EXPERIMENTAL Cups Ready To Ship (restocked)
EXPERIMENTAL Cups Ready To Ship (restocked)

EXPERIMENTAL Cups Ready To Ship (restocked)

What are Experimentals? These are small batches of blends we are working on for the shop. We may tweak the formula later or move it to our permanent scent list or the blend may never come back again. You may see the blend used in more complex blends as well. Either way, you're getting a chance to try something new that may never come back. Moonlight Linen, Rose Gold Sugar Cookies, Citrine, Southern California Winter, Golden Barber, amd Lavender Letters were all Experimentals that were added to our permanent scent list.

*Strawberry coconut almond smoothie- one of those healthy shakes I make for my pink-loving daughter. Made of fresh smelling strawberry (not strawberry milk shake)
*‎Just Breathe- Breath of God type, rainforest sugar cane, fresh peaches. I'm experimenting with the notes of Breath of God (melon and temple smoke) and pulling it into a sweeter 'for summer' direction. Next will be an attempt to strengthen the smoky notes.
*‎Rose Milk Minty- Carmelized cotton candy, musk, fresh crushed roses, twisted peppermint, and whipped cream.
*Blossom Tea- Fragrant, white tea with gentle floral notes with orange blossom water
*Orange Blossom Cookies- Orange blossoms and buttery danish cookies with a hint of lemon zest
*Lavender Luxe- A rich spa lavender with sage, amber, and sea salt with hints of citrus and tonka bean
*Lavender Smoke- Lavender doused with clary sage, wood smoke, clove, and patchouli. If we could make a relaxing wood cabin atmosphere decorated with lavender sprigs this would be it.
*Zephyr By The Sea- Our fresh clean air blend tinged with sea salt and bouquets of lilacs.

*Earl Grey Cookies- Steamy cup of floral tea notes with creamy biscuits 

*Blue Agave Gain- Fresh green notes to celebrate alongside Gain laundry blend

*Cashmere and Sand- Enveloping rich cocoa butter cashmere with notes of driftwood, salt, and ocean breeze

*Lavender Pineapples- Notes of sage, herbal lavenders, woody notes with a small citrus sweetness from pineapple.

*Cherry Margarita Popsicles- Black cherry with lime juice, vodka, and a tinge of salt

*Beach Babe- Ocean salt, sea kelp, blue waters and fruity cocktail

*Unicorn Popcorn- Unique creamy popcorn blended with fruity pebbles, cookie bits, and a smear of caramel to bring it together