Road Trip READY-TO-SHIP Restock Friday June 12 @ 6pm pst

Road Trip Ready-To-Ship Restock Friday June 12, 2020 @ 6pm pst. List is incomplete, more items will be added.
Scent Cups 1.6-1.8 oz $2
Route 66 Collection
The Mother Road is calling you to adventure with this collection of blends inspired by stops in America’s beautiful states via Route 66.
1. Route 66: Chicago (Illinois)-Ozark Forest, sea salt, violets, driftwood. Take a deep breath of fresh greenery and cool forest air.
2. Meramec Caves (Missouri)- Amber musk, Sweet mint, lily, cedarwood, Cool water cologne.
3. Galena (Kansas)- Classic shaving cream, amber, cologne, stainless steel.
4. Route Beer 66 (Oklahoma)- A unique combination! Root beer blended with anise, caramel, pipe tobacco, amber musk, vanilla ice cream.
5. Amarillo (Texas)- Gilded amber, smoked embers, dry grass, clean air.
6. Gallup (New Mexico)- Black amber, animalic musk, smoked leather, cedar.
7. Painted Desert (Arizona)- Oak, palo santo, bergamot, cedarwood, Midsummer’s Night.
8. Route 66: Santa Monica (California)- Funnel cake fries, sprinkles, cotton candy, orange sherbet, velvet sugar.
Travel Bites
Dutch Crunch Bread- A yummy double crisp bread I had at a sandwich shop in Northern California. Blend of warm baked bread, butter, light vanilla notes.
Navajo Fry Bread- One summer, we got a flat in Arizona and stayed in Cameron. We were lucky to try this yummy treat! Deep fried dough, buttery vanilla, sugar dusted almond, cinnamon sugar.
West Coast- Hawaiian Tropic Suntan, lemon leaf, iced champagne, coconut milk
East Coast- White Linen, sea salt, ocean breeze, musk, vanilla woods.
Earl Grey Peach Cake- Yummy dessert I had in Japan. Peach jam, fragrant earl grey cake, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, apricot glaze

Alchemy Pots 4.3 oz $5.37
Mojave- Smoky woodsy desert blend of City of Stars and Suede
Valencia- Clean cotton laundry, woody vanilla, Pomona 1888, sage leaf
Coronado- Santal, oakmoss, cotton tree laundry, warm amber
Yosemite- Charred orange peel, pink peppercorn, wood fire
California Sun- Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo
Petrichor- Rainforest sugarcane, fresh dirt, grass, fresh air
Ruby- (blend by Valerie Tallariti) Maraschino cherry, vanilla wafers, coconut cream, Cupcakes At Tiffany’s
Ramune Sorbet- Fizzy Japanese soda sorbet with waffle cone
Lonely Hearts Club- Strawberry jam, bourbon, whipped cream, angel food cake