June 4, 2020 Pre-Order Event – TAT 18 business days

It is time for our June Pr-order!! These orders will ship in 18 business days from date of purchase. So if you order June 4, your order should ship by June 30. Due to the rising temperatures, we strongly suggest ordering ice packs along with your order. We will offer them at .50 each instead of $1 each. Also, heads up, we will also have Ready-To-Ship restocks June 12th and June 26th to push out new blends we’ve been working on so far. So if you do not want to wait for pre-orders to arrive, we will also have these RTS available.

Waffle Pairs 3.8-4 $5

  1. Among The Coral- Passionfruit, guava, amber, driftwood, sea salt
  2. Beach Babe-(reformulated) Ocean salt, sea kelp, blue waters, fruity cocktail
  3. Big Bear Mountain- Buttermints, vanilla bean noel, vanilla birch type
  4. Blackberry Drakkar Noir Shave Cream- notes in name
  5. Boys of Summer- Cool clear water, icy peppermint, laundromat
  6. Camping At The Beach- Ocean breezes, smoldering marshmallow, warm caramel woods, tobacco, vanilla crumb donut
  7. Capistrano Beach- Cocoa butter cashmere, sun tan lotion, vetiver, sea salt
  8. Cherie- effervescent cherry slush, watermelon punch, sparkling lemon
  9. Coffin Dance- Dried blueberries, rosewood, cedar, Cuban tobacco
  10. Darcy- Lemon, ginger, amber, vanilla musk, freshly inked bank notes
  11. Elizabeth- Mown hay, mud soaked skirt hems, country meadowgrass, earl grey tea
  12. Everest- Rosemary, twisted peppermint, shave cream, lemon vanilla
  13. Fawn- Baby Grace Philosophy type, Twilight lavender type, lily of the valley
  14. Golden Hour- Tropical fruits, citrus, pink peppercorn, mandarins, sea salt
  15. Graphite Type- bergamot, coriander, lavender, sandalwood, moss, tonka bean
  16. Hot Lifeguard- Coppertone suntan lotion, So. Cal. Hollister type, Wild Madagascar Vanilla
  17. Laurie Strode- (limited quantities)- Sweet innocent perfume musk, toasted marshmallow, crisp blue button down shirt
  18. Little Thoughts- palm trees, greenery, rainbow sherbet, fresh laundry
  19. Mintea- Spearmint, peppermint, candy canes, green tea
  20. Oud Fig- Cashmere woods, tonka bean, vanilla ice cream, fig jam, oud wood
  21. Penelope- Clean cotton, Olive Branch, bergamot, geranium, oakmoss
  22. Pop That Cherry-maraschino cherry, champagne toast, fresh squeezed orange juice
  23. Rose Lemon Mint Ice Cream- notes in name
  24. White Rabbit- White linen, white florals, lime citrus
  25. Beverly Hills Hotel- Paramour, orange blossom, greenery, Tahitian vanilla, toasted marshmallows
  26. Desert Jewel- Lemon mint leaf, rainbow sherbet, cactus sea salt

 Double Donuts 4.2-4.6 $5.30

  1. A Change of Heart- Maraschino cherries, clean linen, ivy, tonka bean, amber
  2. Aquamarine- Breezy coconut, fresh laundry, mangoes
  3. Barista’s Breakfast- Affogato, cinnamon strudel, vanilla crumb donut, whipped cream
  4. Black Kitten- lemon curd, cream puffs, nilla wafers, blackberry jam
  5. Blood Orange Cupcakes- (reformulated) Juicy blood orange, buttercream, fluffy cupcakes
  6. Cardamom Tea Cookies- buttery crispy vanilla cookies with cardamom spice
  7. Cashmere and Sand- Cocoa butter cashmere, driftwood, salt, ocean breeze
  8. Coronado- Santal, oakmoss, cotton tree, laundry, warm amber
  9. Cruel Summer- Pineapple sherbet, orange pushpop, coconut milk, mango sorbet, milkita strawberry
  10. Flightpath To Venus-Cotton candy bubbles, grape creamsicle, raspberry punch
  11. Galaxy Lollipops- Sugary grapefruit candy, lime, sparkling raspberry, grape lollipops, strawberry candy, blue raspberry candy
  12. Heart Locket- Peach gummies, grapefruit, fizzy soda, fruity cereal
  13. Lavender Letters- Morning dew, sweet apple blossom, herbal lavender
  14. Melon Cream Soda- Honeydew, whipped cream, fizzy soda
  15. Mermaid Potion- Summery coconut, vanilla cream, beachy suntan lotion
  16. Pink Sunshine- Rosehips, pineapple juice, mango sorbet, fresh sugarcane
  17. Playfully Pink- Sugared limes, lemon, raspberry, strawberry sangria, watermelon
  18. Poolside Goddess- Black coconut, mangoes, key lime curd, vanilla ice cream
  19. Sea Witch- Black sea, salty sea air, pink sugar
  20. Summer Wedding- Raspberry compote, angel food cake, salty sea air, buttercream, toasted marshmallow
  21. Sunstone- Coconut shortbread cookies, orange chiffon cake, orange sherbet
  22. Teeny Wahine- Key lime curd, coconut milk, rainbow sherbet
  23. The Smell of Comfort- Mangoes, mandarins, apples, light floral, big fluffy sweaters
  24. The Suite Life- Iced champagne, raspberries, sea salt, fluffy towels
  25. Time After Time- Sparkling grapefruit, lime, raspberries, bubbles
  26. Winter Wedding- Cozy woods, white birch, vanilla, smoldering woods

Empire Bags 8 oz $10

  1. Aromatic Tea- Persian tea, rock sugar, dehydrated orange, red saffron
  2. Blue Monday- The Smell of Comfort, Downy Blue Towels, blue sugar
  3. Blue Sugar Shave-(blend by Jess of Scented Squirrel) House shave cream, blue sugar, salty sea air, vanilla ice cream
  4. Earl Grey Cookies- Steamy cup of floral tea notes with creamy biscuit cookies
  5. Friday Milk Tea- Lavender, peppermint, marshmallow, green milk tea
  6. Kingston- Barbershop 1920’s, sea salt, clover, Green Irish Tweed, ozone, moss, vetiver
  7. Masumoto- Sun crest peaches, cool water cologne, white woods, white nectarine
  8. Peaches and Clean- Fresh air, peaches, palm trees
  9. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss- Deep Sea Slumber, twisted peppermint, campfire marshmallows
  10. Sleepy Sheep- Lavender, chamomile, buttermints, flannel sheets
  11. Surf Shack- Coconut salt water taffy, lime margaritas
  12. The Wiltern- Midsummer Nights type, smoked vanilla, pink sugar