Ready To Ship Scent List for Restock March 28, 2019 at 6 pm PST

🎉READY TO SHIP RESTOCK MARCH 28 @ 6PM PST. Available in scent cups 1.6-1.8 oz $2 / alchemy bags 3.8-4oz $5. Featuring wax and scrubs!
Mint Menagerie: Perseus (Dirty+Turquoise Sky) rosemary, mint, garden greens
Moon and Stars: Toasted pistachio, blueberry cobbler, peeps, icecream scoop bread. The nutty pistachio complements the rich bakery notes of the icecream scoop bread. Blueberry offers a different berry note with a hint of peeps marshmallows to smooth it out.
White Flamingo (inspired by Dripp Coffee's White Flamingo): Orange blossoms, vanilla bubbles, vanilla ice cream, mimosas
Birthday Loop (inspired by Loop's Birthday Loop): house blend churros, birthday cake, cotton candy, sugar cookie dough
Black Kitten: lemon curd, cream puffs, nilla wafers, fresh blackberry jam. Similar to kitten puffs!
Kitten Puffs: Lemon curd, cream puffs, nilla wafers, hint of jasmine. Yes, very light jasmine. I wanted something light to complement the sweet tang of lemon. This actually helped bring through some powdered sugar notes.
Semi-Charmed Life: Vanilliary type, tonka beans, marshmallow fireside, flannel sheets. Flannel sheets perfectly frame the warm, comforting vanilla notes in this.
Friday Milk Tea: Inspired by my favorite milk tea at T-Pumps that I treat myself to at the end of the week. Lavender, sweet peppermint, marshmallow, and creamy green milk tea.
Blue Monday: The Smell of Comfort, Downy Blue tumbled towels and blue sugar. Strong beautiful sugared laundry blend
Pink Sunshine: Inspired by Dripp's Pink Sunshine. Rosehips, pineapple juice, mango sorbet, fresh sugarcane. I honestly did not think these went together, but it works. Rose shines when paired with these citrus notes.
Butterbeer: Currently craving this bubbly concoction from the Wizarding World at Universal Studios. Butterscotch, vanilla icecream, bubbles, hint of birch beer. That bit of birch beer is perfection in this blend. Keeps it from leaning too far into vanilla, it smells like butterbeer tastes.
Ludicrous Speed: smells like plaid! Fresh green laundry, rain, oak moss, sandalwood, and vetiver
Sweep The Leg: a follow up to "Cobra Kai" to celebrate the 2nd season. Drakkar Noir, coriander, star anise, caramel tobacco, hint of black leather
Mermaid Tears: rosemary mint, twisted peppermint, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel
California Sun: loved this as a sample!Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo blend
Time After Time: well loved sample! Sparkling grapefruit, lime, raspberries and bubbly fizz.
Mango Guava Bubbles: well received sample! Fruity mango, tangy guava melds with effervescent soda
King of The North: Smells like Lush's Dirty Massage Bar. Dirty type, hint of cocoa butter, sweet peppermint. I am obsessed with this blend, so it will be perfect to name this for Jon Snow.
Blue Eyes Wight Dragon: Perfect time to release this old favorite for the return of season 8! Bay rum, candy cane, spearmint, toasted marshmallow
Zodiac Killer: raspberry jam, fruit loops cereal, vanilla crumb donut
🎉SUGAR SCRUBS MENU! 10oz for $11.50 each.
Triple Threat: Tri-color, tri-scented neopolitan ice cream! Smells like real strawberry icecream blended with vanilla with laces of chocolate icecream. I'm excited for this one.
Rose Gold Sugar Cookies: Carmelized pink cotton candy sugar blended with orange chiffon cake and sugar cookie. Popular wax blend is now a delectable scrub.
Belmont: my favorite fizzy blend! If you like Lush's Santa you might like this. Fizzy black cherry cola blend.
Blackbeard: Tonka bean, amber, oceanic notes, and salty air make this the perfect masculine blend for anyone
Golden Barber: Oh yes. Warm notes of golden sands blended with dollops of classic shaving cream
#GIRLBOSS: juicy watermelon, carmelized sugar sweetness with cherry slush