SCENT LIST Extras Mini-Restock May 26th @ 6 pm pst

This is a small restock. There are only a few quantities of the listed blends. We will have a larger ready-to-ship restock in the next week with more opportunities to grab what you like. I am putting up the blends and will go back and fill in all the scent notes.
**Wax Bars 2.4-2.8 $3.50
Amethyst- Sugared violets, violet leaf, bergamot, creamy vanilla, birch bark
Black Kitten- Lemon curd, cream puffs, nilla wafers, sweet blackberry jam
Black Sea Vanilla Apple- Oceanic masculine notes, tonka bean, vanilla ice cream, red delicious apple
Blue Winter- (blend by Brittany Wood) Twisted Winter, blue sugar
Bradbury- Barbershop 1920’s, crushed sage, hint smoke, lavender
Buttercup- Raindrops, tears, rides in the countryside, marshmallow fireside
City of Stars- Amber incense, white woods, sea salt, sandalwood, sweet marshmlaoow, oakmoss
Gravitas- Temple smoke, Lord of Misrule, woodsy oak, amber
Kingston- Barbershop 1920s, sea salt, clover, green irish tweed, ozone, moss, vetiver
Lichen- Oakmoss, clary sage, violet leaf, dragon’s blood, frasier fir tree
Ludicrous Speed- fresh green laundry, rain, oakmoss, sandalwood, vetiver
Masumoto- Sun crest peaches, cool water cologne, white woods, white nectarine
Orange Blossom Cookies- Orange blossom water, butter danish cookies, hint lemon zest
Peppermint Cocoa Butter Cashmere- notes in name
Rose Parade- Fresh roses, avocado sea salt, hint orange sherbet
Safe At Home- Juicy tangerine, driftwood, sea salt, flannel sheets
Sleep Tonic- Vapor Elixir, sweet peppermint, vanilla ice cream, twilight lavender type
Staycation- White tea, neroli, vodka, citrus, sugared orange, greenery, clean cotton
Storm In A Teacup- (blend by Brittney Hilfman) Blackberry sage, black tea, pipe tobacco, caramel, hint salty sea air
The Smell of Comfort- Mango, mandarins, apple, light floral, fluffy sweaters
The Suite Life- Iced champagne, raspberries, sea salt, fluffy towels
**Alchemy Bags 3.8-4 oz $5
Boys of Summer- Cool clear water, cologne, icy peppermint, laundromat
Sierra Nevada- pine, clove, fern leaf, teakwood, cotton tree laundry
So Cal Winter- Heavy rain, leaves, redwoods, fresh cold air
Goose Down- Mangoes, lemon, white tea, light rain, cherry blossoms, vanilla lace
Beneath The Milky Twilight- Salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel
Griffith- Oxford Scentsy, charred oak, rosewood
Peaches and Clean- Fresh air, peaches, palm trees
**Waffle Pairs 3.8-4 oz $5
#GirlBoss- watermelon juice, cherry slush, spun sugar, carmelized vanilla
90’s Kid- Juicy pear, watermelon cake, fruity pebbles, toasted marshmallow
A Change of Heart- Maraschino cherries, clean linen, ivy, tonka bean, amber
Another Day of Sun- sweet pear, lemon sugar, butter cake, vanilla crumb donut
Aquamarine- Breezy coconut, fresh laundry, mangoes
Beneath The Milky Twilight- salty sea air, toasted marsmallow, waffle cone, vanilla bean noel
Beverly Hills Hotel- Paramour, orange blossom, greenery, tahitian vanilla, toasted marshmallows
Bewitched Pumpkin- Guaicwood, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, charred woodsmoked berries, clove studded pumpkin
Big Stick Popsicle- Juicy pineapple, cherry summer popsicle
Blue Monday- The Smell of Comfort, Downy Blue towels, blue sugar
Bradbury- Barbershop 1920’s, crushed sage, hint smoke, lavender
Bulletproof Coffee- Roasted coffee, coconut cream, butterscotch marshmallow, heavy cream
Buttercup- Raindrops, tears, rides in the countryside, marshmallow fireside
California Sun- Coconut, sugared oranges, fresh bamboo
Camp Anawanna- Toasted pinecone, tonka beans, cedarwood, marshmallows, wood
Capistrano Beach- Cocoa butter cashmere, sun tan lotion, vetiver, sea salt
Cloudburst- Raindrops, green grass, patchouli, moss, petitgrain
Clouds In Tiffany’s Coffee- Clouds In My Coffee, Cupcakes At Tiffany’s, soft salted pretzels
Conch Shell Bread- Lemon curd, sugar cookies, coconut milk, black cherry
Cruel Summer- pineapple sherbet, orange pushpop, coconut milk, mango sorbet, milkita strawberry
Daisy- Day lilies, violet, delicate fresh daisies, vanilla lace
Daisy Dukes Bikinis on Top- Copper coconut, cotton candy, hawaiian tropic, juicy pineapples
Darcy- lemon, ginger, amber, vanilla musk, freshly inked bank notes
Deep Sea Slumber- empire lavender, salty sea air, vanilla bean noel
Desert Bloom- Kaffir lime, light floral, oakmoss, white woods, cilantro, sweet lime
Diamond Tears- Sweet lavender, salty sea air, toasted marshmallow, Cupcakes At Tiffany’s
Elizabeth- Mown hay, mud soaked skirt hems, country meadows, grass, earl grey tea
Flightpath To Venus- Cotton candy bubbles, grape creamsicle, raspberry punch
Float On- Mango, peach, wildberry, cream soda
Galaxy Lollipops- Sugary grapefruit candy, lime, sparkling raspberry, grape lollipops, strawberry candy, blue raspberry candy
Hawaiian Print- Hibiscus flowers, island fruit, downy april fresh laundry
Hazelnut Coffee Cookie Butter- Hazelnut coffee, whipped cream, dulce de leche, smooth cookie butter
Heartbeat- Hawaiian punch, sun crest peaches, sugared oranges
Hello Hydration- Fresh coconut water, hint lemongrass, cucumber, white tea
Inhale Exhale- melon, temple smoke, dried pipe tobacco, pear, pomegranate
Jasmine Linen- Jasmine scented exotic linen, black tea, amber, hint black currant
Just Breathe- Melon, hint temple smoke, rainforest sugarcane, fresh peaches
King Tide- Coconut milk, oceanic notes, sea salt, amber, mimosas
Lavender Dream- Fools Who Dream, lavender letters, flannel sheets
Lavender Letters- Morning dew, sweet apple blossom, herbal lavender
Lavender Sugar Cookies- Empire lavender, soft sugar cookies, buttercream icing, hint of lemon
Learn To Rest, Not Quit- Just out of the dryer blanket, white tea, red currant berries
Main Street Strawberry- waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, fried beignets, kettle corn, sweet strawberries
Mango Matcha Cone- mango sorbet, fruit loops, green tea, waffle cone, vanilla ice cream
Marge- Blue cotton candy, raspberries, lemon sugar cookies
Marge+Rainbow Sherbet- Blue cotton candy, raspberries, lemon sugar cookies, rainbow sherbet
Mermaid Potion- Summery coconut, vanilla cream, beachy suntan lotion
Mermaid Scales- Honeydew, watermelon chunks, raindrops, beach grass, blue marine notes, vetiver
Mermaid Waves- Beach grass, ocean air, tropical fruit juice, sea botanicals
Mimi Cakes- Fruit loops, sweet lavender, cream cheese frosted cupcakes
Mojave- A smoky woodsy desert blend of City of Stars and Suede
Moon&Stars- Toasted pistachio, blueberry cobbler, peeps, ice cream scoop bread
Moonbow Magic- (blend by Valerie Tallariti) Fruity pebbles, Hello Sugar, cotton candy frosting, sugar milk, twinkies
Nimbus- Patchouli, dragon’s blood, warm rain, wet soil, masculine accord
Paper Planes- Wind swept icicles, rosemary, eucalyptus mint, vintage tee laundry
Peaches and Clean- Fresh air, peaches, palm trees
Pear Ice Cream- sweet pear with vanilla ice cream waffle cone
Queensfire- Dragon’s blood, sweet citrus, fresh rose
Room Service- Twilight type, patchouli, musk, smoked sage, luxurious linen
Ruby- (blend by Valerie Tallariti) Maraschino cherry, vanilla wafers, coconut cream, Cupcakes @ Tiffany’s
San Diego- Beach grass, fresh air, Golden Sands, shimmering green laundry
Sea Witch- (blend by Lola Grey) Black sea, salty sea air, pink sugar
Seashells- Driftwood, lemon, sea salt, vetiver
Silk Teddy- Rose milk, clothesline, laundry, lavender vanilla ice cream
Sleepy Sheep- lavender, chamomile, butter mints, flannel sheets
Smoke Screen- oceanic amber, sea salt, palo santo, tobacco, vanilla
Southern California Winter- Heavy rain, leaves, redwoods, fresh cold air
Spa Strawberry- fresh strawberry, lemon zest, lemongrass, patchouli, green leaves
Staycation- White tea, neroli, vodka, citrus, sugared oranges, greenery, clean cotton
Surf Shack- coconut salt water taffy, lime margaritas
Sweet Talk- Crispy pear, fresh bread, sugar cookie dough, sugared strawberries, white cake
Sympathy For The Angel- Vanilla ice cream, tonka bean vanill waffle cone
Temperance- Coast Soap, mimosas, mangoes, green tea
The Huntress- Pear, pomegranate, blood orange, pine, woods, marshmallow fireside, Lord of Misrule type
The Wiltern- Midsummer night, smoked vanilla, pink sugar
Tiki Room- Soft serve pineapple, heavy cream, hint citrus sorbet
Time After Time- Sparkling grapefruit, lime, raspberries, bubbles
Titania- Lovespell type, clean ivory soap, soft floral, hint violet
Tropicone Summer- Peach, mango, vanilla waffle cone
Vanilla Velvet- Vanilla bean noel, american cream, vanilla ice cream
Winter Wedding- cozy woods, white birch, smoldering woods
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini- Beachy coconut, sweet pear, fresh tide laundry
**Double Donuts 4.2-4.6 $5.30
Violetta- Violet pastilles, cotton candy, prosecco, sugar cookie bomb
90’s Kid- Juicy pear, watermelon cake, fruity pebbles, toasted marshmallows
Big Bad Wolf- Hazelnut coffee, campfire marshmallow, donuts, spiced caramel strudel
Cardmom Tea Cookies- buttery crispy vanilla cookies with cardmom spice
Boyfriend Bait- Juicy blueberries, pound cake, vanilla cream, lemon curd, carmelized sugar glaze
Ruby- Maraschino cherry, vanilla wafers, coconut cream, Cupcakes @ Tiffany’s
Yosemite- Charred orange peel, pink peppercorn, wood fire
Ice Blue Shave- Blue sugar, shav cream, vanilla, salty sea air, twisted peppermint
7th and Fig - Strawberry shortcake, fig jam, rhubarb, citrus bakery
Passionate Kisses- Passionfruit, juicy blood, orange, vanilla ice cream, goji berry, waffle cone
Lavender Sugar Cookies- Empire lavender, soft sugar cookies, buttercream icin, hint of lemon
Camping At The Beach- Ocean breezes, smoldering marshmallow, warm caramel woods, tobacco, vanilla crumb donut
Mermaid Potion- Summery coconut, vanilla cream, beach suntan lotion