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What are Experimentals? Experimentals are limited release blends that we are currently experimenting with.  They may return as part of the permanent scent menu or may be tweaked in a blend in the future or may not come back at all.  When you melt these, let us know your favorites!

New blends added 3/05/2020

1. Gravitas- Temple smoke, Lord of Misrule type, woodsy oak, amber. All these notes play with the patchouli note in Misrule. A must try if you like woodsy earthy notes.

2. Cosmic Moontini- House blend lavender lemonade. Sugar crystals, juicy lemon, balanced blend of tangy lemonade and cotton candy covered with lavender sprigs.

4. Sweetie Pie- Our version of Lush’s discontinued blend of Sweetie Pie, not really a dupe. Coconut milk, black cherry, black currant tea with a hint of green citrus freshness.

5. Ocean of Stars- White clouds laundry, white tea, sweet white florals. This smells like a dream, not perfumey or powdery. It has a light airyness with a tea and woodsy base.

6. California Poppy- Golden opium, barley grass, balsamic amyris, and geranium. The California state flower, with an aroma that reminds me of standing in a field during a super bloom.

7. Maiden Voyage- Sea Kelp, coconut sorbet, sea salt, limoncello. If mermaids could make a drink! This is a blend of watery freshness with a meaty coconut husk note. The sea salt makes the sweetness more sweet in this.

8. Kingston- Barbershop 1920’s, sea salt, clover, Green Irish Tweed, ozone, moss, and vetiver. Take a deep sniff of this one. There’s a transition of creamy shave cream notes, to a woody richness to a sharp ozonic salt at the end of this. Very masculine nature, gorgeous to melt in a luxurious space.

9. Nighty Night- Lavender white woods, BBW Flannel type, lavender sprigs, dove soap. Feels like the last hour before bed, you've got clean freshly blown dry hair, your best nightie, about to snuggle into freshly laundered sheets.

10. Empress- I thought of a pineapple farm in Hawaii. A unique blend of fresh squeezed pineapple, brisk salty sweet ocean air, and myrrh. The salt and myrrh REALLY bring out the gorgeousness of the pineapple.

11. Golden Hour- If you could just smell the skin of a bronzed California girl basking in the sun. Tropical fruits and citrus, pink peppercorns, mandarins, and sea salt. Truly unique EA blend.

12. Night Owl- Rich Bulletproof Coffee (smooth coffee, creamy coconut, and butter) blended with lavender sprigs and danish butter cookies. A lot of notes to create a richly blended aroma

13. The Sweet Spot- Summery laundry blend of Cotton tree linen, papaya, Coconut Cabana ( coconut, cocoa butter, and plantains) with a sea salt finish. Excellent symphony of summer smells here.