assorted Empire Bags- Ready To Ship- March 2021

Assorted Empire Bags- Ready To Ship- March 2021

Assorted Empire Bags 8 oz $13.50

7th and fig- Strawberry shortcake, fig jam, rhubarb, citrus bakery

A Change of Heart- Maraschino cherries, clean linen, ivy, tonka beans, amber

Beneath The Milky Twilight- Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel

Big Bad Wolf- Hazelnut coffee, campfire marshmallow, donuts, spiced caramel strudel

Bride of Frankenstein- Kaffir lime leaves, sea salt, fresh laundry

But First, Coffee!- Amber, teakwood, black coffee, charred marshmallow, whisky

Buttercup- Raindrops, tears, rides in the countryside, marshmallow fireside

Capistrano Beach- Cocoa Butter Cashmere, suntan lotion, vetiver, sea salt

Coffin Dance- Dried blueberries, rosewood, cedar, Cuban tobacco

Cruel Summer- Pineapple sherbet, orange pushpop, coconut milk, mango sorbet, milkita strawberry

Cup O Cozy- Earl grey tea, dark chocolate, peppermint stick, vanilla lace

Deep Boo Sea- Blue sugar, salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, amber, oceanic notes

Earl Grey Cookies- Floral tea notes, creamy biscuit cookies

Fall Festival- Gooey rice krispies, kettle corn, toasted almonds, flaky croissant, orange marmalade

Heart Locket- Peach gummies, grapefruit, fizzy soda, fruity cereal

Hearthside Coffee- Gingerbread cake, caramel, vanilla latte, vanilla crumb donut, hint hot cocoa

Houndstooth- Winter linen, fresh cut bamboo, tangerine

Jade- water kissed fern, citrus, rock sugar, green florals, rosewood

Jim-Black coffee and white woods

Mango Guava Bubbles- Fruity mango, tangy guava, effervescent soda

Mango Matcha Cone- Green tea, fruit loops, mango, vanilla ice cream, waffle cone

Oh What Fun- Vanilla birch, white currant, sugar cane, aloe

Pam- Black tea, heavy cream, ‘pam’cakes, wedding cake

Petrichor- Rainforest sugarcane, fresh dirt, grass, fresh air

Porcelain- White Clouds, Downy Blue type, lily of thr valley, lavender, fresh bamboo

Quiet Time- Japanese pear, ginseng, earl grey tea, vanilla

Rabbit Moon- White floral, bergamot, tonka bean, oakmoss, raspberry

Rip Tide- Oceanic notes, amber, sea salt, figs, blood orange

Rose Gold Sugar Cookies- Pink sugar, iced vanilla cookies, orange chiffon cake

Spa Strawberry- Fresh strawberry, lemon zest, lemongrass, patchouli, green leaves

Teeny Wahine- Key lime curd, coconut milk, rainbow sherbet

The Laundry Club- Ylang ylang, pink orchid, bergamot, flannel sheets

Ugly Christmas Sweater- White linen, pink sugar, peppermint

White Flamingo- Orange blossoms, vanilla bubbles, vanilla ice cream, mimosas

Winter Wedding- Cozy woods, white birch, vanilla, smoldering woods

WoodCutter’s Cottage- Shave cream, bayberry, black forest

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini- Beachy coconut, sweet pear, fresh Tide laundry